Defeat Fascism to Achieve a New Paradigm


The United States is quite literally descending into fascism, with the creation of a new federal intelligence agency to engage in a domestic war on terror, government-directed censorship of speech in the public commons of today (social media), and comparisons by Biden between the present moment and the Civil War -- in which millions of Americans were engaged in literal military combat against each other. Reversing this descent into authoritarianism requires identifying the threat, of course. But it also requires an affirmative statement of what the mission of the United States should be. And perpetual opposition to China and Russia ain't it!

As the American military departs Afghanistan, will American engineers and contractors play a useful role in planning and constructing infrastructure in that nation, as part of a global development policy?

Will feisty American farmers, ranchers, citizens, and energy experts overturn the Green New Deal fraud and demand reliable energy for the future?

The shared enemy of mankind is that oligarchical outlook and financial-intelligence-media power that seeks to destroy productivity through a new "green" religion while creating chaos and the threat of war through color revolutions and intelligence assessments painting the world's major powers as implacable enemies.

Lyndon LaRouche spend half a century fighting to institute a just world economic system, based on the dignity of each human individual as made in the image of a living God, a system committed to the development of new platforms of infrastructure and productivity, unlocked through advancements in science and technology fostered by long-term investments in such frontier areas as space and nuclear fusion.

Next weekend, on July 24, the Schiller Institute will hold an event addressing the absolute conflict between seeing the future in terms of "green" power sources -- which have been promoted with the intent of preventing development -- versus major investment in transportation, power, industry, and trade. And on August 14, the LaRouche Legacy Foundation will hold a seminar on the economic work of Lyndon LaRouche, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Nixon's end of the Bretton Woods system, about which LaRouche achieved notoriety.

From the standpoint of that future orientation, the Great Reset, the push for war with China and Russia, and the drive for fascism within the United States come together as a single goal of a financial oligarchy intent on preventing it.

That oligarchy can be defeated, and a beautiful future can be created, if we make it happen.

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  • Katherine Notley
    commented 2021-07-17 01:01:49 -0400
    Cusa’s “imago viva Dei” is the individual human being as the living image of God. Of course the Creator has to be living, but the fact that the Creator’s image is a living image is very different from a mere image of a living God.