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Prince Charles Calls for "War-Like Mobilization" Against Humans at FLOP26 Summit

Friday Questions:
1. What are the implications of the merger of the global Green New Deal with the Great Reset presented yesterday by Prince Charles, Mark Carney, BlackRock's Larry Fink and others,  in the context of the COP26 "climate" summit?
2. Is Virginia Gov.-Elect Youngkin a Bush-RINO Republican?
3. Will the Federal Reserve raise interest rates, and what will happen if it does?
4. What are the strategic implications of the Chinese hypersonic missile launch?
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Tensions Over Taiwan Increase War Danger Between U.S. And China

by: Harley Schlanger
Nov. 1 -- At a CNN town meeting on October 21, President Joe Biden was asked if the U.S. would come to the aid of Taiwan, if it were attacked by China. His response -- "Yes, we have a commitment to do that" -- set off alarm bells, not only in Beijing, but within his administration, as a spokesman was quickly dispatched to walk back from that answer.

But a week later, more bombshells went off, again on CNN, in an interview with Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen. She said she believes that the U.S. and other regional allies would come to the aid of Taiwan if it were attacked. Further, she confirmed the report that a "small unit" of U.S. Army special forces have been deployed on the island to train members of Taiwan's military. She added that while she thinks there can be peaceful relations with China, the threat from the mainland "is increasing every day", as it is becoming more aggressive.

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"Blah, Blah, Blah" at FLOP26 Summit Is Emitted to Cover Its Deadly Intent

For once, Greta Thunberg got it right -- there is a lot of "blah, blah, blah" coming from the COP26 summit.  She's wrong, however, when she says there is no action being taken.  Yesterday's announcement of a new financial alliance under the direction of former Bank of England Director Carney and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is a big step toward consolidating the "Great Reset", designed to establish a global central banker's dictatorship.  Their intent is to inflate a new, Green financial bubble -- to benefit the 450 financial firms which have signed up -- while ensuring there will be no credit for the physical, productive sectors of the economy.  Their big problem is in getting developing countries to give up their sovereignty and sacrifice their people in return for the crumbs being offered to them to do so.

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Depopulation Ghouls at FLOP26; Dems Blow Virginia, Possibly New Jersey

It is dangerous to cling to old beliefs at a moment of global systemic collapse.  The belief in "limits to growth" is behind the "climate change" scenarios driving the push to reduce human population, which is the goal of those running the COP26 summit in Glasgow.  The ghouls can be outflanked and defeated, provided the opposition to the Green New Deal and Great Reset adopts the strategy developed over fifty years by Lyndon LaRouche.  Clinging to old beliefs is what led to the smashing defeat of Democratic Party candidates in Virginia, and possibly in New Jersey as well.  The reality of hyperinflation of food and energy prices, supply chain shortages, etc., was of greater concern to the voters, than the spectre of the return of Donald Trump, which Dem "strategists" foolishly believed would lead voters to cast ballots for their candidates! 

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Sanctions Kill More People Than "Climate Change"

The FLOP26 opened with the expected hyperbole, with BoJo saying "It's one minute to midnight", i.e. we are running out of time to stop what Joe Biden called "an existential threat to human existence...."   But the "debate" over whether there has been warming and what is causing it has not been settled, despite what the COP26 "influencers" so loudly assert.  Resistance is building to the devastation which will be unleashed if the "net zero carbon" demand is successfully imposed.  Given the rhetoric from leaders about their "profound concern for future generations", why are they not calling for lifting the sanctions imposed by the U.S. and its NATO allies on nations such as Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and Zimbabwe, sanctions which are killing people now, and threatening millions more lives, especially of children, in the future?  

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Mobilizing to Defeat the Satanic Intent of Depopulating the Planet

Friday Questions: On the eve of the FLOP26 genocide conference opening in Glasgow, many of you are asking how we can mobilize a population which has submitted to the narratives designed by Tavistock brainwashers to make people cynical and depressed.  Two answers: First -- not everyone is submitting, there is deep concern and anger about corruption, inflation, austerity, endless wars, etc.  Find those not beaten down, and introduce them to the solutions developed by The LaRouche Organization.  Second -- use truth, irony, empathy and love to reach the minds and souls of those paralyzed by fear and impotence.  The crash of the system is here, as more and more are realizing.  Now is not the time to wallow, or look for a safe zone -- sign up for the Nov. 13-4 Schiller Institute conference to find out more.

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Hyperinflation in Energy Prices Is NOT Caused by Shortages, but Excess of Neoliberal Greed and Corruption

As the LaRouche movement has warned for years, energy price hikes are not based on lack of product, but manipulation of markets by traders, working with geopoliticians in government and financial institutions -- such as the infamous Henry Kissinger, coordinator of the 1973 Great Oil Hoax, which began the era of the petro-dollar.  The Glasgow COP26 summit is not about stopping "global warming", but convincing you to accept the idea that the era of plenty is over, and you should get used to shortages, high prices, unavailability of products, and a lower standard of living and early death.  Join with us to end the fraud of the idea of "limits to growth".  Read the Schiller Institute "A Wake-Up Call: The Danger for Mankind Is Not the Climate, but Toleration of a Devious Policy that Uses Climate To Destroy Us!"
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Queen Elizabeth Bails on FLOP26 Summit

Is it really a matter of her fragile health, or has the Queen decided to skip the march of death, disguised as a "climate summit", to save face?  With Boris Johnson worried that it will  be VERY, VERY tough to get the desired results -- i.e., to arm twist nations to surrender their sovereignty and development goals to achieve "carbon net zero" -- eco-terrorists are preparing to launch a wave of destruction if these goals are not met, under the slogan of defeating "fossil fascism," declaring the development of fossil fuel technology as "steeped in racism"!  Meanwhile, the resurrection of British spook Christopher Steele continues, with an appearance on {Sky-TV}, during which he announced he wishes that Daniel Craig, of James Bond movie fame, portray him in a bio-film!

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War Danger Increases as Globalists Are Losing Control

There is a reason why those in the Military Industrial Complex are called "War Hawks" -- because war is their ultimate solution to crises.  As they are facing a series of existential crises, they are ramping up the rhetoric of war.  Listen to the words of Biden's choice for Ambassador to China, or the German Defense Minister's call to be prepared to use nuclear weapons against Russia!  Consider the possibility that the COP26 ``climate" conference becomes the Flop26, and serves as an excuse for launching new waves of eco-terrorism.  

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Putin Intervenes to Save U.S. and West from Strategic and Cultural Degeneracy, Attacks "Wokeness"!

On the eve of the globalist Halloween prank called COP26 -- which hopefully will become Flop26 -- Russian President Putin delivered a powerful speech lamenting the failure of nations to use the opportunity of the collapse of  the Soviet Union to create a safer world.  While defending "human life" and the "family" as "absolute values", and insisting on "sovereignty" as a necessary condition for relations between nation states, he critiques the arrogance of those pushing a unipolar world, and dissects the cultural degradation being imposed  on the West by them -- including a sharp criticism of "cancel culture", and the approach to race and gender dominating policy discussion in the West.  (Since the western media are not covering Putin's intervention, I am posting a summary of his critique of "wokeness" from our website: Putin: Human Life Over Failed Ideology and Woke ‘Phantasmagoria’ - The LaRouche Organization (nationbuilder.com).)      

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