On The Brink of War— or of Peace Through Economic Development?

While you were being encouraged by “the independent media” to look elsewhere this week–at the various judicial sideshows, such as the Jussie Smollet and Ghislaine Maxwell cases, for example – the world stood poised to walk another few steps down the ladder into thermonuclear hell. What actually happened in the two-hour exchange between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, plus Biden’s chaperones, Anthony Blinken and Jake Sullivan?

The published reports aren’t telling us the truth. For example, Vladimir Dzhabarov, the Russian Federation Council First Deputy Chairman, spoke with TASS about his view of the summit. "It is unlikely that any breakthrough decisions were made there, but the very fact of negotiations gives hope for a constructive development and establishment of a dialogue. We will hope that Biden will calm down his allies….overall, I think, he will make it clear for them that neither Russia nor the Americans need a confrontation.”

Unlike Mississippi senator Roger Wicker who crazily called for the United States to “rain destruction on Russian military capability and to not “rule out first-use nuclear action” American conservative columnist Pat Buchanan said that the United States cannot “guarantee the independence of a country 5,000 miles away that shares not only a lengthy border with Mother Russia but also a history, language, religion, ethnicity and culture… Biden should tell Putin: The U.S. will not be issuing any NATO war guarantees to fight for Ukraine.”

Those who believe that thermonuclear war is unthinkable, may have a problem with thinking. The LaRouche Organization has formulated both a solution and an approach to stepping humanity, not only back from the brink of civilization-ending war, but forward into an era of peace through economic development. If you, too, believe in thinking, join our Saturday town meeting to find out what’s going on, and what to do about it. Speakers: Harley Schlanger

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