A New Year, A New Paradigm

In the year 2021, we must succeed in creating the new international paradigm Lyndon LaRouche fought for throughout his life, and which his movement continues.

On the global scale, there is an enormous battle being fought out in numerous fields of action—a battle to replace, finally, the oligarchical system that has existed, with ebbs and flows, through human history, a system that exists most prominently today in the form of the British financial-intelligence empire of the City of London, Wall Street, and the Five Eyes intelligence agencies. That oligarchical system’s greatest individual opponent over the recent half-century was Lyndon LaRouche, who identified his enemy with a powerful precision, and organized leaders and people around the world for his perspective and policy proposals. That work was conducted in collaboration with his movement and most notably with his wife Helga Zepp-LaRouche, who leads present efforts to create a new paradigm in the world, in coherence with her late husband’s outlook.

The great challenge to that oligarchical system is seen most clearly today in the nation of China, which, by rejecting the British economic orthodoxies to which many trans-Atlantic nations have adhered like barnacles to a sinking ship—and operating instead in a way that reflects many aspects of the LaRouche perspective—has eliminated absolute poverty within its borders, developed a growing technological capability approaching world leadership in several domains, and offered a hand to other nations around the world to collaborate on win-win partnerships in infrastructure, manufacturing, and trade.

This is not China attempting to beat the “West” at the imperial game of geopolitics; it is a different way of approaching international relations.

The signing of the EU-China trade and investment agreements, which Helga Zepp-LaRouche called “a major breakthrough for the world,” expanding the potential to see the rest of the world as useful partners, rather than as threats. Italian economist and China expert Michele Geraci expressed his view that “the main merit of this agreement is that it will help to bring China on western standards, especially regarding their policies of access to the market and respect for intellectual property.” Working out agreements is the way to address such frictions and difficulties. Unfortunately, a poison was also injected into the agreement, a poison similar to that included in recent U.S. legislation: proposals for radical reductions in CO₂ emissions, in a supposed effort to prevent catastrophic climate change.

The suicidal (and murderous) policy of the Paris Climate Accord and the Green New Deal was attacked early, often, and frequently with great humor by President Donald Trump, who stood alone among leaders of the world’s most powerful nations in withstanding the Green cult’s evangelization efforts. Trump’s great potential as a force to restore America’s potential as a manufacturing powerhouse rather than a haven for financial parasitism, and as a partner—not an enemy—of Russia and China, earned him the wrath of the British Empire, which opposed his candidacy, did everything possible to destroy or take over his presidency, and acted to deny him re-election.

Over the past four years, this took the form of Russiagate and the Ukraine impeachment hoax from without, and the form of such miserable creatures as Chinagate-Kung Flu-promoter Mike Pompeo from within. Today, as Trump’s campaign continues its valiant, necessary, and correct fight against the epidemic of election fraud, opportunists see the chance to inject the absurd lie that China stole the election from Trump. Such people are no friends of Trump, or of the potential his presidency holds. In less than a week, at the momentous January 6 joint session of Congress, Mike Pence, as President of the Senate, will count electoral votes and the Congress will debate objections to be raised by Representatives and at least one Senator, Jeff Hawley. Given the slim Democratic majority in the House, it is not impossible that such a challenge could succeed, if Covid prevents the attendance of some members, and proxy voting is not reinstated. What actions will state legislatures take? What will the courts do? Is the unexpected possible on January 6?

Addressing the global fight, through fighting for the exoneration of Lyndon LaRouche, identifying Britain’s role in the Russiagate coup, fighting for the freedom of Assange and Snowden, to reject the surveillance state and the criminalization of free speech that go hand in hand with social media censorship, and raising the level of discussion to the international fight, provides the best vantage point for Trump’s ability to be an effective (and possibly still-in-office) leader.

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  • Juan Soto
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    EXCELENTE! Lo difundo.
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