‘Survival’ of Humanity at Stake—Restore Sanity to U.S. Relations with Russia and China


The G7 meeting opened today with Prime Minister Boris Johnson proving more and more to be a buffoon. Bojo, as he is known, called on the (formerly) most advanced nations of the G7 to unite for the destruction of the world. In his own words: “We’re building back better together. And building back greener. and building back fairer. And building back more equal. Maybe in a more gender neutral, a more feminine way.” In fact, a major focus of the summit is what the controllers of President Biden have labeled the “Clean Green Initiative.” The U.S. officials who gave a background briefing on the G7 Summit openly described it as an “alternative” to China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Why an “alternative?” Because, they said, it would be “climate friendly,” unlike China’s BRI, which, in addition to building big carbon-generating infrastructure projects such as railroads, dams, ports and bridges, is building coal-fired power plants all over Africa.

Recall that less than half of the people in Sub-Saharan Africa have access to electricity, and 90% of the continent’s electricity comes from coal-fired plants. Recall also that the former head of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, now the UN climate czar, told Africa last month that they must stop the development of their resources, especially coal, in exchange for “carbon credits,” and that “green police” will be the new colonial Governor-Generals in their countries, to enforce their non-development. The Clean Green Initiative is more than a plan to stop China’s transformation of Africa and other nations into modern industrial economies—it is outright genocidal, in keeping with the Royal Family’s Malthusian hatred of mankind. In fact, it is not surprising that the Royal Family is all over this summit in Cornwall, while also sponsoring parallel meetings in London with the leading mega-bank CEOs, who are the enforcers of the green genocide, committed to cutting credit to all those who refuse their de-carbonization dictates. On Sunday, the Biden’s will have tea with the bloody Queen in Windsor Castle.

The LaRouche Organization announced today that 7,500 more copies of the pamphlet “The Great Leap Backward: LaRouche Crushes the ‘Green New Deal’ Fraud,” are being printed this weekend. Everyone is called on to get copies of the pamphlet to get out to friends and local officials.

Recall also that the very same powers pushing for the Green New Deal have driven the U.S., the U.K. and the EU into military confrontations with both Russia and China, which has brought the world closer to nuclear war than any time since the peak of the Cold War—in fact, closer than that, since at that time the antagonists at least were talking to each other. The former U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union Jack Matlock issued a public letter today, along with other members of the American Committee for U.S.-Russia Accord (ACURA), which states that the British intelligence instigation of the witch-hunt into supposed Russian interference in the 2016 election, although thoroughly discredited, “has now in turn given birth to two much more dangerous phenomena: an escalating militarism reminiscent of the darkest days of the Cold War; and a dangerous erosion of the decades-long bilateral arms control regime negotiated even during that Great Power standoff. These developments imperil not just the two principal players, but are a threat to global peace, prosperity, even survival.”

Following the G7 summit, NATO will hold another summit on Monday, June 14, in which they intend to codify the intention for NATO to leave behind their role as a defensive organization of the North Atlantic nations, and to become, in the words of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, a “political-military” alliance, with a global scope of action, focused on countering the imagined “threats” from Russia and China. The UN has been relegated to the dustbin of history, in the imagination of the leaders of this military-industrial axis.

Their imagination is deeply flawed. Already Russia, China and India have made very clear that they will neither shut down their own fossil fuels, nor allow the developing nations of Africa and Ibero-America to be forced to give up the hope for development in exchange for the chimera of “carbon credits.” Leading Africans and Ibero Americans have said the same, from South Africa to Nigeria and from Argentina to El Salvador, setting an example for others to have the same courage to act against the new Dark Age. These leaders are increasingly looking to The LaRouche Organization and the Schiller Institute for the leadership which can unite this opposition into a positive force for the good—for LaRouche’s Four Laws and a New Bretton Woods. Two international Schiller Institute conferences this year, on March 20-21 and on May 8, have led the way, uniting leaders of Russia and China, scientists from the U.S., Europe and Africa, medical professionals from around the world, and a growing cadre of youth who wish to have a future. The next virtual Schiller Institute Conference, “For the Common Good of All People, Not Rules Benefitting the Few!” will be held on June 26-27. Plan to attend, and to recruit others to attend as well. The danger is great, but the potential for a new world order based on the advancement of the human spirit is equally on hand, if we choose to create it. 

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  • Stephen P Kaylor
    commented 2021-06-13 13:38:18 -0400
    At the present time – threats from China and Russia are hubristic accusations & projections, from those who want a Unipolar imperium !
  • Mike Billington
    published this page in Home 2021-06-13 12:22:33 -0400