The Fight for Truth in the American Elections Is for the World

Not many media outside imperial London would be arrogant enough—even after what they believe to be their successful coup against President Donald Trump—to publish a lengthy editorial entitled, “An Overhaul of U.S. Democracy”; with a kicker that the United States cannot be allowed a 2024 presidential election under the present Constitutional system of the republic. Abolition of all the inconvenient American Constitutional practices was published as orders to be carried out through a “high-level commission,” to be created by low-level Joe Biden in “one of his first acts.”

This was done by the Washington Post Sunday on Jan. 3 with a follow-up editorial the next day on the same subject. The Post for decades has been a newspaper voice and leak sheet of the U.S. and British intelligence services; now, under increasingly interventionist ownership of world’s richest man Jeffrey Bezos, it is also speaking for the intersection of giant IT companies like Amazon with the military-industrial complex in the post-9/11 “surveillance state.” It demanded:

Eliminate Article II, Sections 1 and 2 of the Constitution, where the role of state legislatures and electors is specified. Eliminate Article I, Section 4 and the 12th Amendment to the Constitution, to abolish the role of the Congress in the election of the President. Change the 1887 Electoral Count Act to further ensure that Congress has no role in certifying electoral votes. Don’t allow the House of Representatives to decide a tied or multi-candidate electoral result for President. In fact, “eliminate the threat of third-party spoilers” to the two-party duopoly entirely. Eliminate “partisan” state elected officials from administering elections; again, Article I, Section 4 of the Constitution must go.

And more: Eliminate the role of states and counties in registering voters and keeping registration rolls, by mandating “universal registration” and possibly mandatory voting. Keep “better organized” polling places open “more often, and longer” than others; thus eliminate equal due-process under law in elections. Above all, expand mail-in voting to make it as near universal as possible. “Republicans” must not be allowed from here on, to scale back the huge mail-in voting of 2020. All this, “and there is much that a democracy commission could consider.”

With these editorials the Post directly attacked those organizing through and beyond Jan. 21 for the restoration of truth and Constitutional practice in elections.

But this warning is to the world as a whole. The City of London and Wall Street, with their interlinked intelligence services, will not again allow any nationalist republican leader to become a head of state, as in 2016. Not another FDR or JFK in America, nor another Jaurès or de Gaulle in France; nor a Moro or Salvini in Italy; for that matter, with Dominion Systems counting the votes, not another Duterte in the Philippines. “National election commissions” will make sure elections are conducted in such corrupt and colonialist ways that only candidates selected for backing by the City and Wall Street can win.

Above all, no other Lyndon LaRouche, nor one of the real LaRouche’s supporters, is to be allowed so much as a few delegates or electors, or to become “spoilers” as they did around the United States in the 1980s. The real issue is Alexander Hamilton’s American System of economics, its adoption in many nations in Europe and Asia. LaRouche’s fundamentally advanced Hamilton’s core idea that human creative discovery is the driver of economies, and more progress requires more people, better skilled and more creative human beings, great development projects across continents.

That is available to any and all nations, whose citizens wake up in sufficient numbers in this crisis and take responsibility for a better future. It is what those who just spoke their demands through the Washington Post, are determined never to allow a President like Donald Trump even to consider. Only the “Great Reset” to economic austerity and zero-carbon primitivism can be allowed, or so they believe.

But in fact, citizens’ openness to LaRouche’s ideas and movement are growing as they haven’t since his very public persecution and imprisonment in the 1980s. We fight for his exoneration now to unleash that process like a Renaissance. We call for Presidential pardons for Julian Assange and Edward Snowden now, to throw over the surveillance state game for which the Washington Post thinks it is appointed a judge and referee. And we organize for a summit of great powers where Hamilton’s and LaRouche’s American System becomes a new international system of credit for development.

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