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No More British Geopolitical Manipulation of American Policy!!!!

What really happened on 9/11?  Why did the U.S. go to war in Afghanistan, and remain for 20 years?  Why in Iraq, in Libya?  Who is the Patriot Act supposed to protect?  Is it not important to note that the same networks in the U.S. responsible for these wars and violations of American liberties are the ones who have benefited most from these failed policies?  And are the ones most hysterical about the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan?  NOW is the time to answer these questions, so Americans will never again die, and kill, to preserve the British Empire, the City of London, and the U.S. Military Industrial Complex. 

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Tony Blair Lectures Biden and the U.S. on the Responsibility to Continue "Forever Wars"!

The individual who is among the most culpable for ongoing geopolitical confrontations which could lead to nuclear war, the Queen's Privy Council member Tony Blair, blasted Joe Biden for his "obedience to an imbecilic political slogan about ending 'the forever wars'."  Blair was not criticizing the way the U.S. left, but ending the war, saying that leaving Afghanistan shows the West has "lost its political will."  Clearly, this apologist for endless imperial wars has not lost his commitment to unleash genocidal catastrophes.  Not surprisingly, Dick Cheney's war hawk daughter Liz agrees with Blair, telling NBC News that proof the U.S. should not have withdrawn is that British parliamentarians and NATO officials are furious about the U.S. withdrawal!  Keep in mind that when Blair talks about commitment, the British have been playing the Great Game in Afghanistan on-and-off since the 1830s -- with consistently disastrous results.  
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"What Just Happened in Afghanistan?"

The Schiller Institute will hold a dialogue among leading officials on August 21, at Noon EDT, on "What Just Happened in Afghanistan?" 

It is past time that we face the reality that continuing to make decisions based on 19th century imperial geopolitical doctrines and neoliberal economics leads inevitably to disaster. There is an alternative, which is to cooperate with other nations in junking the presently disintegrating world monetary system, and launching an era of mutually beneficial development projects. Instead of seeking new wars, for the benefit of the Military Industrial Complex, we can demonstrate, by joining with China, Russia and Afghanistan's neighbors, that Development is the New Name of Peace.

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BOOT THE WAR HAWKS OUT: Now Is the Time for Mutually Beneficial Development!

Two weeks before the fall of Kabul, the Schiller Institute presented a dialogue on how the U.S./NATO failure in Afghanistan can be turned into the basis for a New Paradigm of peace and development for the world.  Events since then have shown how prescient the speakers were, especially in emphasizing that there is no military solution to end the "endless" wars.  While the war hawks yearn for more war and unresolvable conflicts -- and the booty they can steal for their corporate war machine -- it's time for them to shut up, and get out of the way.  This Saturday, August 21, the Schiller Institute will sponsor a follow-up event,  on how to replace the era of failed regime change wars, with one of mutually beneficial cooperation.  You can watch the event here.

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Afghanistan: A Moment of "Epochal Change" Demands Accountability for the Authors of the Debacle

As the usual lying media, intelligence and military officials, and politicians debate "Who Lost Afghanistan?", the people of the U.S. and the E.U. must demand full accountability for those responsible for the Afghan debacle. This  begins with a commitment to end the idea of imposing a unilateral Rules-Based Order backed by U.S. and NATO military force.  We must never again demand that nations surrender their sovereignty to that order.  And it should include a commitment to aid the government that is constituted there in a process of economic development, with full cooperation among Afghanistan's neighbors, along with Russia, China and the U.S.  It is not adequate for American officials to admit "We didn't have the foggiest idea" of what we were doing there -- we must overcome the damage by doing what should have been done years ago, recognizing that peace comes from development, not war.

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Have We Learned the Lessons of the Twenty-Year Debacle in Afghanistan?

The most important lesson from the chaotic retreat of U.S. and NATO forces from Afghanistan is that we must end the era in which geopolitics determines foreign policy. The present nervous uncertainty surrounding Afghanistan is not simply the result of an intelligence failure, of Trump's negotiations with Taliban, or a mistaken decision by Biden: It is the result of the domination of U.S. and western thinking, for the last fifty-plus years, by the intentionally deadly principles of British imperial geopolitics! Will we use the crushing defeat of geopolitics as an opportunity to reject the axioms of a global imperial power, and replace them with the prospect of cooperation for development, which is the true legacy of the American revolution?

For more details on what is now possible, contact us to order from the Executive Intelligence Review, “Will Afghanistan Trigger a Paradigm Change?”

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John Connally On August 15, 1971: Shultz Did It!

This is the transcript of the presentation delivered by Harley Schlanger to the August 14, 2021 conference of the LaRouche Legacy Foundation The conference was titled "So, Are You Finally Ready to Learn Economics?", and was dedicated to inspire the study of the rich body of work done by Lyndon LaRouche. In particular, it was to commemorate LaRouche's late 1960s forecast of the coming end of the Bretton Woods monetary system, which was launched with the decision to break the relationship of the dollar to gold, done by Richard Nixon on August 15, 1971; and LaRouche's subsequent forecasting of the accelerating devolution of the world financial system, which was done by the same oligarchs who persecuted LaRouche, in a vain attempt to eliminate his influence.

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What Really Happened on August 15, 1971? The Inside Story Behind "Nixon's Shock"

Thanks to an admission by former Treasury Secretary John Connally, made nearly 17 years after Nixon moved to break the Bretton Woods system, we know that the real perpetrators were not the former Texas Governor, but global operators George Shultz and Paul Volcker.  Their manipulation of Connally and Nixon launched the world financial system toward its present demise, by downgrading the power of sovereign governments to invest in the physical economy.  Instead, increasing power was put into the hands of central bankers, who today are running a disintegrating casino economy, based on floating exchange rates.  The "inside story" of how this happened confirmed Lyndon LaRouche's late 1960s forecast of an intention to impose Schachtian/fascist austerity regimes, while turning productive industrial and agricultural centers into decaying rust heaps.  
For more on this, watch "So, Are You Finally Ready to Learn Economics" at the LaRouche Legacy Foundation website.
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LaRouche's Strategy to Overcome Tragedy

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At the end of a fifty-year period of the deliberate dismantling of the western world's physical economy, by a criminal cabal of oligarchs and their flunkeys, now is the perfect time to "finally" learn economics.  Lyndon LaRouche was defamed and persecuted during that period, not for any crimes he committed, but because he never gave up his commitment to create a new Renaissance, to mobilize people from every nation to defeat that cabal. 

Join us on August 14, at 9 AM EDT, here on the website, or on www.larouchelegacyfoundation.com, to learn what made LaRouche a heroic figure in the battle to overcome the oligarchy, and defeat their efforts to bestialize mankind, to preserve their self-proclaimed elite status. 


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White House Plunges Deeper Into the Surreal World of Geopolitics

The announcement by the White House that it will convene a "Leadership Summit for Democracy" in December, based on themes approved by the Davos billionaires, confirms once again, that it is unable and unwilling to leave the world of British imperial geopolitics, even as that world is undergoing an accelerating process of disintegration and plunge into new wars.  Instead of addressing the question raised yesterday by Helga Zepp LaRouche, of "Why is the world in such a horrible condition?", the establishment continues to  speed along a pathway toward Mutual and Assured Destruction.   We have been on this path for the last fifty years, as we shall demonstrate in a conference on August 14, "So Are You Finally Willing to Learn Economics?"  Find out how what LaRouche knew fifty years ago offers the opportunity to escape the world of permanent war and depression.
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