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How Do You Know That Tony Blinken Is Lying? His Lips Are Moving!

Blinken's difficulty with truthful dialogue was again on display yesterday, in an interview with ABC-News, and in a speech before the U.N. Security Council (UNSC).  At the UNSC, he presented lie after lie, asserting that Russia will invade Ukraine, Russia has violated the Minsk Agreement, is preparing a false flag event in the Donbas as an excuse to invade, etc., etc.  Expect more of the same today from him and NATO spokesmen at the annual Munich Security Conference.  To hear the full, actual truth, be sure to register for the online Schiller Institute Conference on Saturday.
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U.S. Intel Is Wrong Again

Speaking to reporters yesterday, President Biden seemed to be facing reality.  The invasion of Ukraine by Russia, which his intelligence team had predicted for February 16, did not happen.  While not acknowledging the error, he said he will address the security concerns raised by President Putin, and engage in continuing dialogue.  But one of the major factors behind the war drive -- the collapse of the Trans-Atlantic economic/financial system continues, with investment guru Jeremy Grantham saying he believes we are at "the beginning of the burst."  The Schiller Institute will address the interconnection between economic collapse and the war drive this Saturday, Feb. 19 at 10 AM EST -- register for the online conference here: https://schillerinstitute.nationbuilder.com/100_seconds_to_midnight_02192022
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CRUCIAL UPDATE -- The Pro-War Narrative Is Unravelling: Yes, We Have Been Lied To!

Today is the day we were told by U.S. and NATO intelligence officials that Russia would invade Ukraine.  This narrative was built on an escalating cascade of lies, designed to scare you into silent submission to the cabal of liars who created the narrative.  Every day, more voices are speaking out against the narrative.  Today we report comments from former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Matlock, and former French Foreign Minister Dumas, debunking the Trans-Atlantic war hawk drumbeat.  But a word of warning -- the war threat has not ended, as the danger exists of a provocation by NATO-backed and trained crazies in Kiev, which could trigger a Russian response.  
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War of Narratives Escalates, Drowning Out Legitimate Concerns raised by Putin

The issue at the heart of the present U.S.-Russia showdown is not Ukraine, but the need to move to a new security architecture, one which not only guarantees Russia's security, but that of every nation.  The Russians have been clear on this.  It's the response from the War Hawks in the West that has deliberately muddied things, putting the world into a moment of tension not experienced since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.  Will war begin tomorrow, as some in U.S.  intelligence are insisting?  Or is this a bluff, another fake narrative, which will allow the war hawks to proclaim victory if there is no war? 

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Will We Allow the Military-Industrial-Complex War Hawks Lead Us into World War III?

Over the weekend, the chicken hawks in the U.S. State Department and intelligence were out in force, beating the drums for war, insisting that Russia may invade Ukraine by this Wednesday.  Why are they doing this?  Former presidential candidate and military veteran Tulsi Gabbard asked why won't the Biden administration guarantee that we will not allow NATO membership for Ukraine: "Is it because the war mongers actually want Russia to invade?"  More to the point, it is that they fear the Anglo-American unipolar world order, absurdly called by Blinken the Rules-Based Order, has lost any semblance of legitimacy after two decades of regime change wars, followed by imposing murderous sanctions on those who reject giving up sovereignty to the imperial looters, and is an advanced state of collapse.
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Chatham House, Atlantic Council Fuel Wardrive -- British Think Tanks Create the Pro-War Narratives

by: Harley Schlanger 
Feb. 11 -- Since the latest escalation of accusations against Vladimir Putin and Russia began in late November 2021, triggered by claims that he is preparing an invasion of Ukraine, one constant has been the role played by Chatham House and the Atlantic Council (AC) in beating the drums for war.  The two institutions are close allies among the Anglo-American think tanks, and have been at the forefront in promoting narratives building tensions between U.S.-NATO forces and Russia.  They each run frequent webinars, in which "Associate Fellows" join with former ambassadors and retired military to spin tales of "imminently expected" Russian incursions, which find their way into U.S. and British foreign office briefings about the need for unity to deter the fiendish Russians.  These online events are backed by articles, citing these "experts", along with the "anonymous" sources so beloved by fanatic War Hawks.

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City of London Is Losing Control

The pathetic attempt by UK Foreign Minister Truss to imitate her model, Margaret Thatcher, in her confrontation with her Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, fell flat, as she came off looking like an ill-prepared buffoon.  At the same time, the French and Germans saw in a Normandy Four meeting in Berlin, that the Russians are right, that it is Ukraine -- NOT Russia -- that is blocking the fulfillment of the Minsk Accords.  And the EU's version of a Green Build Back Better plan was hit by a blow from Senegal's President, who said Africans are more concerned about having electricity than in meeting the COP 26 agreement's demands on hydrocarbons.  

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France and Germany Try Diplomacy, While U.S. and NATO Continue Lies and Military Buildup

A coordinated diplomatic effort by French President Macron and German Chancellor Scholz to resolve tensions with Russia over security guarantees shows some promise. Unfortunately, the war hawks making policy for the U.S. and U.K. continue to spread through compliant media their false narrative of an "imminent" Russian invasion, and a buildup of NATO forces at or near the borders of Russia. What are they covering up with their incessant campaign of bluff and bluster?

Make sure to watch Schiller Institute's Seminar tomorrow at 8 AM EST "The Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan — Toward a Long-term Solution"

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Join Us to Overturn the Lying Narratives Coming from the Collapsing Empire

Why is it that U.S. nuclear war exercises are good, as we are told they are "to secure our freedoms", but Russian exercises are described as a prelude to invade another country?  Who has invaded more countries in recent years, the combined U.S./NATO forces, or Russia and China?  Which alliance has used false flags as an excuse for war, organized Color Revolutions to carry out coups, and imposed sanctions to punish innocent civilians?  The lying narratives must stop!  
The Schiller Institute will hold a joint event with the Russian International Affairs Council on Feb. 10 to discuss a solution to the crisis in Afghanistan. Join us: https://schillerinstitute.com/blog/2022/02/07/seminar-the-humanitarian-crisis-in-afghanistan-toward-a-long-term-solution/
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The Abrupt End of the Anglo-American Unipolar World Is In Sight

The desperation evident in the succession of increasingly blatant lies, coming from Anglo-American spokesmen about an impending Russian invasion of Ukraine, demonstrates that they know their attempt to dictate the shape of the post-Cold War world is reaching an end.  Each day, a new fabrication is produced, while in the background, a new Russian-China alliance has been cemented, calling for a new global security architecture which protects the interests of people in all nations.  The issue of war or peace has never been so clear -- can the Anglo-American war drive be stopped?   

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