Fireside Chat National Discussion, Thursday, 9pm EST

Join us this Thursday night, January 14th at 9:00 pm eastern for The LaRouche Organization's weekly Fireside Chat. Our topic for the discussion is the recently publicized preview in China of their economic intentions: their new Five Year Plan. China's top government economists shocked diplomats from around the world at a recent briefing. They outlined their plan to supercharge each and every area of the economy with a "science driver" of unprecedented rates of innovation in new technologies. Space travel, quantum computing, high speed transport, fusion energy, high-tech automated farming will be the driver of monetary policy, not short term paper profits!

Beyond that, a surprise announcement was made in China. That shocking surprise, its background — and its meaning for Americans — will be described by our guests Richard A. Black, the Schiller Institute representative at the UN, and Asia expert Michael O. Billington, co-editor of the Executive Intelligence Review weekly magazine, who will be joining the evening’s moderator, Dennis Speed.

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