Prince Charles Invented and Runs the ‘Green New Deal’ 

In the Footsteps of George III

by Richard Freeman

Feb. 1—Prince Charles launched on January 11, 2021 the “Terra Carta for Nature, People and Planet (Earth Charter),” to push through a green genocide program of radical population reduction, shutting down agro-manufacturing production, and building a $40 trillion green speculative-financial bubble, all implemented through a central bankers’ dictatorship. If this Prince and his associates are not stopped, they will destroy the cognitive powers of man, halt capital-intensive, power intensive development of agriculture and industry, and bring down civilization.

Prince Charles praying to Zeus (AKA Satan).

Using the wealth of the House of Windsor, but much more from the City of London-Wall Street banks, insurance companies, and a host of governments, HRH the Prince of Wales has been building toward this strategy for the past five decades.

Charles derives this capability, certainly not from himself, but from being embedded in a network of institutions. One such institution is the monarchy, which consists not just of the royals, but hundreds of persons, from Oxford and Cambridge universities, financial institutions, and law firms. Indeed, the monarchy is embedded in a Quartet consisting of the monarchy, the City of London, the Bank of England, and the intelligence services, which has been in operation since the 1694 creation of the Bank of England.

Charles works with more than a hundred governments, but he emphasizes that corporate private business is necessary to implement his policy, as governments need to and can enunciate the policy, but do not have the power to carry it out. This is an embrace of corporativist-Synarchist top down control, above and beyond government, as was the case for Hitler, Hjalmar Schacht, and Mussolini.

We look at three pivotal examples that indicate that Prince Charles, and those for whom he is a point person such as the Bank of England and the City of London, are the ones who began to originate and implement the green fascist dictatorship policies, often a full 10-20 years before others knew of them.

The first example is Charles’ critical role, along with his father, the Royal Consort Prince Philip, and the World Wildlife Fund, in running the precedent-setting 1992 Rio Earth Summit, which set the paradigm of harsh measures to fight the fake Global Warming; the second, is the Prince of Wales’ setting up of the Green New Deal in Britain in 2008, a full decade before it was allegedly first brought forward in the United States; and the third, is Prince Charles’ establishing the internal dictatorship of “only” accounting rules, a fundamental part of the guts of the “Great Reset’s” plunge of the world into destruction.

1. Prince Charles, Prince Philip and the WWF Launch the Pioneering Green Genocide of Rio’s 1992 Earth Summit

I just wonder what it would be like to be reincarnated in an animal whose species had been so reduced in numbers that it was in danger of extinction. What would be its feelings toward the human species whose population explosion had denied it somewhere to exist.... I must confess that I am tempted to ask for reincarnation as a particularly deadly virus.

This was Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Royal Consort of the Queen of England, in his foreword to the 1987 book, If I Were an Animal.

Philip repeated a variant of the quote in 1988 to the German news agency Deutsche Press Agentur.

Thus the Royal Consort expressed his view, that the “lives not worthy to be lived” (in the Nazis’ phrase) include not only the Jews, Gypsies, the seriously ill, and other despised groups, but the entire human population—reserving the need for perhaps several hundred million of “the right sort” and their servants. Culling the human herd is a repeated theme of his.

Philip decided, on behalf of the institution of the British Monarchy which he represented, to bring back the policies of the Nazi regime which had not succeeded in its 1933–45 mission, under the disguise of environmentalism. These policies included eugenics; the concentration workcamp policies of the Hitler–Hjalmar Schacht regime of looting those beaten down who could be looted, and killing those who could not; and conducting a central bank financial dictatorship, such as that of Hitler’s Reichsbank chief Hjalmar Schacht.

The outward aspect of what had been done under Hitler and Schacht, would be changed: the myth would be presented, starting at Rio in 1992, that anthropogenic climate change requires decarbonization of the world economy. Such a drastic measure would lower the world economy’s energy-flux density, setting off a downward spiral of disintegration. The onrushing breakdown of the biggest derivatives-laden financial bubble in world history will make consequences even worse.

But the ultimate object targeted for destruction, is man’s creative cognitive powers, which is the means for man’s discovery of new physical scientific principles, which makes revolutionary scientific advances in the physical economy, which uplifts man out of poverty and into full humanity. It is these principles which man celebrates in classical art and music, and which will allow mankind to lift off from Earth, and extend his dominion over the galaxy. The oligarchy attempts to stifle those powers, and it is those powers that will allow mankind to defeat Prince Charles’ scheme.

The World Wildlife Fund, later renamed the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF), is a nexus that the British Empire had set up in 1961, to organize for green genocide. Three principal founders give the intent of the organization:

• Julian Huxley—In 1907, Huxley founded the British Eugenics Education Society in Britain; he was shortly to be joined by H.G. Wells, and Leonard Darwin, one of Charles Darwin’s sons. The rubble from World War II was still warm when in 1946, he helped create and made himself director of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). In a statement of direction, in a policy paper called “UNESCO: Its purpose and its philosophy,” Huxley revealed the intent to revive eugenics:

The dead weight of genetic stupidity, physical weakness, mental instability, and disease-proneness, which already exist in the human species, will prove too great a burden for real progress to be achieved. Thus even though it is quite true that any radical eugenic policy will be for many years politically and psychologically impossible, it will be important for UNESCO to see that the eugenic problem is examined with the greatest care, and that the public mind is informed of the issues at stake so that much that now is unthinkable may at least become thinkable.

• Prince Bernhard—Royal Consort to Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, and first WWF president. Having joined the Nazi brownshirts on Hitler’s accession in 1933, he moved on to the fierce Schutzstaffel (SS) in 1934. For cosmetic reasons, Bernhard resigned from the SS, but to show that nothing had changed, he signed his “resignation” letter, “Heil Hitler!” The Prince worked for the German chemical giant IG Farben, a central cog in the Nazi corporatist machine. He joined the statistics department of IG Farben’s Berlin N.W. 7 department, the key Nazi overseas espionage center. Farben developed the gas Zyklon-B, which was used to gas people in the concentration camps starting 1942. In 1937, as a respectable suitor, Bernhard married Queen Juliana of the Netherlands.

• Prince Philip—son of Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, and Duke of Edinburgh. Of Philip’s four older sisters, three were married to German aristocrats who were part of Nazi circles in Germany. Philip appears to have been significantly informed and also involved in these networks. In June 1945, the British Royal Household dispatched a “former” MI5 agent, to retrieve (presumably to conceal) Prince Philip’s wartime correspondence with this network.

Both of Prince Charles’ parents were products of this Nazi milieu, as Queen Elizabeth’s father King George VI and his wife were involved in appeasement circles, that at different times during World War II, tried through channels to reach an “understanding” with the Nazi German regime. There was, notoriously, King Edward VIII, an outright collaborator of the Nazis, who was forced to abdicate in December 1936, to make way for Elizabeth’s father, King George VI. This informed the upbringing of the Prince of Wales, the heir to the throne.

There were several other environmental organizations: The International Union for the Conservation of Nature, Friends of the Earth, etc. But Prince Philip used the WWF as his home platform for his attempt to transform the world economy.

Prince Charles’ Transformation: The 1992 Rio Summit

In 1989, Princes Philip and Bernhard, and various prominent City of London financiers, decided to hold a singular conference in 1992, the United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. This WWF crew decided to use the Canadian Maurice Strong, a leading idea promoter for Prince Philip, and a money-raiser for the WWF who had founded the 1001 Club in 1970 as a means for super-wealthy patrons to fund the WWF.

Strong expressed his charming view to the National Review on September 1, 1997:

If we don’t change, our species will not survive…. Frankly, we may get to the point where the only way of saving the world will be for industrial civilization to collapse.

Consider what Strong must have meant by “the world,” thus “saved,” in that statement.

An oil developer in Alberta, first executive director of the United Nations Environment Program, and a leading figure in the WWF, Strong would be the Secretary General of the Earth Summit.

But with Philip’s and Strong’s mentoring, Prince Charles would now take on a leadership role. Charles had delivered his first environmental speech in 1970, at age 22. He then took on more responsibilities. But for the Rio summit, he was placed in a leadership position to personally organize for the conference, overcome differences between nations, and help shape the agenda.

Author Jonathan Dimbleby in his 1994 authorized The Prince of Wales: A Biography, described what happened:

By 1991, the momentum generated by the Prince’s speeches had secured him an international reputation. In the run-up to the Rio summit, which was planned for 1992, the Prince was determined to have his own input by bringing together key international figures in an attempt to achieve a degree of harmony between the conflicting attitudes of Europe, the United States and the developing nations, led by Brazil. He alighted on the idea of using the royal yacht [the Britannia] as the base for a two-day international seminar at the end of an official tour of Brazil in April 1991. Among others, he invited Senator Albert Gore; senior officials from the World Bank, chief executives from such as Shell [the Anglo part of the Anglo-Dutch Royal Dutch Shell oil company] and BP [British Petroleum Company]; the principal non-governmental organizations; European politicians, including the British ministers of Overseas Aid and the Environment; and, most important of all, the host of the prospective summit, President Fernando Collor of Brazil.

The Rio Summit, Agenda 21, and ‘Divine Nature’

The Rio Earth summit was an extravaganza attended by more than 100 heads of state, and 38,000 people. It made three big shifts.

First, when the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC) was founded in 1988, it defined climate change as “any change in climate over time whether due to natural variability or as a result of human activity.”

But at the Rio Earth Summit, that phrase was replaced by a UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which stated, “human activities have been substantially increasing the atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases.”

Second, the Conference adopted a policy called Agenda 21, which stated: “All energy sources will need to be used in ways that respect the atmosphere.” Agenda 21 was the first UN document to identify roles and responsibilities for local and federal governments to pursue “sustainable development,” and stated that these governments would have to come up with a way to reduce greenhouse gases by a large percentage, voluntarily. The next UN summit, in 1997 in Kyoto Japan, made these sharp reductions in greenhouse gases of the Agenda 21 mandatory—the “Kyoto Protocols.”

Third, in a 1992 essay, Maurice Strong evaluated one of the strong points of the 1992 Rio Summit:

It is simply not feasible for sovereignty to be exercised unilaterally by individual nation states, however powerful. It is a principle which will yield only slowly and reluctantly to the imperatives of global environmental cooperation.

Not only was sovereignty to be abrogated, but Strong gave the 1992 conference a pagan religious undercurrent. At the plenary session, as Secretary-General of the conference he stated:

The responsibility of each human being today is to choose between the force of darkness and the force of light. We must therefore transform our attitudes and values, and adopt a renewed respect for the superior law of Divine Nature.

The Rio Summit was a model-precedent. From that 1992 Earth Summit forward, the UN decided to hold a global conference every five years on either the environment or sustainable development; and the agenda and discussions of those subsequent UN summits were usually framed and based on the principal ideas and agenda of the first 1992 Rio Earth Summit.

When Prince Charles played his leading role in 1991-92 for the Rio Earth Summit, he was 44 years old. By comparison, look at what others who are participating in the green finance agenda today were doing: Mark Carney was 27 years old, and working on his economics doctorate at Oxford, while making money at Goldman Sachs. Christine Lagarde was 36 years old and concentrating on working her way up the financial hierarchy in France. Bernie Sanders first got elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was three years old, and Greta Thunberg was not yet born. Charles was the one creating policy.

2. Prince Charles and His Allies Created the Green New Deal

Common folklore/mythology, backed by the media, has it that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA), came up with the idea of a Green New Deal in 2017. This was then introduced as a joint resolution into the Congress by Ocasio-Cortez and Markey in February 2019. The Green New Deal is at the heart of the Biden administration’s policy initiatives.

In truth, the Green New Deal was developed in the United Kingdom explicitly by the policy networks of Prince Charles. Two of the most important men in developing the Green New Deal in Britain, under Charles’ supervision, are Tony Juniper and Jonathan Porritt, two of the more murderous environmentalists in the world. Both have served as Special Adviser to Prince Charles on the environment, and have been in his inner circle for decades. They created the Green New Deal in 2008, and exported it to the United States.

Author Jonathan Dimbleby wrote in the authorized biography cited above, about Charles’ inner circle:

By this time [1986], the Prince had started to form around him a core of environmentalist advisers, which he described in a letter to a friend as “a small team of knowledgeable people who can help me put as much pressure on international agencies, governments, and so on, via speeches, lunches, and dinners, as possible.”

Most prominent are Juniper and Porritt.

From 1992 until 2008, Tony Juniper led many of the operations of the eco-extremist Friends of the Earth (FOE): Juniper was also a leader of Britain’s Green Party. Charles chose Juniper to co-author/ghost-write two of Charles’ books: Harmony (2010), and Climate Change (2017).

Juniper led the entire operation to have the Parliament of the United Kingdom adopt the Climate Change Act of 2008, one of the first laws of its kind anywhere in the world. The Act made it the duty of the British Secretary of State to ensure that the net UK carbon account for all six Kyoto greenhouse gases—carbon dioxide (CO₂), methane (CH4), etc.,—for the year 2050 is at least 80% lower than the 1990 baseline, supposedly to avoid dangerous climate change. The January 26, 2019 Times of London referred to Juniper as “Prince Charles’ Green Champion.”

Jonathan Porritt was a leading member of Britain’s radical Ecology Party since its founding in 1976, and its director as of 1979; in 1985 it was renamed the Green Party of England and Wales, and for a time, he was co-chairman. In 1986, Charles anointed Porritt as his trusted adviser, meaning that Charles and Porritt have worked together for 35 years. From 2000 to 2009, by appointment of Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair, Porritt chaired Britain’s Sustainable Development Commission (SDC), whose charge was to advise the UK on steps to be taken including cutting physical-economic production, to reduce “greenhouse gases.”

Sir David Attenborough, well known voice narrating doom for British ecofascist documentaries, and father-figure and adviser to Charles since Charles was 8 years old.

But by far, the most dangerous feature of Porritt, which makes him most endearing to the Prince of Wales, is that he is one of the most open ultra-Malthusians in the world, calling, in effect, for halving the world’s population. In 2008, Porritt became a patron of the Optimum Population Trust, which is perhaps the world’s leading advocate for genocide. According to the March 22, 2009 Times of London, Porritt delivered a speech in which he praised research by the Optimum Population Trust, “suggesting that the UK’s population must be cut to 30 million [from then 62 million—ed.] if the country wants to feed itself sustainably.” In November 2018 Porritt became president of the OPT, now renamed Population Matters.

Under the supervision and ideology of Charles, Porritt, and Juniper, the Green New Deal was created in 2008, to serve as the program for Britain, but especially as a basic template for America, which imitated its broad outline and several of its particulars. Export to America was intended.

For all this work, upon Charles’ recommendation, Queen Elizabeth designated Porritt a Commander of the British Empire (CBE).

The other patrons of Population Matters make clear its murderous intent. One patron is Sir David Attenborough, who has been described by several media as effectively a member of the Royal Family. Attenborough has been a father-figure and adviser to Charles since Charles was 8. He is one of Queen Elizabeth’s closest non-Royal friends and trusted advisers. Attenborough has stated:

The human population can no longer be allowed to grow in the same old uncontrolled way. If we do not take charge of our population size, then nature will do it for us.

Another patron is Paul Ehrlich, author of the discredited 1968 farce, The Population Bomb, who has advocated reducing the world’s population by several billion people.

This fully resonates with the Prince of Wales. In a speech on June 10, 2010 to his Oxford [University] Center for Islamic Studies, Charles vented that the population of Lagos in Nigeria has risen from 300,000 to 20 million during his lifetime. He continued, “I could have chosen Mumbai, Cairo, or Mexico City; wherever you look, the world’s population is increasing fast.” He said the Earth could not “sustain us all,” particularly in the developing sector if a “vast proportion” is consuming natural resources at “Western levels.” President Barack Obama copied Charles’ remarks in a tirade to young Africans a few years later.

3. Imposing the Reporting Mechanism for the Reset—Toward Bankers’ Dictatorship

Prince Charles, acting on behalf of the financier power, the Bank of England, et al., has, since 2004, drawn up and attempted to enforce with increasing intensity, a body of green “accounting-integrated reporting rules,” upon industrial and energy corporations, farms, etc. This is called “taxonomy” in “green finance” circles. He has created, or modified existing regulatory bodies, endowing them with the authority to impose harsh penalties upon corporations that do not comply with anti-greenhouse gas accounting rules—which could place non-abiding corporations into bankruptcy. In Charles’ world, all physical production increases anthropogenic Climate Change. Man violates primitive Nature through scientific progress.

Charles thought that the United Nations’ 1992 Rio Summit on Climate Change, and subsequent UN conferences on this subject in 1997 and 2002, were valuable in setting parameters for climate change regulations. But corporations could pay lip service, and then evade the proposed rules, with no penalty to themselves. The rules would never go into effect. He believes rules—called integrated reporting rules—must be surgically inserted into corporations, to make them comply and not evade. Corporations must reveal every significant investment or expenditure they made from the standpoint of whether it would increase Climate Change.

In 2004, Charles and HSBC Bank (the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation), the world’s leading drug bank, founded Accounting for Sustainability, or A4S. On its website A4S states, under the heading “Why Sustainability and Finance”:

[Corporate] finance teams are an asset to their organization and a vital element in building a sustainable world. To live up to this potential they need to recognize the risks and opportunities associated with sustainability and be able to act on them.
Finance teams in an organization are critical in an organization because they control the flows of money and finance that are critical in enabling or blocking what the organization does. [Emphasis added.]

Finance teams could control the flows of money: Charles and the City of London wanted them to depart fossil fuel-based electricity, manufacturing, infrastructure, and scientific research and development, and move into a burgeoning green speculative bubble.

To make this work, Charles and his team developed a series of integrated reporting risks, risks which would supposedly say how dangerous an investment is, strictly from the standpoint of whether it would allegedly increase Climate Change. These are some of what are officially called “physical risks,” “legacy risks,” “financial risks,” “production risks,” “competitive risks,” “litigation risks,” and “reputational risks.” This risk assessment would be applied not only to energy companies, but the banks, machine tool companies, and many firms down the line.

A company can be assigned a risk for any activity that contributes to “global warming,” no matter how many steps removed from the supposed global warming-initiating incident it is.

Now “risk management teams” which the companies have been compelled to hire, may report to the company’s board of directors that the company has serious risks that threaten its stability. Heads of government regulatory bodies, whose teeth have been sharpened on environmentalism, may rule that the company is not in compliance, and must make immediate changes. Credit rating agencies—like S&P Global Ratings and Moody’s Investor Service—may strip away positive credit ratings. A company will fear being accidentally or otherwise caught up in regulatory action which would cause them to be delisted, put out of business or even prosecuted.

To get companies to shut down production, shift to regressive technologies like windmills, and invest in a worthless green speculative bubble is insane from a business strategy. At first it was voluntary, but Charles had to make it mandatory. This required creating the Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosure, nestled within the Bank for International Settlements. That part of the plan was achieved in 2015.

Creation of Accounting for Sustainability

As noted, Prince Charles established the Accounting for Sustainability (A4S) in 2004 with the support of the HSBC bank, notorious for the Opium Wars. HSBC lent Prince Charles one Russell Picot, who would be a shared asset, and whom Charles would deploy over the next dozen years. As the July 2019 By All Accounts magazine reported:

The opportunity to combine [Picot’s] personal convictions with the environmental and social aspects of reporting came in 2004 when the Prince of Wales invited HSBC’s chairman, along with some other corporates, to help set up Accounting for Sustainability.

Picot heaped praise on Charles, saying “The Prince is an extraordinary man…. He has championed environmental and climate issues for many decades.”

Charles’ A4S set up the Accounting Bodies Network (ABN) as a collaboration between A4S and professional bodies across the globe, including most of the top accounting bodies in the world. Together the Network represents over 2.5 million professional accountants and students across 179 countries, representing two-thirds of the world’s accountants; they support the A4S agenda.

All told, the corporatist alliance he pulled together in the leading and most powerful financial institutions in the world, represented combined assets under management, or in the case of banks, direct assets of the bank, totaling more than $30 trillion. The organizations that he lined up to support his objectives had a combined membership of more than 9 million people.

In 2010, Charles launched the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), for the sole purpose of bludgeoning corporations and national governments to adopt integrated reporting.

Taking Over: Mark and Diana Carney

Mark Carney, former Governor of the Bank of England (2013-2020), is one of the most powerful central bankers of the 21st Century. Carney also served simultaneously as chairman (2011-2018) of the Financial Stability Board (headquartered at the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland). But Carney became a strong and open supporter of Green Finance only after Prince Charles had indoctrinated and taken him over. Charles was assisted in this by the fact that Diana Fox Carney, the banker’s “eco-warrior” wife, answers to the Prince both as chair of the Trustees of the green charity Ashden (he is its royal patron, Porritt and Attenborough are her fellow trustees); and as board member of the World Wildlife Fund UK’s Council of Ambassadors. Prince Charles now heads the WWF-UK, founded by his father.

Through Carney, Prince Charles has created the most powerful banker enforcement arm to date for the Green New Deal. This is the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures, which includes 34 central banks and large private banks and funds, headed by Carney and Sir Michael Bloomberg. Carney aggressively demands that banks enforce the “taxonomy” to cut down all fossil fuel investment, saying repeatedly that companies that don’t comply “will cease to exist.”

The story of Prince Charles’ takeover of Carney’s activity is sketched in EIR’s October 18, 2019 profile, “Mark Carney, the Prince (Charles) of Central Bankers.”

Mark and Diana Carney in 2018. Through Carney, Charles has created the most powerful banker enforcement arm to date for the Green New Deal, the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures.

Carney’s words at Charles’ 70th birthday gathering in 2018 are indicative:

It is to HRH’s credit that this happy occasion is marked by a serious discussion of the risks and opportunities posed by climate change and the transition to a low-carbon economy. His Royal Highness has provided inspirational leadership on these critical issues for decades. Indeed if we had heeded his advice when it was first offered, we might have already solved the Tragedy of the Horizon!
I have had the great pleasure of engaging with HRH on a number of occasions, and I can think of few people more knowledgeable about the sustainability agenda or as committed to it. Four years ago, he rightly put me on the spot, highlighting that climate-related risks will have serious financial impacts, and asking what regulators were doing about them. HRH’s challenges are even more germane today as the… time to act continues to shorten. [Emphases added.]

In 2017, this central bankers’ task force began issuing recommendations to companies to aid them in their disclosures of “pertinent information” related to climate-related risks. The adoption of these integrated reporting disclosures would be voluntary. But in November 2020, the Bank of England issued this statement:

The Bank of England, jointly with the other members of the Government–Regulator TCFD Taskforce, set up to examine the most effective way to approach climate-related financial disclosures, has published an interim report setting out an indicative path towards mandatory climate-related disclosures across the UK economy, aligned with the recommendations of the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). [Emphasis added.]

This is the iron enforcement mechanism—forcing corporations and financial institutions to move out of physical production for human existence, and into an immense green speculative bubble—that the green bankers’ dictatorship depends upon.

In the summer of 2018, the huge Wall Street fund manager BlackRock, Inc. took the side of the Prince and Carney, teaming with the latter at the Federal Reserve’s Jackson Hole, Wyoming annual bankers’ conference to add a deadly new tactic, which the BlackRock executives themselves called “regime change.” Central banks should take the field of fiscal spending away from governments which are slow to act.

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