Is Anyone In The West Paying Attention To Putin's "Stern Warning"?

In the days following Russian President Putin's National Address on April 21, which he stated was meant to send a "stern warning" to those out to destabilize Russia, Schiller Institute chairman Helga Zepp LaRouche sounded an alarm. In describing the allegations from both Belorussian and Russian intelligence agencies of the direct involvement of long-time Biden crony Michael Carpenter in a coup plot against Belarus President Lukashenko -- which included a plan to assassinate Lukashenko -- she said, "I find this absolutely incredible, because if this turns out to be the case, we could be closer to World War III than anybody realizes: Because this is exactly the kind of stuff which happens in the forefront of world wars."

She identified Carpenter as a collaborator of Biden in organizing the Maidan coup in Ukraine in 2014, serving as his National Security adviser on Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, who has ties to the ultra-nationalist Nazi wing of those who ran the coup, through his collaboration with leading fascist Andriy Parubiy. Carpenter is presently the director of the Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement at the University of Pennsylvania.

Following Putin's warning Schiller Institute chairman Helga Zepp LaRouche sounded an alarm. 

In his address, Putin described western support for the flight forward by Ukraine's President Zelensky -- for example, his March 24 declaration that Ukraine will "take back" Crimea --
and the plot for regime change in Belarus, as moving toward crossing a "red line", which would provoke a Russia response, which he said would be "asymmetrical, swift and tough." Unfortunately, he said, "everyone in the world seems to be used to the practice of politically motivated, illegal economic sanctions and to certain actors brutal attempts to impose their will on others by force." The failure of western leaders to condemn such "flagrant" provocations demonstrates the danger of what Zepp LaRouche has described as "sleepwalking into war," a reference to delusions which preceded World War I.

Putin lamented, "Nobody seemed to notice. Everyone pretends nothing is happening." But such actions will have consequences. "Those behind provocations that threaten the core interests of our security will regret what they have done in a way they have not regretted anything for a long time."

His warning was reiterated in an interview given by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to Dmitry Kiselev of the Russian news agency Rossiya Segodnya on April 28. Asked if the situation today is worse than that between the two superpowers during the Cold War, Lavrov acknowledged that if provocations continue, "...we will be living in conditions of a Cold War, or even worse....In my opinion, tension did run high during the Cold War and there were numerous high-risk conflict situations, but there was also mutual respect. I believe that this is lacking now." The deterioration of relations, he added, began under Obama, continued under Trump, and now "we can see that the Biden administration continues to go downhill."

Some Voices Of Sanity

There have been some notable exceptions to the overall silence from the West about the danger of war coming from western actions. Former Congresswoman and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard gave a graphic warning to a national television audience on the Tucker Carlson show on April 12. The cost of a war with Russia "would come at a cost beyond anything that we can really imagine...this war is not a game...[it] could exact a cost on every one of us that would result in excruciating death and suffering beyond comprehension -- hundreds of millions dying and suffering seeing their flesh burned from their's a cost that we will all pay."

Tulsi Gabbard   Photo: Matt Johnson

After Putin's speech, she tweeted, "Are we prepared to see our loved ones burn alive in a nuclear holocaust in a war with Russia over Ukraine? If not, cut out the macho saber rattling and deescalate before it's too late."

U.S. Naval War College analyst Lyle Goldstein also warned of the danger of crossing red lines: "Americans should ask the uncomfortable question: Why do the U.S. and its allies appear to be encroaching upon so many different Russian red lines in so many situations simultaneously? We should not be touching the red lines of the other major nuclear armed powers on a daily basis....We must learn to live amicably with Russia or risk a continuing succession of showdowns on the pattern of the Cuban missile crisis."

Yet Escalations Against Russia Accelerates

A new flank against Russia was opened with the allegation that Russian GRU (military intelligence) operatives were behind an explosion at an ammunition depot in Vrbetice in the Czech republic, which occurred in October 2014. The apparent source of the allegation is Bellingcat, an MI6-sponsored "open-source, citizen journalist" website, which has published numerous unsubstantiated anti-Russian stories, including accusing Russia of overt military intervention in Ukraine, facilitating and then covering-up Syrian government use of chemical weapons, and deploying a chemical weapon against London-backed Russian "dissident" Alexey Navalny. Incredibly, the story on the Czech arms depot claims that the explosives were placed by the same two individuals Bellingcat named as responsible for the alleged Novichok poisoning of the Skripals in England in March 2018.

This story was immediately seized upon to spark new demands for sanctions against Russia. Tom Tugendhat, the chair of the foreign affairs select committee in the British parliament called the explosion a "direct attack on a NATO country," while Foreign Secretary Dominc Raab said it exposes how far Russia's intelligence services will go "to conduct dangerous and malign operations in Europe." The fallout from these allegations has included the expulsion of Russian diplomats from Czechia, as well as from several eastern European NATO members.

Two British warships are scheduled to enter the Black Sea in the next days. The Minister of Defense said this will demonstrate "unwavering support for Ukraine's territorial integrity," and follows a visit to Kiev by British General Sir Stuart Peach, the chair of NATO's Military Committee, who promised British and NATO support to defend Ukraine from "Russian aggression."
Adding his voice to the attack, MI6 Chief Richard Moore said in an interview with Times Radio -- the first ever given by a current MI6 chief -- that Russia would pay a "huge price" if it invaded Ukraine. "The Russians are in absolutely no doubt of where the UK stands on this issue," adding that they are completely in line with the Biden administration. He described Russia as "a declining power economically and demographically."

On the British role in the attacks on Russia, Lavrov said in an April 28 interview with {Sputnik}, "I still believe that the U.K. is playing an active and very serious subversive role...they are trying to influence European Union member states' approaches to Russia."

Anglo American Think Tanks Mobilize For War

One measure of how committed the global oligarchy is to carry out regime change against Russia, China and other sovereign nations, can be gleaned from a quick survey of articles published by, and public events organized by leading Trans-Atlantic think tanks, with programs designed to create an “enemy image” of them, to justify provocations which could lead to war. The think tanks, funded by corporations which are part of the broadly-defined Military Industrial Complex (MIC), and trust funds of wealthy families, provide a home for former government officials, as well as a launching pad for opportunists auditioning to become a part of the shadow government.

In the next days, events are scheduled by the Atlantic Council, which includes Michael Carpenter on its board. These include "Putin's Mediterranean Gambit"; "Putin's Pressure Points -- Navalny and Cyber Warfare"; and "The Impact of Sanctions on Russia." Chatham House, home of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA, British intelligence), which published a paper on April 23, "Europe Must Admit Russia Is Waging War", is sponsoring a round table On "World Order in the 21st Century", featuring a study done by the Lloyd George Study Group on World Order, and comments by speakers from Georgetown University and the RIIA-sister organization, the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Others involved in this escalation include the neocon Jamestown Foundation, which will sponsor a workshop and webinars on "The Growing Importance of Belarus on NATO’s Eastern Flank"; and the Center for New American Strategy (CNAS), which posted a video, "NATO, China and Russia: A Balancing Act,” which features Ian Brzezinski, the son of Zbigniew Brzezinski, who promoted the British geopolitical design of the "Arc of Crisis"during the Carter administration, which introduced U.S. involvement in the "forever wars" in southwest Asia, as a strategy to break the southern republics away from the Soviet Union. CNAS's past chairman was Victoria Nuland, who played a lead role, along with Biden, in the February 2014 coup in Ukraine. Nuland was just confirmed to the number 3 position in the Biden State Department.

An example of the role played in shaping policy by these think tanks is an article in the May-June 2021 issue of {Foreign Affairs}, the journal of the CFR. Titled "Russia's Weak Strongman", the author, Timothy Frye, provides a blueprint for undermining the authority of Putin, to fuel the prospects of a coup. In describing him as a "personalist autocrat", Frye writes that Putin "faces the dual threats of a coup from elites around him and a popular revolt from below", as in the western-sponsored regime change efforts currently centered on Navalny. He issues a veiled threat to Putin, that when such leaders lose power, they "have tended to end up in exile, in jail, or dead," adding that "Putin is surely aware of this danger." Frye's article is coherent with the publication by the Atlantic Council in January of "The Longer Telegram," which offers a purported profile of power struggles within the Chinese government, which the anonymous author suggests should be exploited by western intelligence agencies to undermine President Xi Jinping, as part of a broader effort to contain the alleged aggression coming from his government.

The Case Of Belarus

The attempted Color Revolution coup in Belarus, identified by Putin as one of Russia's "red lines", provides another example of how western intelligence agencies run regime change coups. Western intelligence and political leaders claim that the election of August 9, 2020, won by Lukashenko, was riddled with fraud, and should be overturned. Demonstrations by "pro-democracy" groups led to clashes with security forces, with western governments decrying the violence used to put down the protests -- an attempt to repeat the operation behind the Maidan coup in Ukraine. German Foreign Minister Maas admitted providing millions of euros to support the protests.
The narrative of the heroism of the protestors, "spontaneously" arising to take on a Russian-backed authoritarian regime, was promoted nonstop, as sanctions were imposed on Belarus and threats made against Russia in case Putin should decide to intervene to aid Lukashenko.

President of Belarus Lukashenko with President Putin

What this narrative left out is the pre-planning that went into the attempt to remove Lukashenko, and open the way for Belarus to be brought into NATO. Trump Secretary of State Pompeo played a role in this during 2019-20, when he intervened in a dispute between Russia and Belarus over oil deliveries. Pompeo said, "The United States wants to help Belarus build its own sovereign country," and wishes to make sure that "they should not be forced to be dependent on any one partner," an obvious reference to Russia. (This coincides with increasing pressure on Germany from the Biden administration to cancel the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia, or face harsh sanctions.) Pompeo visited Belarus in February 2020, pushing this version of a beneficent U.S. commitment to aid the process of "democratic transformation."

His intervention had been scripted in a 2019 report by the RAND Corporation, another long-time participant in the MIC. The report provided a strategy for the destabilization of Belarus, through an effort to woo Belarus away from Russia with offers of western financial support and, if that failed, backing forces fighting for "democracy", to unleash a Color Revolution. As the intensity of the protests by citizens of Belarus has dwindled, the passion for regime change from TransAtlantic forces has not.

One final example of the insanity of western allegations against Russia is a bizarre story, covered in {Politico}, which claims that marines in Syria who became ill with "flu-like symptoms" may have been targeted by Russian "directed energy weapons", according to sources in the Pentagon. The {Politico} article reported that Pentagon officials had done in-person briefings to Congress members on this charge, leading War Hawk Republican Senator Marco Rubio to assert that this is another example of "Russian aggression in the Middle East." Unfortunately for the narrative spinners pushing regime change in Russia, further investigation showed the story was false. Investigators discovered that the sickness was the result of "bad food" served to the soldiers, and they were experiencing food poisoning. Nevertheless, Biden's Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines told a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing that intelligence community members "are focused on this issue."

Perhaps they should investigate instead why, with an annual defense budget of nearly $750 billion, the Pentagon cannot assure the provision of safe, wholesome food to the troops overseas -- and how such obviously fabricated narratives end up as lead items in the mainstream media!

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    Geo-political war would be different than in 1914. That’s where all the advancing nations fought each other – and who came out on top? The people who run the banks and had been allowed to dominate global finance – the British led Western financial oligarchy! / The U.S. was finally brought into that war – when a telegram from Germany to Mexico was intercepted. In the telegram, the German Government promised that Mexico would be given AZ, NM, etc. – if Germany won the war. That telegram was a British fabrication – much like those run in the msm today!
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