The New Deal for Humanity Is Not Green, But Human!

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche


Feb. 3—Literally before the eyes of the world public, the greatest villainy against the common good is currently underway, which will make the rich even richer and the poor even poorer, and which will have catastrophic consequences: hunger riots and absolute social chaos in the industrialized nations, genocide against the so-called developing countries, and in the view of the financial oligarchy, a third world war of the NATO states against Russia and China will soon become almost inevitable. All of these disastrous developments will be the consequence, if all investments are steered into “green” branches of industry, and a complete phase-out of investment ensues through the central banks, not only from nuclear power, but also from fossil fuels, as in the “Green Deal” of the European Union (EU) or the “Green New Deal” of the Biden administration.

What should be obvious to every medium-sized company in the productive economy, is surprisingly only slowly entering the public debate: The transformation of the economy—also promoted as the “Great Reset” by Prince Charles and Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum—would mean extensive deindustrialization and a massive sacrifice of the population’s prosperity. Eric Heymann, a senior economist at Deutsche Bank Research, in a mid-January article, criticized the “dishonest debate” through which the EU wanted to impose its Green Deal on the population, which “would not be feasible without a substantial portion of eco-dictatorship”—and even that is the understatement of the year!

If, as the architects of the Green Deal want, all industrial companies are subject to “taxonomy,” i.e., their so-called CO₂ footprint will be recorded, a classification system for “ecologically sustainable” economic activities will be enforced, and all private activities will also be subject to the dictates of supposed climate protection—then this will only be possible with a dictatorship and mind control that will make the Inquisition look like a picnic.

If this green utopia were ever to become a reality—and it cannot, because it will lead to chaos beforehand, as we shall see in a moment—the extremely inflated prices would determine exactly the size of the house or apartment in which anyone can live, to what temperature it can be heated, which electrical devices are still allowed, how far you can travel with which means of transport, how often you can eat meat or whether you can eat exotic fruits at all. And of course, every euro and every dollar spent on “climate protection” is one that is missing for investments in education, health systems, research, infrastructure, modern communications, internal and external security, pensions and leisure activities.

Mass Wasted Production, Mass Death

The federal states and municipalities in which fossil fuels were previously extracted or processed in “brown” industrial plants, would have massive losses in tax revenues and jobs would disappear. At the same time, many more landscapes would be spoiled by armies of wind turbines, seas of solar panels, and endless transmission lines, which would not only carve up nature and destroy the habitat for wild animals and kill millions of birds, but would also by no means be safe from terrorist attacks. It would require millions of onshore and thousands of offshore wind turbines, millions of charging stations and vehicle battery modules, billions of backup energy storage modules, which would require enormous amounts of concrete, steel, copper, plastic, rare earths and other materials. And that, in turn, would require enormous expansion of mining and quarrying in all these areas, which even the Greens themselves would not like.

The main problem, however, would be that this green transformation would absorb materials, industrial capacities and manpower, all of which ultimately represent total waste, and would tie up the capacities that are urgently required for the long-term economic survival of society. With the exit from nuclear energy and fossil fuels, energy production would be thrown back to a level that existed before the industrial revolution, with solar and wind energy (or hydrogen, which is obtained from modern energy-dense sources).

At the core of the economic and scientific method that Lyndon LaRouche developed, is his recognition—and he scientifically established it—that there is an integral relationship between the energy-flux density used in the production process, and the relative potential population-density made possible by it. The number of people who could live on Earth during the hunter-gatherer period, when only wind and sun were available for the propagation of rabbits and berries in the “production process” at that time, was somewhere in the range of a few million. Even with the mastery of electricity and a few other technological advances, wind and sun remain energy sources with much the same energy-flux density as they did over 10,000 years ago.


Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE), founder of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, who has long propagated the “Great Transformation and Decarbonization of the World Economy,” associates that energy-flux density with a “carrying capacity” of the Earth of at best one billion people. Today almost 8 billion people live on Earth, and according to estimates by the UN, around 2.5 billion people will live in Africa alone in 2050, that is, significantly more than Schellnhuber thinks is good for the whole world.

The really horrific effect of the transformation of an economy into one in which only green technologies are used, consists not just in the monetary waste alone. Even more seriously, the energy-flux density which would then be used in the economies of the Western states would mean not only the end of these states as industrialized nations, but also the destruction of the industrial capacities necessary to overcome the underdevelopment of the so-called developing countries.

In view of the already rampant COVID-19 pandemic in the countries of the Global South, the mutations that have already occurred and will certainly continue to occur in the future, as well as the famine of “biblical dimensions” as David Beasley of the United Nations’ World Food Program put it, there is a risk of mass death on an unprecedented scale. The Malthusian financial oligarchy which, since the publication of the unscientific propaganda of the Club of Rome (on the alleged limits to growth), has declared the purported overpopulation of the Earth to be the main danger, then only needs to let the four horsemen of the apocalypse—war, hunger, disease and death—run free to bring the population down to the desired level.

‘A Long-Term Power Failure’

But as already mentioned at the beginning, the green utopia will never become reality in its propagated form anyway, because one cannot get out of nuclear energy and fossil fuels in relatively highly industrialized nations like those of the trans-Atlantic sector without provoking blackouts and a crash into chaos. The pan-European electricity network came dangerously close again on January 8 of this year, when, triggered by a failure in Croatia, a near blackout occurred that could only be bridged by additional energy supplies from other countries to stabilize the network.

According to experts of the Austrian electricity supplier EVN, it was the second most serious major disruption in the European network to date, in which the third of four warning levels was reached and sensitive machines had already reacted to the reduction in electrical frequency. Numerous power plants had to supply additional energy, pumped-storage hydroelectric plants and the still-existing gas power plants had to be mobilized, so that the safety net could be saved from blackout in a kind of fire brigade operation. But it was a close call.

The current course of the financial oligarchy, to push through the decarbonization of the economy by all means, can only be described as a breakneck policy of the highest risk, in which the prospect of making a killing in speculation on the planned $30 trillion that will be spent on the Great Reset has swept away any concerns for the common good of society. But this policy is life-threatening for a very large number of people. It is high time to deal urgently with the matter that the Office for Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag (TAB) considered in a 2011 study, entitled “Endangerment and Vulnerability of Modern Societies—Using the Example of a Large-Scale and Long-Term Power Failure.”

A wind farm near Palm Springs, California.

Due to the extreme complexity of a modern, high-tech society based on the division of labor—in which various critical infrastructures, such as information technology, telecommunications, transport and traffic, energy supply and health care are intertwined—these societies are highly vulnerable, as repeated terrorist attacks, natural disasters and particularly serious accidents have made clear. All of these systems depend on a supply of electricity, and a prolonged and widespread power failure would have devastating consequences. The studies come to the conclusion that a collapse of the entire society could hardly be prevented.

The immediate consequences would include: the failure, immediately or after a few days at the latest, of telecommunication and data services, landline telephones, local exchanges, cellular networks, emergency power supply, public broadcasters (and thus communication between authorities, the population and companies using telephones), and the Internet. Transport and traffic by road, rail, air and water would stop immediately or after a few hours, and traffic would be chaotic immediately after the power failure. Crossings, tunnels, and barrier systems would be blocked, long traffic jams would arise, numerous accidents would occur, rescue services and care for the injured would sometimes become impossible, people would be trapped in subways, trains and elevators.

Fuel for vehicles would become scarce and the supply of food and medical supplies to the population would be interrupted. There would be a major collapse in medical and pharmaceutical care for people, which would be severely restricted after just 24 hours. Perishable drugs such as insulin, blood reserves and dialysis fluids would hardly be available. Emergency services could no longer be reached by emergency call. Serious damage to health or the death of many people can be expected in the first week.

As a result, public order will begin to collapse, part of the population will show great helpfulness, but another part will be more ruthless, more aggressive and more violent. Apathetic or panic-like behavior will occur. According to the TAB report:

Power failure as a prime example of “cascading damage effects” should therefore continue to have high priority on the agenda of those responsible in politics and society, also in order to raise awareness of this issue in business and the population. The TAB report presented should also make a contribution to this.

Obviously, these “responsible persons” have in the past decades shown an enormous ability to do exactly the opposite, and to almost completely suppress any awareness of the enormous risks of their policies. This is so with regard to the consequences, for example, of the nuclear phase-out and the now planned phase-out of fossil fuels industries in countries like Germany, and soon the EU and the United States, as well as with regard to the neoliberal living on the edge for profit maximization. When President Richard Nixon destroyed the Bretton Woods system in 1971 by breaking the fixed exchange rates and uncoupling the dollar from a gold peg, it was Lyndon LaRouche who farsightedly published the forecast that a continuation of these monetarist policies would necessarily lead to a new depression, a new fascism, and the danger of a new world war, or—on the contrary—a turn to a new, just world economic order.

LaRouche thereafter carefully analyzed every additional step in the direction of further deregulation of the financial markets in favor of speculation and pointed out its consequences.

Now we have reached the end of the road: Behind the attempt to impose the Green New Deal on the world is the desperate attempt of the financial oligarchy of the City of London, Wall Street and Silicon Valley to hook the hopelessly bankrupt financial system up to life support once more, by injecting an enormous sum of $30 trillion, and thereby to reap one last gigantic profit for the speculators of this world. After us the deluge! There are “super investors” like Jeremy Grantham of the Boston asset management company Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co., who, in his analyses, is convinced that human behavior is the same as that of rats:

We will have a few weeks of extra money and a few weeks of putting your last, desperate chips into the game, and then an even more spectacular bust…. When you have reached this level of obvious super-enthusiasm, the bubble has always, without exception, broken in the next few months, not a few years.

How bad will it get? Like the crash of 1929, says Grantham.

Another implication for the self-destruction of the West by the Green New Deal is the almost 100% probability that its implementation would lead to World War III and the extinction of humanity. If the West dismantles itself economically through green policies, while China and all of Asia rise unstoppably, there is a growing risk that this will lead to a nuclear showdown, as, given the current NATO policies and the various U.S. security doctrines, it cannot be assumed that NATO would dissolve in a peaceful manner similar to that of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. Admiral Charles Richard, Commander of the U.S. Strategic Command is just one of many military men who has just expressed the opinion in the monthly Proceedings published by the U.S. Naval Institute, that a nuclear war with Russia or China is more likely and that the United States must therefore modernize its nuclear arsenal—which is already in full swing.

Choose Durable Human Survival Instead

Even if many institutions seem to have decided on the course outlined here, it is not too late to take the alternative. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated how extremely vulnerable we really are as a human species, and that realistically we only have one chance to ensure our long-term survival—by coming together in a new paradigm of cooperation among all nations of this world to dedicate ourselves to the real common tasks of humanity.

The key to overcoming the crisis lies in an image of man that does not see mankind as a parasite on nature, whose activities pollute and destroy poor Mother Earth, so that it would be good to reduce the number of people as much as possible (just not so far as to leave the oligarchy without enough service personnel!). Man is simply not a manipulable, sensory being that can be kept under control by the modern form of bread and circuses and degradation by the entertainment industry.

Mankind is the only species whose creative reason conforms to the laws of the universe, and is even a developed integral part thereof. It is precisely this ability that allows humanity time and again to discover new revolutionary hypotheses about the physical laws of the universe, which are then used in the production process to define completely new platforms of the human standard of living, life expectancy, understanding of the climate change that has been taking place for millions of years, and further perspective for creating the prerequisites for future interstellar space flight through the colonization of nearer space.

That is where, at last, we will understand what climate change is all about, how the cyclical movements of our galaxy affect the so-called climate. In order to solve the problem, however, we do not need solar panels or wind turbines, but rather the use of nuclear fusion as a driving force for the manned missions to Mars and beyond. Man is the being that can perfect himself intellectually and morally without limit, because that corresponds to the laws of the universe of which humanity is the developed part.

We need to reset the reset, and we need a positive redefinition of man’s mission in the universe.

 In her article in the EIR Special Report on the Great Reset, “How the Pandemic Delivered a Reality Shock to the ‘Great Reset’ Plan—A review of COVID-19: The Great Reset, by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret,” Andrea Andromidas highlights quotes from World Economic Forum founder Schwab and his accomplices that make it clear that the Davos oligarchs feared the power of governments acting on behalf of the general welfareprinciple to defeat Covid-19.

The Davos crowd took the motto of “never let a good crisis go to waste” in order to implement their post-Covid-19 vision of a Great Reset, which stands absolutely opposed to Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s idea of a “World Health System” and a plan to create 1.5 billion productive jobs globally.

On page 144, Schwab indicates the intent:

In reality, what happens with the fight against climate change in the post-pandemic era could go in two opposite directions.
1. The first corresponds to the narrative above: the economic consequences of the pandemic are so painful, difficult to address and complex to implement that most governments around the world may decide to “temporarily” put aside concerns about global warming to focus on the economic recovery. If such is the case, policy decisions will support and stimulate fossil-fuel heavy and carbon-emitting industries by subsidizing them. They will also roll back stringent environmental standards seen as a stumbling block on the road to rapid economic recovery and will encourage companies and consumers to produce and consume as much as possible.
2. The second is spurred by a different narrative, in which businesses and governments are emboldened by a new social conscience among large segments of the general population that life can be different, and is pushed by activists: the moment must be seized to take advantage of this unique window of opportunity to redesign a more sustainable economy for the greater good of our societies.

Andromidas concludes her article:

The Davos Forum will push for the second way. What they call “the greater good of our societies”—or “stakeholder capitalism”—is in reality zero-growth fascism. In the second part of the book, Schwab and Malleret inform us of how they intend to invest in activism, and use lies as well as new measures of control for that purpose, because otherwise they are finished.
Our job is to make sure that such Malthusianism is finished off once and for all. We need to bring the pandemic under control by means of progress and open up a new period of development for humanity.

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