How Is It That We Are Still Barbarians? End the Sanctions; Unleash a New, Human Paradigm

How is it that ideologues in the U.S. and Europe are driving the world, step by deliberate step, down the path of extinction by nuclear war and hardly anyone in those countries has bothered to object?

On the other hand, all of the ingredients for a new paradigm are there, as seen in the policies proposed by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche for decades, solutions involving cooperation among nations for the common interests of all humanity: a new global health system to end the threat of future pandemics, a mobilization to double world food production and end the famine, agreements to build the World Land-Bridge of development corridors to end poverty for good, science driver missions for fusion power and space colonization, and a new financial architecture to support humanity’s interests—rather than that of financial swindlers.

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Mankind's Choice: Self-Destruction Is Not Inevitable

Above is the Manhattan Project Meeting from April 17 featuring Hussein Askary, Harley Schlanger and Diane Sare.


Upcoming event:

Manhattan Project Meeting
Saturday April 24 2PM


Stay tuned.



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Zepp-LaRouche: Urgent Call to Stop the Genocide in Syria and Yemen

The Moral Collapse of the West Cries Out for a New Paradigm

Download a PDF of the statement

The Schiller Institute is circulating an urgent response from its founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche to Apostolic Nuncio to Syria Cardinal Mario Zenari, who has alerted the world to the acute humanitarian emergency that has been deliberately imposed upon Syria, in the aftermath of nine years of war, through murderous “sanctions” measures imposed by the U.S. State Department and irresponsibly supported by a number of other governments, most emphatically the British. 

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Biden Administration Unleashes Financial Warfare Against Russia; Have We Gone Mad?

The White House announced a series of sanctions against Russia today, the gravest of which—because of what it portends—is an attack on Russia’s ability to issue ruble-denominated debt, with the stated purpose of triggering massive capital flight and wreaking havoc on the Russian economy.

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The World on the Edge of War: Strategic Update, and Friday Questions

Why are we hearing so little in the western media about the real danger of war between the U.S. and Russia, coming from the provocations of Washington, Brussels and Kiev?  What can citizens due to counter the effect of the War Hawks making policy in the White House and the U.S. Congress?  And how can we maintain pride in our nation, when the War Hawks are pushing the world toward new wars?

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Prince Philip Died; Now We must Put a Stake Through the Heart of His Policies

To participate LIVE at 9pm EDT, dial (712)770-5505, and then enter the access code 536662#. 

Helga Zepp-LaRouche stated this week: “I think it is dawning on more and more relevant people that we are looking at a potential complete and utter failure of civilization...The old paradigm is crashing, but if we do our job right, a new paradigm can be won." Join us tonight to discuss the plan to replace the wretched policies of Prince Philip and the old paradigm (eg. Biden’s Green Infrastructure bill and the International Monetary Fund’s proposed “Debt for Death” swap) with a new paradigm, which defines economic development as the basis for peace. 

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Prominent Voices Join Helga Zepp LaRouche in Warning of War Danger

In her April 14 weekly dialogue, Helga Zepp LaRouche warned of a "moral collapse of the western system", which is pushing the world toward war and genocide, and called upon people to join her in a "complete activation" to address this collapse. In the last days, other voices are being heard, echoing her urgent warning of the danger of war between the U.S. and NATO against Russia, which could result from provocations by Ukraine; between the U.S. and China, over Taiwan and the South China Sea; and of the genocide occurring in Yemen and Syria, as a result of TransAtlantic policies. There is a solution, she said, which depends on our viewers joining our mobilization, to prevent "a plunge into a Dark Age."

Send you comments and questions to me at [email protected] and I'll respond to the best during tomorrows broadcast. -Harley

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Civilization Itself Is at Stake: Will We Rise to the Challenge?

Escalating tensions with Russia, driven by Ukraine’s suicidal push for NATO membership, U.S. encouragement, and the U.S. military itself, threatens—despite President Biden’s reaching out to President Putin for an in-person summit—to explode into war, nuclear war. A provocative visit of former U.S. government officials to Taiwan adds more fuel to the fire of China’s cross-strait relations. Economic lending into the real economy by U.S. banks withers, even as they are showered with money. Inflation accelerates, and a blowout of the trans-Atlantic financial system is inevitable. Death by starvation stalks the impoverished inhabitants of war-zones Syria and Yemen.

Will these crises culminate in what would become nuclear conflict, a devastation of the human race, or will a new paradigm overthrow the oligarchical structures that drive conflict? What flanks can you create to achieve that happier outcome?

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The Moral Collapse of the Western System Cries Out for a New Paradigm

In her weekly dialogue, Helga Zepp LaRouche made an impassioned appeal to viewers to join with her in addressing the dangerous moral collapse which characterizes virtually every western government, including the United States. This collapse poses a threat to everyone, as the crisis in Ukraine continues to build toward a war between Russia and the forces of the U.S. and NATO. The possibility of a Biden-Putin summit is a positive development, but at the same time it was announced, his foreign policy team was voicing full support for the fanatical extremist wing of domestic forces in Ukraine, which is pushing to cross the "red line" announced years ago by Moscow, that of placing NATO troops on the Russian border of Ukraine.

She also emphasized the urgency of lifting the so-called Caesar Sanctions against the people of Syria, citing the appeal of Cardinal Zenari to end the sanctions. There is nothing "humanitarian", she stated, in starving children and shutting down hospitals and medical care, based on another fraudulent narrative cooked up by U.K.-U.S. regime change networks. We must insist that every policy maker who does not speak up against this fraud is complicit in every death which occurs in Syria, and in Yemen.

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U.S. “Caesar Sanctions” Attacked by India at U.N.

On March 16, the Permanent Representative of India at the United Nations, Ambassador T.S. Tirumarti spoke out against the humanitarian disaster related to the U.S. imposition of sanctions against Syria, the so-called Caesar Sanctions. Tirumarti said the sanctions should be “relaxed,” calling on the international community to act “with a sense of urgency” to help the Syrian people. He said there is an “urgent need to increase humanitarian assistance to all Syrians throughout the country without discrimination, politicization, and any preconditions.”

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