This report is your weapon in the war to end the reign of the British monarchy.

To maintain power after its financial system blew up in 2008, the British monarchy is now moving to implement their “Great Reset”—massive population reduction globally through the imposition of a “Green New Deal,” enforced by the financial oligarchy centered in the City of London. By imposing the “Great Reset,” the British monarchy risks the outbreak of war, which could quickly lead to nuclear war, given that its targets include China and Russia.

The British Monarchy’s pursuit of this Great Reset through the Green New Deal is presently at the center of all global political and geopolitical turbulence.

Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, who have cooperated on the economic development policy inspired by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche known as the World Land-Bridge, the New Silk Road, or the Belt and Road Initiative, are now facing regime-change operations against them. The Atlantic Council issued its so-called “Longer Telegram” calling for the overthrow of Xi, and the baseless “Navalny Affair” is being used in ongoing efforts to overthrow Russian President Putin.

The most striking example of British-led regime change was the recent coup against Donald Trump, where one of his first actions as president—pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Accord—was identified by a 2018 House of Lords report as being central to why a second term of Donald Trump would mean the end of the “special relationship” between the U.S. and the United Kingdom. Biden and his handlers have now reinstated our colonial subjugation via the Paris Climate Accord.

Lyndon LaRouche, his wife Helga Zepp-LaRouche, and their collaborators have led this war to shut down the British monarchy for over half a century. However, the enemy of humanity is not simply the personalities of the monarchy per se, nor their agents or fellow conspirators in the City of London and “The City’s” branch office in Wall Street, nor even is it their enforcement wing known as the “Military [Intelligence] Industrial Complex,” nor is it “Big Tech” and their massive censorship and cancel culture; it is not even their subservient political class globally—though they are all obviously complicit in this evil.

The actual enemy of humanity is the satanic personality of Zeus, enforced through a satanic culture. In the ancient Greek tradition, the Olympian Zeus sought to destroy humanity, which was saved, and made fully human, by Prometheus, who gave to humans the gift of “fire”—scientific and artistic insight. For violating the rules of Zeus’s oligarchical system, Prometheus was tortured and brutalized by Zeus, who ruled out scientific advancement for the “mortals” to keep them in a perpetual state of feudalism.

Does this sound familiar?

Although Zeus may have been a caricature of an individual within history, he is the historic personification of an oligarchical system where its core conception is based on denying humanity the right to progress under the enforcement of the rules of “entropy” for humanity. Today that same satanic conception is expressed in environmentalism or ecology, where the law of the jungle is applied to human society and economy, through the assertion that there exist “limited resources,” thereby denying the divine spark of human creativity which creates resources.

LaRouche identified the “fire” of Prometheus as the progression of humanity’s increase in the energy density of that fire—as we see in the higher orders of energy density moving from wood to coal, and from there to oil and gas, and from fission to the coming breakthrough in fusion—as essential for sustaining more people on the planet. Developments in science and art create in turn a culture capable of sustaining future breakthroughs in technologies that utilize energy at higher orders of energy flux density, which is necessary to increase the maximum human population that can be supported comfortably on this planet and beyond—what LaRouche measured by his metric called “potential relative population density.”

The Promethean spirit has been at the center of the republican movements from Plato through the Christians who brought down the Roman Empire, and on to the greatest expression of that fight—the American Revolution, which in turn inspired the republican movements, with their own unique cultural characteristics, across the world since then. Those fighting to shut down the “Great Reset” do so in the spirit of those republican tendencies against feudalism and oligarchism.

It is now time to rally the patriots of all nations on this planet to end the reign of the British monarchy and stop their Great Reset.

Join The LaRouche Organization to do that, and circulate this report far and wide.


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