BlackRock, Inc.: How ‘Green Finance’ Forbids Modern Fuels

Mike Billington, Asia Intelligence Desk for Executive Intelligence Review, presents how BlackRock uses its power to threaten and intimidate nations— both advanced and developing— to accept “green” technology and abandon energy dense fuel sources, according to the genocidal diktat issued from the British Monarchy. Mike’s recent article on BlackRock, “BlackRock INC. How ‘Green Finance’ forbids modern fuels” appears in the EIR Special Report.

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  • Ken Honma
    commented 2021-02-18 17:21:31 -0500
    Thanks for clarifying how BlackRock controls and pressures countries to implement energy policies contrary to their own interests.
  • David Dobrodt
    published this page in Home 2021-02-18 12:22:22 -0500