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High Stakes In Biden-Putin Summit: Opportunity To End The Era Of Geopolitical Confrontation

by: Harley Schlanger
May 28 -- Ignore for a moment the cacophony of bellicose voices in the Trans-Atlantic region treating the upcoming summit meeting of Presidents Biden and Putin as a chance for Biden to deliver a sharp personal rebuke to Russia.

The meeting, scheduled for June 16 in Geneva, represents an opportunity to put an end to the era of geopolitical confrontation, which has escalated since the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, and has intensified in recent years, due to the assertion of a unipolar world dominated by London-Wall Street neoliberal financiers and backed by U.S.-NATO military force.

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With Fragile Cease-Fire Between Hamas and Israel, Attention Turns to What is Biden's Policy For the Region

As U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken begins a tour of the Middle East on May 25, a spokesman for the State Department announced a day earlier that he will be "focused primarily on ensuring that the cease-fire sticks."  Blinken himself told CNN on May 23 that the goal of the U.S., with "President Biden leading the effort...was to end the violence."  Left unsaid by Blinken is why, if that was the goal, did Biden wait eleven days before increasing the pressure on the Netanyahu government to stop the devastating air assault on Gaza.  Israeli attacks killed nearly 300 Palestinians, including more than sixty children, destroyed housing, leaving more than 77,000 people without homes, left most residents with no electricity and more than 800,000 without access to clean water.  

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End the Era of Geopolitical Confrontation

While it is legitimate to question whether, in the heated environment of current U.S.-Russian relations, a summit between Putin and Biden can reach a positive conclusion, such a question is based on submitting to the axioms imposed by the imperial authors of the doctrine of geopolitics. If this submission is not reversed, the outcome would be another step on the path to nuclear war. Yet, much of the world is turning away from submission to the geopoliticians, and their unipolar world order. In 2016, many Americans voted against the endless wars resulting from the imposition of this world order. Now is the time to organize on behalf of a New Paradigm, to end forever the era of geopolitics, and bring the U.S. into an alliance engaged in realizing the Common Aims of Mankind. Join the Schiller Institute to bring this New Paradigm into existence.

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The Insanity of the "Infrastructure Debate" in the U.S.

While the White House is quibbling with members of both parties in Congress over the size of the proposed infrastructure bill, what is clear is that the debate has nothing to do with building modern platforms of infrastructure. Instead, it represents a defense of the bankrupt ideologies governing both parties: while the Republicans want to limit spending, many Democrats -- including Biden -- are committed to an insane "Green" agenda, which includes destroying the existing energy grid in pursuit of the lunacy of a "zero-carbon footprint." But the proposal to tear down hydroelectric dams to prevent "human interference with the rights of free-flowing rivers" is a sign of the intellectual degeneracy and dishonesty of the debate, as is the neo-liberal insistence that "cheaper is better" and preference for "pay as you go" schemes when it comes to upgrading the national platform of infrastructure.

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Regime Change Plotters Targeting Syria, Belarus, as well as Russia and China

The Trans-Atlantic hypocrites are out in force, continuing their verbal assaults against Syria and Belarus, while the sanctions they are imposing are worsening the situations in both nations, with disastrous consequences, especially for children. Will they try to sabotage the Putin-Biden summit, now confirmed for June 16 in Geneva?

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The Biden Agenda: Hyperinflation and War?

As we warned on the day of his inauguration, Joe Biden's administration is pursuing policies which will lead to hyperinflation and war.  The Davos globalist's Great Reset, which has been adopted by Biden, features the move to a central banker dictatorship, propped up by an unprecedented volume of money creation -- which will be directed into a green financial bubble, while credit is denied to the physical economy.  And as Secretary of State Blinken heads to the Middle East, he has pre-announced measures that will do nothing but guarantee a new explosion of violence in the short-term, combined with renewed efforts at regime change in Syria, but also Russia and China.  Is this what Biden voters were voting for?  
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Are the Common Aims for Mankind Attainable?

As a young man, Lyndon LaRouche saw up close the horrors of British colonialism in the suppression of the rebellion against the Empire in post World War II India.  Franklin Roosevelt's intent was to direct U.S. policy after the war to support the Common Aims for Mankind -- this intent was hijacked, after his untimely death, by the Empire's Winston Churchill, who instead launched a Cold War, including the threat of nuclear annihilation under the doctrine of Mutual and Assured Destruction.  With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the imperial oligarchs enforced a new design for the empire, promoted by George H.W. Bush as the New World Economic Order.  Under this umbrella, we have had endless wars, a series of economic bubbles followed by crashes, the spread of famine and the related emergence of pandemic disease.  Today, those oligarchical interests are pushing for a banker's dictatorship called the Great Reset, and a Malthusian genocidal Green New Deal.  We must instead launch a New Paradigm capable of realizing the Common Aims for Mankind.

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Friday Questions: Can the method of the Coincidence of Opposites Be Applied to Bring Peace to Southwest Asia?

Can the idea of the New Paradigm succeed in bringing real peace between Israel and the Palestinians?  What can be done to end the revolving door between military/intelligence personnel and employment as lobbyists for corporations in the Military Industrial Complex?  What role does art play in moral education? 

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Putin Gives Another Lesson in Statecraft: the Satanic "Rules-Based Order" Must Be Rejected!

With the world spiraling downward, into a systemic collapse which is producing famine, pandemic and war, humanity is being tested.  As Lyndon LaRouche often stated, the question is whether we, as a species, possess the moral fitness to survive.  As the TransAtlantic powers, acting on behalf of the private interests of the City of London, Wall Street, and Silicon Valley, are furiously pressing for a unipolar world order -- which they fraudulently call a "Rules-Based Order" -- a voice rang out again yesterday, calling instead for acting based on "universal human values as solidarity, mutual assistance, and love for humanity."  These are the words used by Russian President Putin, in welcoming new Ambassadors to Moscow.  The Schiller Institute is mobilizing to stop the consolidation of this Malthusian Order -- join us, become a member, and circulate our statement, "Global Health Security Requires Medical Infrastructure in Every Country".

Click here for the Schiller Institute statement

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The Green New Deal Is A Malthusian Killer; We Need REAL INFRASTRUCTURE

The absurdity of Central Bank flunkey Mark Carney's call for African countries to "get rich" by selling "carbon offsets" to rich countries -- i.e., not developing their own land and resources -- exposes again the Malthusian intent for the Green New Deal: a radical reduction of the world's population.  Instead, what is needed is real infrastructure, beginning with building a modern health-care system in every nation.  Join with the Schiller Institute (SI) in mobilizing to place this on the agenda of the Global Health Summit in Rome on May 21.  (You can get the SI statement here: Global Health Security Requires Medical Infrastructure in Every Country—Major Industrial Nations Must Collaborate Now! | The Schiller Institute

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