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Friday Questions -- Time for a Serious Discussion About How to Avoid a Systemic Economic Collapse

Today's questions:
1.) What can be done to avoid an economic blowout?  What is the Fed doing? What about the budget/debt ceiling debate -- Is there a way to avoid default?
2.) Why do you think Yahoo News ran the story about Pompeo and the CIA plotting to kidnap or kill Julian Assange?
3.) What makes you think we can trust the Taliban enough to contribute to rebuilding Afghanistan?  
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Murderous Intent of Pompeo, "Insider" Trading by Fed Officials

Two stories in the last days provide new insights into the deadly and corrupt practices of operatives of the "Deep State".  Yahoo News exposed planning undertaken by then-CIA Director Pompeo to kidnap or assassinate Julain Assange, for the "crime" of exposing the dirty wars run by the military/intelligence/corporate establishment that Pompeo wanted to protect.  And two Presidents of regional Federal Reserve branches resigned, when reports were published of their personal trading of financial instruments which were affected by the Fed's Quantitative Easing policy.  The defenses offered by Pompeo and Fed chair Powell are unconvincing, as they move to cover-up the bigger crimes they are trying to keep hidden. 

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Great Reset, Green New Deal Already Destroying Economies

Even though there is growing international opposition to the Great Reset and the Green New Deal, globalist anti-growth policies which are part of an arc going back to 1971 are now inflicting massive damage to the physical economy, especially to western "developed" nations.  The full range of speculative swindles, funded by global central banks, when combined with "free trade" and Green policies, is generating hyperinflation and unsustainable levels of debt.  The election last weekend in Germany will likely bring to power a coalition government which will double down on those policies, along with a commitment to an escalation of geopolitical confrontation with Russia and China.    
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China's Evergrande Case -- How to Handle Bankruptcy!

Remember the Crash of 2008, when the U.S. housing bubble popped?  How Bush, then Obama, bailed out the speculators, while 7+ million families lost their homes?  And how trillions of dollars of bailouts went to the speculators, driving inflation and increasing unsustainable debt, while credit to productive industry was choked off, to the present day???  Now, check out what China is doing in the Evergrande case -- forcing speculators to take a giant haircut, a "pre-emptive bubble popping", while protecting the homeowners, and continuing to direct money to physical production.  China is putting people first, while the Federal Reserve is engaged in "socialism" for bankers and speculative swindlers, under the theme of protecting those "Too Big to Fail"! 

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Do German Voters Really Support Submitting to Anglo-American War Hawks?

A preliminary analysis of election results in Germany indicates that, while no party has much support, there must be a consensus among voters in favor of the Green destruction of its industrial economy, and preparation for war with Russia and China -- as that was the emphasis of all the major parties.  The result is not surprising, as an alternative to the continued surrender of sovereignty to the imperial policies of London and Washington was not allowed, either not covered, or treated as "extremism".  Yet, as we keep pointing out, much of the world is rejecting the City of London and Wall Street policies of the Great Reset, the Green New Deal, and a new geopolitical drive for regime change against Russia and China. 

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Friday Questions -- How to Make an Economic Miracle in the U.S.

The answers to many of the economic and financial questions received for today can be found in the newly-released TLO pamphlet, "The Coming U.S. Economic Miracle -- On the New Silk Road."  Questions addressed today include: 1, What is Fed Chair Jerome Powell talking about when he assures us that inflation is "transitory"?; 2. What about China's actions related to Evergrande?; 3. Is the AUKUS agreement directed against China?; 4. What is the significance of the indictment of Hillary's attorney Sussman?      

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U.S. Post-war Policy Toward Afghanistan Sets the Stage for More War

The freezing of Afghanistan's national funds held in the N.Y. Federal Reserve Bank, ordered by Treasury Secretary Yellen on August 15, is setting the stage for further chaos in that war-torn country.  You don't have to love the Taliban to demand the unfreezing of those funds -- they belong to the sovereign nation of Afghanistan, and are needed to feed people, provide medicine, purchase fuel, etc.  By withholding those funds, the U.S. and its allies are starving children, exactly as the British colonial administrators did to their colonies.  Is this what the Biden administration intends, when it says the era of endless wars is over???  

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California Recall -- A Terrible Process Nevertheless Delivered An Overwhelming Defeat To Narrow-minded Fanatics

by: Harley Schlanger
Sept. 15 -- On September 14, the voters of California rejected the attempt by Trump supporters and disgruntled libertarians to use the state's "Recall" process to remove Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom from office.  Voters were asked to decide whether they wanted Newsom removed, in which case they could vote "Yes" for recall; or whether he should remain in office, in which case they vote "No".  The full count of mail-in ballots may take another week to ten days, but with more than 70% of the votes counted, nearly 64% voted against the recall.  While the margin may narrow a bit, it is a decisive defeat for those who gathered nearly 1.5 million petition signatures to place the recall on the ballot. 
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The Issue Facing Humanity: Development Versus Depopulation

As the United Nations General Assembly convened in New York yesterday, the only real issue before the members is that of Development versus Depopulation.  While British PM Boris Johnson was openly pushing depopulation, President Biden made an effort to hide behind rhetoric about "diplomacy" and "no Cold War"; but his actions last week, in formally announcing a new strategic alliance with the Brits and Australia -- against China and Russia -- shows why so many nations no longer trust the U.S.  In contrast, China's Xi called for a new Global Development Initiative, based on multilateralism, and non-interference in other's internal affairs.  

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Green Policies Will Freeze Europeans This Winter

Rising energy prices, exiting from safe, clean and reliable sources of electricity production -- e.g., clean coal and nuclear -- and deregulation of energy markets, are producing a perfect storm, threatening the lives of many in Europe and the U.S. this winter.  The same confluence of policies, with sanctions added to the mix, is responsible for Malthusian genocide in whole sectors of the developing sector.  Join us to reverse this, to defeat the Fake Science of "man-made climate change" of the Green New Deal, and the deadly neoliberal financial looting of deregulation.  The LaRouche Organization pamphlet, "The Great Leap Backward: LaRouche Crushes the Green New Deal Fraud," is available HERE

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