Lies, Censorship and Outright Thievery -- Is World War III Next?

The economic/financial warfare unleashed by the U.S., NATO and the EU against Russia has been planned for months, a leading U.S. "senior" official admitted yesterday.  This proves Putin's point, that the U.S. had no intent to address his demands that Russia be given legally-binding security guarantees.  The Schiller Institute is calling for a commitment to such guarantees for all nations, in a petition linked below -- something which is not acceptable to the arrogant beneficiaries of the unipolar order, who demand that all nations submit to their Great Reset.  They are now resorting to psychological warfare and censorship to blind you to the danger humanity faces if there is no move to a new security and financial architecture.  Sign and circulate this petition: Convoke an International Conference to Establish A New Security and Development Architecture for All Nations.

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