An Inflection Point in Building a Movement

Saturday’s explosive meeting of the LaRouche movement was an incredible breakthrough, showing how LaRouche’s vision can draw together political leaders, community activists, and thoughtful citizens representing various constituencies, around a higher concept of statecraft and mankind. In the process comes the great joy of discovering, together, a higher concept that subsumes the various causes that have prompted people of conscience and courage to commit themselves to. That dialogue shows how the Wednesday, Jan. 6 historic developments in Washington, D.C. can serve as an inflection point in building a political constituency for LaRouche’s far-reaching ideas and policies.

And Wednesday will be historic indeed! The Joint Session of the Congress can be expected to run into the wee hours as the electoral votes from six states—Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona—are challenged by dozens of Members of Congress and a grouping of at least 11 Senators. Debate about the results from each state can last up to two hours. While this may not result in President Donald Trump being declared the President-elect, it will certainly serve to draw national attention to the mountains of evidence of election irregularities and illegal (non-legislative) changes to the conduct of the election. And it shows that this affront to democratic rule is not simply being swallowed by the entire government. Outside the halls of the Capitol, near the White House, a rally of at least hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters will gather to make it clear that there exists within the U.S. population a large and committed core that does not accept the destruction of elected government.

The still-ongoing coup conducted against Trump’s outsider Presidency, the concerted efforts by the British-directed financial-military-intelligence slime mold to draw the United States into completely unnecessary conflict with its natural allies Russia and China, the murderous proposals of the Green “Great Reset,” and the absolute travesty of justice being perpetrated against the uncompromising publisher Julian Assange, are all aspects of a destructive, imperial paradigm. This British assault on humanity and its potential seeks to pit people against each other in the most demeaning manner, on such grounds as what is called “race,” while convincing people that their greatest common enemy is progress itself, against which a Green crusade is to be waged.

But the real enemy is that British Empire which seeks more than anything to prevent the truth of its operations from being understood or acted upon. The unconscionable, torturous persecution of truth-teller Julian Assange is the latest in a string of abuses that can be traced back to enormity of the attacks on Lyndon LaRouche, his method, and his movement.

This perspective was brought to a New York City rally for Julian Assange, by Diane Sare, U.S. Senate candidate in New York (2022). With a banner reading “President Trump, Pardon Assange and Snowden; Stop the Coup, Exonerate LaRouche,” Sare began the time she had to address the participants by lunging with the need to exonerate Lyndon LaRouche, and situating the persecution of Assange (and Snowden), from that standpoint. While much coverage supportive of Assange (whose extradition to the United States to stand trial for the crime of publishing the truth is to be decided today) approaches his imprisonment in Britain as a result of U.S. pressure, Sare explained that it is the other way around—the British running the United States!

Liberating people around the world, through bringing them into a framework for understanding the nature of the historic fight they have the great opportunity to be engaged in, is the greatest of gifts. Share that message today!

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