The LaRouche Method of Forecasting: Rejecting Destiny By Changing the Future

When Lyndon LaRouche first heard of the idea that the human mind could be reduced to a digital process, as Norbert "Weener" argued, he knew that this is the kind of stuff which Dark Ages are made of. In stark contrast to that, Dante created the Italian language-culture fundamental to the later blossoming of the Florentine Renaissance, a process which necessarily had to uplift the quality of thought which a nation can draw upon. Similarly, this was the life work of Lyndon LaRouche, who knew that if civilization was to be saved today, it would have to be through re-establishing this kind of scientific and artistic literacy broadly.
As we approach the LaRouche Legacy Foundation's historic conference August 14th, on the 50th anniversary of Lyndon LaRouche's successful forecast of Nixon's 1971 takedown of the Bretton Woods System, it is crucial that we reflect on this process as a whole, and how we must intervene effectively. Tune in for this pre-conference discussion.

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