Are You Ready for War-Time Austerity?

The inevitable is finally here.  The global financial system is in a terminal phase of collapse, as the burden of debt far exceeds the ability of hollowed-out economies to service it.  The question is, Who will pay the price -- the oligarchs whose policies caused this, or the average person, who is being told to sacrifice, so the debt can be sustained on the books of bankrupt speculators?   As former German President Gauck said, "We should be willing to freeze for freedom."  But it's not Putin who caused this, but the oligarchs who are using the people of Ukraine as cannon fodder in a proxy war to destroy Russia.  Join us to turn this around -- put the oligarchs into bankruptcy, and rebuild the world economy with American system methods.  Sign and circulate our petition:

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    There are no limits to growth.
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