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Reconstruction And Development, Not War, Is The Key To Security In Southwest Asia

As the Israelis continue to carry out a scorched earth policy against the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, with the support of Biden and his team, it is clear this is not the path to peace. The whole region, from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria to Gaza, has been subjected to devastation, the result of applying British imperial geopolitics to a region which needs instead investment and economic development. LaRouche's 1975 "Oasis Plan" laid the basis for such an approach. Today, the extension into the region of China's Belt-and-Road Initiative can provide a path to peace. It is time now to convene a summit of the Permanent 5 members of the U.N. Security Council, as President Putin has called for, and which has the full support of the Schiller Institute's Helga Zepp LaRouche.

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Call For Action To Address World Health Care Crisis

The Schiller Institute has launched a mobilization to insure that when the Global Health Summit opens in Rome on May 21, attendees will have been confronted by the call for establishing world-class health care capabilities in every nation.  A statement on this is available on the Schiller Institute website.  As the pandemic tragedy unfolds in India, it is evident that failure to act on this is deadly, and not just for the people of India.  Similarly, the Biden administration policy of a hands-off approach to Netanyahu's war crimes against Palestinians cries out for action.  The confluence of crises we face is the result of the breakdown of the system, strategically, economically and morally.  Join with us to organize for solutions, at a moment when too many react with angry resentment or worse, resignation and submission. 

Link to The Schiller Institute Release HERE 

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The Time For Discussion Is Now: Is The United States Preparing To Go To War Over Taiwan Or Ukraine Or Syria?

By: Harley Schlanger
May 14 -- With most policy makers, pundits and media maintaining silence, or denying the prospect that a war between the United States and Russia or China is likely, and could escalate to nuclear weapons, ninety year-old whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg spoke bluntly about the danger of such a possibility. He took the occasion of an event commemorating the 50th anniversary of his release of the Pentagon Papers to sound a warning about what he described as an "asinine" and "criminally insane" discussion about the likelihood of the use of nuclear weapons by the U.S., mentioning in particular comments by StratCom chief Admiral Charles Richard. “That discussion is going on, I have no doubt whatever, in the Pentagon right now...."

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Friday's Questions: How Can We Overcome the Imperial Drive to War?

While the prospect of a June summit between Presidents Putin and Biden is becoming more likely, such a meeting alone will not guarantee peace, unless the underlying axioms embedded in the idea of a "Rules-Based Order" are rejected.  This idea is a modern iteration of the geopolitical outlook imposed by the British Empire, at the end of the 19th century, which led to two World Wars in the last century and is pushing humanity to the brink of a possible nuclear war today.   It is now possible to achieve a New Paradigm in relations, based on  the concept that, through cooperation among the great powers, peace can emerge from a mutual commitment to sovereign economic development -- but must be preceded by a rejection of the arbitrary imposition of a corporatist banker's Great Reset or Green New Deal.

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The Battle of Jerusalem: Another Strategic Flash-Point Is Exploding

As Greater Israel fanatics move to expel Palestinians from their East Jerusalem neighborhood, the predictable response has occurred: Hamas militants fire rockets into Israeli cities, while Israeli jets bomb Palestinian homes in Gaza.  Despite calls for de-escalation, fighting continues.  As this flash-point has been ignited, Cold Warriors with backgrounds at the NSC and RAND Corporation promote "Decisive Nuclear Retaliation" against Russia -- which they describe as our eternal enemy -- in a podcast of the Military Industrial Complex's Atlantic Council.  Has nuclear war become "thinkable"?

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Should the U.S. Risk a Nuclear War Over Taiwan, Ukraine or Syria?

Daniel Ellsburg, who courageously released the Pentagon Papers 50 years ago, which exposed the lies of the military and intelligence community which led to the disastrous war in Vietnam, insisted that there be a public discussion NOW of whether we should risk a nuclear war over Taiwan, Ukraine or Syria.  He reported on a RAND Corporation document -- still classified -- which reveals that John Foster Dulles favored a nuclear strike against China during the Taiwan crisis in 1958.  Ellsburg called for whistleblowers to come forward today, to "Let us know what the inside plans are," so they can be countered before a new, devastating war can be unleashed. 

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Let Them Eat Cardboard -- If They Can Afford It!

Ah, the Federal Reserve Board of Governors is expressing satisfaction that its goal of a "moderate" increase in inflation has finally arrived!  Get ready for more, as it is not really moderate, and much higher costs are on the way, for food, housing, medical care, transportation, all to save a system which is imploding under the weight of unpayable debt of all kinds.
Secondly, we look at the charge from Mexico's President Lopez Obrador that Biden's State Department is meddling in Mexico's internal affairs -- and he actually has evidence to prove it!
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Defeat the War Hawks, Don't Block Out the War Danger

As the combined forces of the City of London and Wall Street act through their puppets in the administrations of Boris Johnson and Joe Biden, much of the rest of the world is moving toward a New Paradigm.  This was the explicit theme of the online Schiller Institute conference on May 8, and a message implicit in Russian President Putin's appeal during Russia's Victory Day commemoration, that we must never again allow fascists to determine the agenda of nations.  Yet the "Rules-Based Order" demanded by the Brits and the Biden administration is not based on international law, but the unipolar dictates of those whose policies have brought mankind to the edge of global war, and have unleashed famine and plague.  The purpose of their order is to defend the bankrupt financial system which is crashing around us.  Join us to defeat them!

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What The Hell Is The Rules-Based Order? Kissinger Makes Sense, While Biden Team Continues Its Provocations

By Harley Schlanger

May 10, 2021 -- For many years, Lyndon LaRouche identified Henry Kissinger as an example of what's wrong with American foreign policy. While Kissinger's ego caused him to treat his version of "realpolitik" as novel and creative, LaRouche insisted that he was, at his core, one who always operated within the realm of classical British imperial geopolitics, against the true national interests of the U.S. -- functioning as a de facto agent of the British Empire.

New Federalist newspaper from 1992.

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Friday Questions: How Can We Organize People to Recognize the Common Interests of Mankind?

As we are dashing headlong into a systemic economic collapse and a danger of annihilation through nuclear war, how can we organize our fellow citizens to recognize the common interests we share with citizens of all nations?  In today's Update, we hear the words of President John F. Kennedy from June 1963, shortly after the Cuban Missile Crisis, when he presented an approach to peace through dialogue, not a "Pax Americana enforced on the world by American weapons of war." 
JFK called on us to:

"direct attention to our common interests and the means by which those differences can be resolved....For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we inhabit this small planet.  We all breathe the same air.  We all cherish our children's futures.  And we are all mortal."

As you reflect on these words, remember to register for the Schiller Institute's online conference on Saturday May 8, at 9 AM, where such themes will be the central topic.
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