Why Do Biden's Controllers Fear China's Belt and Road Initiative?

Have you been duped about China? Harley Schlanger calls out the blatant lies about China by the British Empire and their pawns in the Biden and former Trump administration. The British, Antony Blicken, and Mike Pompeo don't care about "human rights" in the Xinjiang province in China anymore than they "care" about the environment. What they fear is the rational, scientific approach to economy outlined clearly by Lyndon LaRouche throughout his life, which is now being carried out by China's Belt and Road Initiative.

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  • Arek Bachan
    commented 2021-03-29 20:41:10 -0400
    This concept has been given a thought for a thousand of years. Without of success. The massive investment plus eagerness to verification of the profitability to the expected gain was always the weak point in the development. That concerned also big challenges seen as utophy.
  • David Dobrodt
    published this page in Harley Updates 2021-03-29 13:39:15 -0400