Introduction to LaRouche Class 1: The Science of the Human Mind

The LaRouche Organization has begun a new class series entitled "Introduction to LaRouche: The Power of Reason." In the midst of the extreme strategic crisis, help us build a Renaissance.

The class series will run for the next 8 weeks, and will cover a range of subjects central to Lyndon LaRouche's discoveries in the science of physical economics, and it's keystone, the knowable process of human creativity. 

This week was the first class in the series, "The Science of the Human Mind," and was presented by Jason Ross and Daniel Burke.

If you would like to learn more about the series or register to participate live, CLICK HERE.

  • Public classes will be 6:30-8:30pm EST Wednesdays on The LaRouche Organization's YouTube channel
  • Registrants will be able to join a private Zoom meeting
  • Private in-depth sections: 8:30-10:00pm EST Sundays on Zoom

As referenced in this week's class, read Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr.'s 1993, "On LaRouche's Discovery." This paper will be the basis for our Sunday 8:30pm EST in-depth section.

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