Opponents of War on Russia Draw Out Full Lunacy of Bipartisan War Faction

On Tuesday, Fox personality Tucker Carlson hosted Clint Ehrlich to denounce the media-backed drive for war with Russia. After explaining that the U.S. has nothing to gain in backing Ukraine's accession to NATO, Carlson introduced Russia scholar Ehrlich, who said that even if Russia doesn't invade Ukraine, there are many in the U.S. saying that the U.S. should effectively invade, by sending in troops for conflict with Russia. "It's not just nuts, it's dangerous. We're sleepwalking towards conflict with a country that has 4,000 nuclear weapons. The Russians are talking about potentially deploying strategic forces to Cuba and Venezuela in a repeat of the Cuban Missile Crisis. It's just shocking that people are not more upset about this, because the lives of Americans are being threatened over a situation where we have no vital strategic interest."

In a tweet thread, Ehrlich listed insane responses to his appearances:

  • "Tucker all-in for Putin" pronounced neocon lunatic Bill Kristol.
  • "Your nightly reminder that @TuckerCarlson and @FoxNews are not loyal to the United States of America" said the totally sane Keith Olbermann.
  • "We are potentially on the verge of a land war in Europe aimed at extinguishing democracy and sovereignty and the American right wing is on the side of ethno-nationalist authoritarianism. That's where we're at," wrote Ben Rhodes, Obama's favorite speech writer.
  • Exceedingly deep thinker and CNN chief White House correspondent John Harwood weighed in: "that the leading Fox host unabashedly makes Putin's case shows how the disinformation successes of Russian intelligence extend way beyond Trump."
  • "This isn’t journalism, it’s an ongoing FARA violation. Tucker Carlson needs to be prosecuted as an unregistered agent of the Russian Federation and treason under Article 3, Sec. 3, Clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution for aiding an enemy in hybrid warfare against the United States," demanded DNC operative Alexandra Chalupa of Russiagate fame.

This followed Tulsi Gabbard's appearance with Steve Hilton on Fox. Gabbard denounced the White House, particularly Jake Sullivan and Tony Blinken, for being architect of regime change policies in the past and making policy at present. "They are stoking tensions. They are escalating the situation that can only lead us down a more dangerous path that directly undermines the interests of the American people and our country. Let's be real about what we're dealing with here, Steve. We're talking about the United States and Russia, two great nuclear-armed powers in the world. There is only one place that that conflict ends. That ends in destruction of this world and life as we know it. Don't be naive, don't be shy about pointing out exactly what is at state. That is what the American people need to know, and that is what people in the White House and leaders in Congress on both sides of the aisle refuse to tell them the truth about."

Gabbard is correct!

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