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If "Sleepy Joe" Can Be Awakened to the Strategic Danger Created by the War Hawks, What About Your Friends and Family?

Ray McGovern wrote that he believes the willingness of President Biden to engage in diplomacy with Putin is perhaps the result of being awakened to the "profound shift in the world correlation of forces" due to the deepening of the China-Russia alliance.  A series of meetings is now scheduled in January, to address Putin's concerns over the continuing eastward expansion of NATO.  The War Hawks are boldly proclaiming that the west must not give in to Putin, willing to risk war to preserve their commitment to the fraudulent idea of a Rules-Based Order.  This insanity, based on loyalty to British geopolitics, must be rejected by an awakened citizenry -- join us to bring down the globalists of the Military-Industrial-Complex, and end their dangerous utopian delusions. 

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U.S.-Russian Talks Tentatively Set for January 10

Assuming that NATO has not crossed the "red line" delineated by the Russians in Ukraine, it appears there will be talks by mid-January to take up Russian President Putin's insistence that new treaties be adopted to prevent further eastward expansion of NATO.  Given evidence that the U.S. has repeatedly violated pledges made in the past to Russian leaders, and that the War Hawks are pushing for tighter encirclement of Russia, what is the likelihood of a positive outcome to this crisis?  It is necessary that citizens of the western nations intervene against the Military-Industrial-Complex of their nations, if the danger of war is to be averted. The chronology of events on the Schiller Institute website provides you with the intelligence you need to intervene.

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Putin Exposes Western Energy Fraud

Remember the energy hoaxes of the 1970s, when alleged boycotts by OPEC oil producers were the excuse given by Kissinger and Schlesinger for soaring gas and oil prices?  The same kind of fraud is being perpetrated again, by the politicians run by corporate cartels; only this time, it is not only being used to drive up prices, but to provoke a highly-dangerous military confrontation between the Trans-Atlantic countries and Russia.  Putin exposed this in a national televised press conference last week.  Did you read about it or hear about it in the western mainstream media?????

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Strategic Crisis Driven by Financial and Moral Bankruptcy of Trans-Atlantic Countries

As Putlin reiterated his warnings to the U.S. and NATO to not cross the clear "red lines" he has drawn, he said this is not an "ultimatum", but a necessary defense of Russia's national security.  Are his American and NATO "partners" listening?  Putin said there are "certain signals" that a diplomatic resolution is possible, and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov affirmed that discussions will take place in the new year.  Yet NATO, and especially the British, are continuing to move forces to the Russian border, leading to concerns that an attack into eastern Ukraine by Kiev neo-nazi units could provoke a Russian invasion.  At the same time, energy prices in Europe are spiking, as part of an inflationary spiral which will only worsen, as the global Green New Deal is imposed -- though the Atlanticists will blame Russia for energy shortages and blackouts. There are real solutions, beginning with signing the treaties proposed by Putin; dismantle NATO; and adopt Lyndon LaRouche's economic program, which could turn 2022 into an excellent year!

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How to Break with the Geopolitical Strategy of Endless Wars

After 20 years of destructive, mindless wars, which benefitted no one but the contractors of the Military Industrial Complex and the War Hawks they fund, it is urgent that the west adopt a New Paradigm, of mutually beneficial, peaceful cooperation, to rebuild the targets of those wars.  What better time than now, to act in the spirit of Christmas, exemplifying the ideal of Good Will toward All Mankind?  The ecumenical spirit of generosity and love must replace the Satanic geopolitics of the "war of each against all", which has typified the actions of the Trans-Atlantic powers for at least four decades.  This spirit is embodied in Operation Ibn Sina, Helga Zepp-LaRouche's proposal for humanitarian aid and economic development for the people of Afghanistan.  Join us in our mobilization to realize the goals of Operation Ibn Sina
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Is Jake Sullivan, a Russiagate Plotter, Lighting the Fuse for a Nuclear World War III?

CNN reported a leak from the Biden administration that there is only a "four week window" to prevent a Russian invasion of Ukraine -- or perhaps, they meant to say to provoke an invasion of Ukraine!  Some believe the leak came from well-known leaker Jake Sullivan, who has been exposed by special counsel John Durham as one who spread the false Russiagate story of Trump campaign links to Russia and Putin through a Russian bank -- a story exposed as a blatant fabrication.  Is Sullivan pushing his anti-Putin obsession more aggressively for fear that further exposure of his role in the Clinton campaign in Russiagate could lead to his indictment?
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A Somber Warning from Russia -- "THE MOMENT OF TRUTH HAS COME"

On October 22, 1962, President Kennedy said in a televised address, that the build-up of Soviet missiles in Cuba "in an area well-known to have a special and historical relationship to the U.S....is a deliberately provocative and unjustified change in the status quo which cannot be accepted by this country."  A very similar message has been sent by Russian President Putin to Trans-Atlantic leaders regarding the ongoing efforts to bring Ukraine into NATO, and place offensive weapons on the borders of Russia.  Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Grushko said on Saturday, "We have reached our red line....The moment of truth has come."  The Soviets responded to JFK by removing the missiles, and opening a back channel for discussion, thus avoiding war.  What will U.S. and NATO leaders do today?
Read JFK's Address at this link:  
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We Have Reached the End of the Unipolar Era: Who Will Tell the War hawks?

NATO foreign ministers met in Riga, Latvia, to push their wartime propaganda aimed at Russia and China.

by: Harley Schlanger
Dec. 17 -- Following the implosion of the COP26 climate summit and the farcical nature of last week's "Summit for Democracy", it is becoming increasingly evident that the power of the Trans-Atlantic alliance to enforce a unipolar order through false narratives, backed by military and financial intimidation, may no longer function.  The alliance has generally succeeded in imposing its will on the world since the collapse of the Soviet Union, arrogantly assuming the role as the ultimate arbiter of what its defenders call the "Rules-Based Order" (RBO).  Give up your sovereignty and play by the rules -- even when they undermine the development of your nation -- and you can be part of the club.  But step out of line, and you will face the full fury of an international war machine, steered from the City of London and Washington.
Just ask Saddam Hussein, Qaddafi, Yanukovych or Assad what the future has in store for you, if you defy the rules of the post-Cold War order!
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Friday Questions: Is There a Snowball's Chance in Hell of Bringing Down the Corrupt Cabal Threatening Our Existence?

Answering your questions:
Is there any way Biden would be allowed to respond positively to Putin's proposals from their video summit for a de-escalation over Ukraine?
Is Putin still conducting diplomacy based on his desire for a P5 summit?
Is there something we can do to encourage China and Russia to create an alternate financial system? 
Where is John Durham and his investigation when we need him? 
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Intense Round of Diplomacy Underway to Outflank the War Hawks

In the last ten days, there has been a flurry of diplomatic discussion prompted by the U.S.-U.K.-NATO insistence that Russia is about to invade Ukraine.  Putin has been busy, making the case that it is the Trans-Atlantic nations which are the aggressors, that they are launching provocations in the Ukraine-Black Sea region, and in the Indo-Pacific.  The dream of some deranged geopoliticians, that they could replay the efforts of Henry Kissinger in the 1974-76 period, to pit Russia and China against each other, suffered a probable fatal blow with the Putin-Xi summit yesterday.  While Blinken, Stoltenberg and Truss are huffing and bluffing, an alliance of sovereign nations, committed to peaceful economic cooperation, is growing.   Can the American people outflank the London-Wall St. corporate geopoliticians, and bring the U.S. in on the side of the alliance of sovereign states?

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