Citizens Commission on Truth in Elections—Defeat the Vote Fraud [updated with videos]

The LaRouche Organization and the Schiller Institute today hosted a powerful virtual Town Hall meeting with representatives of the state legislatures and activists from four of the states in which the presidential election is contested, and others, presenting evidence of the massive vote fraud and irregularities in the election, and discussing the profound impact of this fight for the future of the nation and the world. The forum was part of a mobilization of concerned citizens to create a Citizens Commission for Truth in Elections, which will hold a founding conference on Jan. 17. As expressed by the moderator Dennis Speed of the Schiller Institute in opening the Town Hall meeting, the stealing of the Nov. 3 election is not only a threat to Donald Trump’s reelection, nor even simply to the U.S. Constitution, but a threat to civilization, to determine—in the words of Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War regarding the American System experiment—“testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived, and so dedicated, can long endure.”

Speaker after speaker reported on the massive evidence, in plain sight, of the irregularities and outright fraud in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin, insisting that if this fraudulent election is allowed to stand, then the faith in the electoral process in the United States will be destroyed. They addressed the role of the corrupt media, which repeats the mantra of “unsubstantiated claims” of vote fraud ad nauseam, and the corrupt courts, which have dismissed every case, not on the merits, but on procedure, without hearing the evidence. It was emphasized that the clear language of the Constitution grants the state legislators—not the courts nor other officials—the sole responsibility for electoral rules in each state, but that this fact has been repeatedly broken in several states. The focus now is on Jan. 6, when the electoral votes are to be presented to a Joint Session of Congress. Already several members of the House of Representatives and the Senate intend to challenge the electors from the contested states.

Georgia State Senator William Ligon: "The confidence in the election system is really shaken."

Most important is the case of Pennsylvania. State Rep. Russ Diamond informed the meeting that the newly elected members of the Commonwealth Legislature will be sworn in on Jan. 5, the day before the meeting of the U.S. Congress, and 59 members of the state House and six members of the state Senate intend to protest the certification of the Biden electors. Republicans are in control of both Pennsylvania houses. Rep. Diamond reviewed the study done by himself and Rep. Frank Ryan, which found that there were 170,000 more ballots counted than there were voters who voted for President (the vote differential between Trump and Biden was about 80,000 votes).

Rep. Russ Diamond: Pennsylvanians Still Don't Know Who Won the Presidency

Leah Hoopes, a Trump elector from Pennsylvania and president of the Pennsylvania Voter Alliance, said that the late Lyndon LaRouche and Donald Trump “would have been great allies,” pointing to the historic fight between the British colonial system keeping the world backwards, and the American System of fostering peace and development. She emphasized that “the world is watching,” and that she never imagined that she would be in the forefront of such an historic fight, but that this is what it means to be an American citizen, fighting for the sovereignty of each person. “I’m taking a chip off the block of Donald Trump, and even of Lyndon LaRouche—I will only address the truth. I’m not shutting up.”

Elector Leah Hoopes: We Can't Walk Away from this Fight!

Martha Rollins, who has worked with Code Pink around the world, described how British and U.S. intelligence circles had carried out “regime change” operations in Syria, Honduras and elsewhere: “Through the media they demonize the President, using vote fraud, fomenting dissent, then violence, then putting their person in power. The people who ran these operations around the world are the same people running the campaign against Trump.”

Several speakers praised the Schiller Institute and The LaRouche Organization, as well as the website Gateway Pundit, for giving voice to those fighting for the truth and integrity in elections, Joe Hoft, from the Gateway Pundit, also addressed the meeting, pointing out that the website now has over 4 million subscribers. He called on President Donald Trump to release all documents related to the Russiagate hoax and other aspects of the coup attempts against Trump. He also declared that Julian Assange’s case is scheduled to be decided by the British court January 4, and called on the President to pardon him.

Harley Schlanger on the 2020 Election: The Problem is Beyond the Parties

Moderator Dennis Speed and the Schiller Institute’s Harley Schanger provided historical context to the crisis facing mankind today, also urging President Trump to “turn over the chessboard” by pardoning Assange and Edward Snowden, and exonerating Lyndon LaRouche. Schlanger added that a Special Prosecutor regarding the vote fraud is urgent, as the only hope for getting to the truth. Senatorial candidate in New York Diane Sare reminded the audience that Ramsey Clark, who represented Lyndon LaRouche on appeal in the illegal prosecution by the same corrupt networks who ran Russiagate against Trump, said in the 1990s that if the illegal prosecution of LaRouche were allowed to stand, that no one would be safe.

Today, President Trump’s best approach to stop the coup is to exonerate LaRouche, forcing the truth to light about the British Empire’s historical effort to destroy the American System, to drag their former colony back into their Imperial division of the world, their Malthusian policies, their colonial warfare, and even their nuclear confrontation with Russia and China. This is why the British hate Trump, as they hated LaRouche. These next few weeks will determine whether the Americans will prove to be “little,” as Schiller said of the French in the face of the Jacobin mobs, or if they will rise and declare their human love of truth, and restore the American Republic.

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