If "Sleepy Joe" Can Be Awakened to the Strategic Danger Created by the War Hawks, What About Your Friends and Family?

Ray McGovern wrote that he believes the willingness of President Biden to engage in diplomacy with Putin is perhaps the result of being awakened to the "profound shift in the world correlation of forces" due to the deepening of the China-Russia alliance.  A series of meetings is now scheduled in January, to address Putin's concerns over the continuing eastward expansion of NATO.  The War Hawks are boldly proclaiming that the west must not give in to Putin, willing to risk war to preserve their commitment to the fraudulent idea of a Rules-Based Order.  This insanity, based on loyalty to British geopolitics, must be rejected by an awakened citizenry -- join us to bring down the globalists of the Military-Industrial-Complex, and end their dangerous utopian delusions. 

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  • Asuka Burke
    published this page in Harley Updates 2021-12-29 10:43:37 -0500