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Regime Change Plotters Targeting Syria, Belarus, as well as Russia and China

The Trans-Atlantic hypocrites are out in force, continuing their verbal assaults against Syria and Belarus, while the sanctions they are imposing are worsening the situations in both nations, with disastrous consequences, especially for children. Will they try to sabotage the Putin-Biden summit, now confirmed for June 16 in Geneva?

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The Biden Agenda: Hyperinflation and War?

As we warned on the day of his inauguration, Joe Biden's administration is pursuing policies which will lead to hyperinflation and war.  The Davos globalist's Great Reset, which has been adopted by Biden, features the move to a central banker dictatorship, propped up by an unprecedented volume of money creation -- which will be directed into a green financial bubble, while credit is denied to the physical economy.  And as Secretary of State Blinken heads to the Middle East, he has pre-announced measures that will do nothing but guarantee a new explosion of violence in the short-term, combined with renewed efforts at regime change in Syria, but also Russia and China.  Is this what Biden voters were voting for?  
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Are the Common Aims for Mankind Attainable?

As a young man, Lyndon LaRouche saw up close the horrors of British colonialism in the suppression of the rebellion against the Empire in post World War II India.  Franklin Roosevelt's intent was to direct U.S. policy after the war to support the Common Aims for Mankind -- this intent was hijacked, after his untimely death, by the Empire's Winston Churchill, who instead launched a Cold War, including the threat of nuclear annihilation under the doctrine of Mutual and Assured Destruction.  With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the imperial oligarchs enforced a new design for the empire, promoted by George H.W. Bush as the New World Economic Order.  Under this umbrella, we have had endless wars, a series of economic bubbles followed by crashes, the spread of famine and the related emergence of pandemic disease.  Today, those oligarchical interests are pushing for a banker's dictatorship called the Great Reset, and a Malthusian genocidal Green New Deal.  We must instead launch a New Paradigm capable of realizing the Common Aims for Mankind.

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Friday Questions: Can the method of the Coincidence of Opposites Be Applied to Bring Peace to Southwest Asia?

Can the idea of the New Paradigm succeed in bringing real peace between Israel and the Palestinians?  What can be done to end the revolving door between military/intelligence personnel and employment as lobbyists for corporations in the Military Industrial Complex?  What role does art play in moral education? 

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Putin Gives Another Lesson in Statecraft: the Satanic "Rules-Based Order" Must Be Rejected!

With the world spiraling downward, into a systemic collapse which is producing famine, pandemic and war, humanity is being tested.  As Lyndon LaRouche often stated, the question is whether we, as a species, possess the moral fitness to survive.  As the TransAtlantic powers, acting on behalf of the private interests of the City of London, Wall Street, and Silicon Valley, are furiously pressing for a unipolar world order -- which they fraudulently call a "Rules-Based Order" -- a voice rang out again yesterday, calling instead for acting based on "universal human values as solidarity, mutual assistance, and love for humanity."  These are the words used by Russian President Putin, in welcoming new Ambassadors to Moscow.  The Schiller Institute is mobilizing to stop the consolidation of this Malthusian Order -- join us, become a member, and circulate our statement, "Global Health Security Requires Medical Infrastructure in Every Country".

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The Green New Deal Is A Malthusian Killer; We Need REAL INFRASTRUCTURE

The absurdity of Central Bank flunkey Mark Carney's call for African countries to "get rich" by selling "carbon offsets" to rich countries -- i.e., not developing their own land and resources -- exposes again the Malthusian intent for the Green New Deal: a radical reduction of the world's population.  Instead, what is needed is real infrastructure, beginning with building a modern health-care system in every nation.  Join with the Schiller Institute (SI) in mobilizing to place this on the agenda of the Global Health Summit in Rome on May 21.  (You can get the SI statement here: Global Health Security Requires Medical Infrastructure in Every Country—Major Industrial Nations Must Collaborate Now! | The Schiller Institute

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Reconstruction And Development, Not War, Is The Key To Security In Southwest Asia

As the Israelis continue to carry out a scorched earth policy against the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, with the support of Biden and his team, it is clear this is not the path to peace. The whole region, from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria to Gaza, has been subjected to devastation, the result of applying British imperial geopolitics to a region which needs instead investment and economic development. LaRouche's 1975 "Oasis Plan" laid the basis for such an approach. Today, the extension into the region of China's Belt-and-Road Initiative can provide a path to peace. It is time now to convene a summit of the Permanent 5 members of the U.N. Security Council, as President Putin has called for, and which has the full support of the Schiller Institute's Helga Zepp LaRouche.

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Call For Action To Address World Health Care Crisis

The Schiller Institute has launched a mobilization to insure that when the Global Health Summit opens in Rome on May 21, attendees will have been confronted by the call for establishing world-class health care capabilities in every nation.  A statement on this is available on the Schiller Institute website.  As the pandemic tragedy unfolds in India, it is evident that failure to act on this is deadly, and not just for the people of India.  Similarly, the Biden administration policy of a hands-off approach to Netanyahu's war crimes against Palestinians cries out for action.  The confluence of crises we face is the result of the breakdown of the system, strategically, economically and morally.  Join with us to organize for solutions, at a moment when too many react with angry resentment or worse, resignation and submission. 

Link to The Schiller Institute Release HERE 

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The Time For Discussion Is Now: Is The United States Preparing To Go To War Over Taiwan Or Ukraine Or Syria?

By: Harley Schlanger
May 14 -- With most policy makers, pundits and media maintaining silence, or denying the prospect that a war between the United States and Russia or China is likely, and could escalate to nuclear weapons, ninety year-old whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg spoke bluntly about the danger of such a possibility. He took the occasion of an event commemorating the 50th anniversary of his release of the Pentagon Papers to sound a warning about what he described as an "asinine" and "criminally insane" discussion about the likelihood of the use of nuclear weapons by the U.S., mentioning in particular comments by StratCom chief Admiral Charles Richard. “That discussion is going on, I have no doubt whatever, in the Pentagon right now...."

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Friday's Questions: How Can We Overcome the Imperial Drive to War?

While the prospect of a June summit between Presidents Putin and Biden is becoming more likely, such a meeting alone will not guarantee peace, unless the underlying axioms embedded in the idea of a "Rules-Based Order" are rejected.  This idea is a modern iteration of the geopolitical outlook imposed by the British Empire, at the end of the 19th century, which led to two World Wars in the last century and is pushing humanity to the brink of a possible nuclear war today.   It is now possible to achieve a New Paradigm in relations, based on  the concept that, through cooperation among the great powers, peace can emerge from a mutual commitment to sovereign economic development -- but must be preceded by a rejection of the arbitrary imposition of a corporatist banker's Great Reset or Green New Deal.

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