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The Science of Strategy: Durable Survival Lies in the Complex Domain

As Presidents Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping meet for the 38th time in Beijing, the United States must discard its failed “world’s only superpower ” conceit, and finally adopt the three-decades-old economic policy of Lyndon LaRouche: the World Land-Bridge. War with Russia using Ukraine as a pretext, or war with China using Taiwan as a pretext, will only bring ruin to the United States and the world. Why does the United States, which, advised by British Intelligence, conducted the illegal Iraq War in 2003 on a false pretext of finding “weapons of mass destruction,” killing over a million people in total, a United States which now silently ensures the starvation of a million-plus children in Afghanistan by preventing billions of dollars belonging to that government from being released to it—why does that United States preach to China, or any other nation in the world, about human rights violations? How can the destruction-by-war of Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Afghanistan, and the February 2014 overthrow of the elected government of Ukraine all seriously represented as “the spreading of democracy” to the planet?

In his essay of March 2002, “How ‘Democracy’ Became Diseased,” Lyndon LaRouche said:”During the recent quarter-century, the official meaning of the word "democracy" in the U.S.A. had been shifted radically away from what it had signified during the Presidency of Franklin Roosevelt. That change occurred in the form of a shift away from sundry earlier, loose, rule-of-thumb understandings, toward a thoroughly nasty, narrow-minded coincidence with the pro-fascist dogmas of Bertrand Russell's accomplice Herbert George Wells. I emphasize the indisputably fascist intentions summed up by Wells himself in his 1928 The Open Conspiracy.”

H. G. Wells says in The Open Conspiracy:”The character of the Open Conspiracy [the movement towards a world collective] will now be plainly displayed. It will have become a great world movement as widespread and evident as socialism or communism. It will largely have taken the place of these movements. It will be more, it will be a world religion.

There is only one great enemy of the United States, China, or Russia: The “British Empire of the Mind,” whose courtiers and jesters are Bertrand Russell, Isaac Newton, John Locke et al. The LaRouche Organization will discuss how the “pseudo-scientific priesthood” of the Open Conspiracy can be defeated, and the World Land-Bridge can become a reality.

Speakers: Bill Jones, Jason Ross, and Anastasia Battle

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