Regime Change Plotters Targeting Syria, Belarus, as well as Russia and China

The Trans-Atlantic hypocrites are out in force, continuing their verbal assaults against Syria and Belarus, while the sanctions they are imposing are worsening the situations in both nations, with disastrous consequences, especially for children. Will they try to sabotage the Putin-Biden summit, now confirmed for June 16 in Geneva?

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  • Stephen P Kaylor
    commented 2021-05-26 17:48:02 -0400
    The Rules Based Order – part of the imperial dynamic for a Unipolar bankers’ dictatorship. Unless stopped, this would become even more monstrous than the current EU bankers’ dictatorship – since the Davos syndicate is set to replace the Dollar with Central Bank Digital Currencies and then issue $30-50 trillion in liquidity !
  • Stephen P Kaylor
    commented 2021-05-26 14:11:39 -0400
    Accusations, sanctions, pandemic, desperation, warfare and Rules – all evincing the design for a unipolar despotism !
  • David Dobrodt
    published this page in Harley Updates 2021-05-26 10:45:02 -0400