Intense Round of Diplomacy Underway to Outflank the War Hawks

In the last ten days, there has been a flurry of diplomatic discussion prompted by the U.S.-U.K.-NATO insistence that Russia is about to invade Ukraine.  Putin has been busy, making the case that it is the Trans-Atlantic nations which are the aggressors, that they are launching provocations in the Ukraine-Black Sea region, and in the Indo-Pacific.  The dream of some deranged geopoliticians, that they could replay the efforts of Henry Kissinger in the 1974-76 period, to pit Russia and China against each other, suffered a probable fatal blow with the Putin-Xi summit yesterday.  While Blinken, Stoltenberg and Truss are huffing and bluffing, an alliance of sovereign nations, committed to peaceful economic cooperation, is growing.   Can the American people outflank the London-Wall St. corporate geopoliticians, and bring the U.S. in on the side of the alliance of sovereign states?

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  • Ed`win F Beale
    commented 2021-12-17 09:33:13 -0500
    If you are an American who values and would like to retain the freedoms and prosperity we have enjoyed since the founding of our Republic, the time to declare it is now. The same applies to all other citizens of the world who desire to gain the same for yourselves, your families, and your nations. Time’s a-wasting! Join the worldwide effort!
  • Asuka Burke
    published this page in Harley Updates 2021-12-16 10:42:17 -0500