Friday Questions: How Does the Trans-Atlantic Oligarchy Believe It Can Remain in Control?

In the face of growing global discontent, the globalist, corporatist oligarchy is plowing ahead, convinced that the opposition to its policies will soon peak, become tired, depressed, and disengaged, and ultimately submit to the deadly intent behind their arbitrary "Rules-Based Order". There is an unbroken continuity behind the policies they have imposed since they murdered President Kennedy and covered it up, which is leading to systemic economic and social collapse, and new wars -- while their destruction of education and imposition of brutal cultural "norms", such as "identity politics", keeps us divided. The Schiller Institute has launched new initiatives to counter this "new normal". Join us to restore the best traditions of the American System and classical culture.

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  • David Dobrodt
    published this page in Harley Updates 2021-11-26 14:37:11 -0500