A "Summit for Democracy"? What About Here?


Diane Sare, an independent candidate for U.S. Senate from New York, issued a campaign statement pointing to the hypocrisy of the United States holding a "Summit for Democracy" while her state is depriving its residents of the opportunity to vote for a candidate of their choosing, through nearly impossible ballot access requirements for candidates independent of the two-party system. The LaRouche Organization agrees with Sare's criticism, which opens with a quote from Matthew:

Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye. (Matthew 7:5)

Sare writes that on December 9-10, 2021, "U.S. President Joe Biden will host a virtual 'Summit for Democracy' with the noble-sounding goal of 'providing a platform for leaders to announce both individual and collective commitments, reforms, and initiatives to defend democracy and human rights at home and abroad.'"

"As an American candidate for the United States Senate from the State of New York, and as a long-time associate of the politically-persecuted American statesman and economist Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.," she continues, "I am writing to urge the participants, and the uninvited nations, to look behind the flowery phrases on the State Department’s webpage at the actual state of affairs within the United States, and to consider that this 'platform' may be more like the platform beneath the feet of unfortunate souls waiting to be hanged."

Sare's campaigning over the past year and a half has included "over 50 weekly symposia on various urgent topics, including homelessness, food shortages and famine, Afghanistan, education, election reform, nuclear power, water management, and more, with panel participants from among leading national and state experts including medical doctors, scientists, prisoner rights advocates, farmers, housing association leaders, teachers and others."

"If I am denied ballot access," she stresses, "the voting public will have no opportunity to express their opinion on these important policies."

At the time of her writing, Sare tells us that "of the several candidates supposedly challenging Schumer, I am the only candidate who has filed any report with the Federal Elections Commission. Thus, as of this time, if I am excluded from the ballot, there will be no opposition in this very important U.S. Senate election."

She concludes: "Perhaps some courageous individual will ask their American hosts at the upcoming 'Summit for Democracy' about the question of ballot access in American elections, as well as the case of Julian Assange, and the case of former presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche. If the summit hosts were sincere, these clearly un-democratic matters would be at the top of the agenda as issues to be happily rectified."

The full statement is available on Sare's campaign webpage.

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