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"There They Go Again": British Intelligence Launches New Smear Against Putin, Trump

Friday Questions: Why does The LaRouche Organization talk so much about "Geopolitics"?  The {Guardian} yesterday published new Fake News, claiming they have documents which "suggest" that Putin ordered Russian intelligence to elect Donald Trump.  Why resurrect these lies again, now?  With the U.S. withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, it is possible to break away from the imperial geopolitical doctrines which have controlled U.S. foreign policy since the assassination of JFK.  The era of endless wars, to defend City of London and Wall Street financial swindlers, could be brought to an end -- that's why it is crucial that Americans understand what the Geopolitical doctrine is, to know who our enemies are, and what they are trying to do -- and how to defeat them!


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What Does a Global Systemic Collapse Look Like?

Poverty, and the chaos it causes, are spreading worldwide, from Afghanistan and Myanmar to South Africa and Cuba. The specifics vary from country to country, but the root cause is the enforcement of neoliberal economic policies, which serve the interests of the U.S.-UK-NATO Military Industrial Complex. This was forecast by Lyndon LaRouche following Nixon's break with the Bretton Woods system on August 15, 1971. It is now affecting "advanced sector" countries, in the form of hyperinflation. LaRouche also proposed a solution, which is still waiting to be implemented. It begins with rejecting British neoliberal economic policies, and replacing them with national banking credit systems of sovereign nations, cooperating for mutual benefit. As this breakdown accelerates, the time is now for the LaRouche solution.

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To End The Era Of "Endless Wars", Dump "The Special Relationship"

The visit of UK Defense Secretary Wallace to Washington yesterday demonstrates that, in the minds of key Anglo-American officials, the "Special Relationship" between the U.S. and U.K. -- which allows the Brits to run U.S. foreign policy -- is still operational. If this is not dumped, the world will be headed toward more wars, eventually to nuclear war. How can we end an era in which the world is governed by imperial geopolitics? Read Helga Zepp LaRouche's memo: "Afghanistan at a Crossroads - Graveyard For Empires, Or Start Of A New Era" 

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Use Afghan Withdrawal to End U.S. Slavery to British Imperial Geopolitics

Out of the frying pan, into the fire?  Will the U.S. blindly follow the British lead to turn the retreat from Afghanistan into more provocations against Russia and China?  Or can we learn from our catastrophic mistakes, and join Afghanistan's neighbors to engage in cooperative, mutually beneficial development policies, to bring peace to the war-torn country.  Further, it is time to end the U.S. economic enslavement to British neoliberal economic/financial policies -- No to the Great Reset, instead, implement LaRouche's Four Laws! 

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Can Diplomacy Work, or Is More War An Inevitable Destiny?

Pessimists might be shocked by some recent developments.  A Putin-Biden phone call ending in a call for joint action against cyber warfare?  A unanimous U.N. Security Council vote to open the door for humanitarian aid to be distributed to "all parts of Syria"?  How about a U.S. official commenting favorably on a Taliban-Afghan government meeting in Tehran, saying that what Iran is doing "may well be constructive"?  The key is ending the dangerous application of British imperial geopolitics, which has dominated strategic relations for most of the last two centuries.  For a road map to peaceful cooperation in Afghanistan, read Helga Zepp-LaRouche's statement, "Afghanistan at a Crossroads: Graveyard for Empires, or Start of a New Era?" 

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Who Controls the Narratives Promoted by the "Mainstream Media"?

A majority of people now know that one cannot trust what appears in the media.  Yet even those who know this, and consider themselves to have been "awakened" by this awareness, get manipulated by the narratives scripted by psychological warfare specialists.  Today we take up questions shaped by those brainwashers, who have developed narratives to convince you that: 1) Afghanistan is hopeless, as civil war, underdevelopment, drug trafficking and terrorism are its destiny; 2) China's economic progress, and its commitment to aid others through the Belt-and-Road Initiative, make it a threat to the U.S.; 3) That a military confrontation between the U.S. and Russia is inevitable.
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More British Provocations Signal the Panic Gripping Those Running the Empire

While British Foreign Minister Raab threatens China over its unwillingness to submit to the City of London's Rules-Based Order, the largest financial institutions are granted exemptions from the new minimum global corporate tax praised by Biden.  If a company is a corporation based in the City of London, Wall Street or Silicon Valley, it is exempt from the new taxes.  The blowhards demanding subservience to the new global order are deploying regime change operations and military threats against nations which don't accept the arbitrary rules the Davos billionaires have created for everyone, but themselves!  The imperial order is dying, help us put it out of its misery, by creating a new, just order based on principles of international law.  

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Countermoves to Imperial Geopolitical Provocations Emerge: Will the U.S. Remain Under Control of the Davos Billionaires?

Unfortunately, the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan is not a break with British imperial geopolitics, but an attempt to change the venue from the Middle East to the Indo-Pacific region. The failure of the U.S.-NATO war in Afghanistan will be followed by an even more devastating debacle in the Indo-Pacific, unless the U.S. breaks definitively from the Military Industrial Complex's commitment to geopolitical doctrine. A potential for such a shift was opened by the three-way call yesterday between China's Xi, France's Macron and Merkel of Germany. Will the U.S. join them, or remain an enforcer of the global central banker's Rules-Based Order dictatorship?

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How Continued Adherence to British Imperial Geopolitics Caused the Afghan Debacle

As news reports feature the threat of a Taliban takeover of Afghanistan following the withdrawal of U.S. forces, some voices in the U.S. Congress are questioning why we are leaving!  The real question should be, "Why were we there for 20 years?  Why did we waste more than $1 trillion and several thousand American lives on a war the Pentagon knew was unwinnable?"  The followup question to that should be, "Why are we still using British geopolitical strategies to conduct our foreign and military policies?  When will we learn our lesson -- as Lyndon LaRouche always insisted -- that the British Empire is our republic's only true enemy?"
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British "Imperial Ambitions" Threaten To Unleash A New Global War

by: Harley Schlanger
July 2 -- Russian President Vladimir Putin: "The period of the unipolar world is gone."

Putin's statement, made on July 1 during his annual session of dialogue with the Russian people, echoes the same sentiment expressed by the Chinese Embassy in London during the G7 summit, which stated that the "days are long gone" when a "small group of nations" can dictate global policy decisions. Putin's dialogue followed an online session with China's President Xi Jinping on June 28, during which the two agreed to extend the Friendship Treaty between them for five years. In their joint communique, they pledged "enduring friendship", based on "bilateral cooperation" in politics, economics and culture, as well as mutual security. Xi stated that the agreement forms the basis for "building a community with a shared future for humanity."

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