More British Provocations Signal the Panic Gripping Those Running the Empire

While British Foreign Minister Raab threatens China over its unwillingness to submit to the City of London's Rules-Based Order, the largest financial institutions are granted exemptions from the new minimum global corporate tax praised by Biden.  If a company is a corporation based in the City of London, Wall Street or Silicon Valley, it is exempt from the new taxes.  The blowhards demanding subservience to the new global order are deploying regime change operations and military threats against nations which don't accept the arbitrary rules the Davos billionaires have created for everyone, but themselves!  The imperial order is dying, help us put it out of its misery, by creating a new, just order based on principles of international law.  

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  • John Alexander
    commented 2021-07-09 00:29:20 -0400
    Stephen P Kaylor,
    That’s exactly what has happened, Governments Worldwide have committed treason against their very members of society including those who have chosen not to vote.
    No consent of the people was asked to hand sovereignty to a supranational but that is exactly what has happened at the UN too and it appears to be the case at the OECD.
    I don’t believe Governments have the right to do that or to abrogate their oath of office to their constitutions and people. I don’t say citizens for a reason, because many chose not to vote or participate in the illusion of democracy.
    Governments have abused and exceeded their powers for sure.
    How do we turn it around?
  • Stephen P Kaylor
    commented 2021-07-08 23:17:26 -0400
    How is it that the OECD would provide guidelines for international tax reform? Taxes are decided by national governments – unless they cede their sovereignty away !
  • John Alexander
    commented 2021-07-08 13:25:53 -0400
    Of course no MSM tells you this. “If a company is a corporation based in the City of London, Wall Street or Silicon Valley, it is exempt from the new taxes.”
    I was reading about the OECD article "130 countries and jurisdictions join bold new framework for international tax reform.
    Nothing was mentioned about those who have exemption status of course,
    Thanks for the information Harley
  • rex willard
    commented 2021-07-08 13:24:55 -0400
    This excellent and a must watch . TY for all the work you do.
  • Malene Robinson
    published this page in Harley Updates 2021-07-08 09:04:53 -0400