The LaRouche Movement’s Intervention Worldwide Determines If Humanity Faces the ‘Best of All Possible Worlds’ or an Oligarchical Nightmare

Helga Zepp-Larouche gave this important strategic briefing on December 29th, 2020, in a discussion with associates.

The world urgently needs the intervention of our organization, because it’s very clear that while the receptiveness for our ideas exists, we are absolutely needed as the binding force to put together the different elements which are already all driving in the direction of centrifugal division on the one side, but confrontation on the other. So, what we have to do, and we should not relax and say we are in a seasonal period, and [will pick up things] after the New Year period is over, because we are right now in the most important period, where still something can be done. And I would say, especially in the period between now and January 6 is a period where certain policies have to be put on the agenda.

And I would like the entire international organization to really focus on that as a package: What Trump still could do—I mean, first of all on Jan. 6, there will be a meeting in the Congress certifying the result of the Electoral College or not. In the United States, we are mobilizing on the one side to get state legislators to take seriously the fact that the most enormous vote fraud ever in the history of the United States has taken place, to not certify the result, but to reopen the investigation into the vote fraud. That is obviously extremely important, because if the United States is being de facto being turned into a banana republic, where the principles of the republic are eliminated, then this has strategic implications for the whole world. Obviously, that is a question which only people from the U.S. can do, but there are a lot of things which are international issues, which should be also worked on and mobilized around.

One thing, given the fact that the anti-China, anti-Russia campaigns in the United States are escalating in a very dangerous way, and all the signs are that if Biden comes in with the present policies and teams which are visible, you can expect a very dramatic escalation in the direction of war with these two countries. So therefore, what Trump could do, and that is not just a question of the internal situation in the United States, but of strategic importance concerning everybody, Trump could turn the tables: He could absolutely not go by the profile which was designed for him by British intelligence, since 2015, but especially then, with Russiagate and especially the design of the policy to blame China for the COVID pandemic: He could immediately turn the tables and respond to Putin’s proposal to conduct a P5 summit on the basis of the different emergencies, the need to cooperate together on fighting the pandemic, to fight the world famine of “biblical dimensions,” but to also permanently get at the roots of the apparatus which was behind Russiagate by pardoning Assange and Snowden, by appointing a special prosecutor, and that way, if he would go with this package as a totality, he could do a lot! He could turn the tables even at this very late moment in history.

So therefore, we should make that an issue in the organizing everywhere, not just in the United States, but in Europe, and everybody else we’re talking to. Because how the different players of this strategic situation behave and what they regard as options, is absolutely not a matter of internal U.S. politics, and from that standpoint, one of the most important developments in the last period was, for sure, what we did yesterday with the event in commemoration of the Alexandrov Ensemble, where we had for the fourth time, an annual at the Teardrop Memorial [in Bayonne, New Jersey overlooking New York harbor], where, despite the COVID restriction and therefore a limited number of people could be there, took place. We had the Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Dmitry Chumakov; Capt. Donald Haiber of the Bayonne, N.J. Fire Department and naturally we had Diane Sare and John Sigerson speaking on behalf of the Schiller Institute, and this was an extremely important event.

Now, especially if you listen to what Mr. Chumakov said, who after all, is the number two in rank in the Russian United Nations mission, and therefore continuing in the tradition which was set especially throughout this year by Mr. Dmitry Polyanskiy before, by stressing—he said:

“Ladies and Gentlemen: Today is the fourth time we get together to honor the memory of the victims of a plane crash that took place in the skies over Sochi on 25 December 2016. Back then we lost almost all members of Alexandrov Ensemble….”

And then he said, "I would like to express our deep appreciation to the Schiller Institute and the Fire Department of Bayonne. Annual meetings like this one have become our good tradition, which makes them all the more significant. We commend the efforts of American community to preserve the memory of those outstanding Russian musicians and luminaries in the United States. This year even the coronavirus pandemic could not stop us from gathering here.

“Solidarity and mutual help are especially needed today, when the humanity has faced an unprecedented threat—COVID-19 pandemic. For the sake of our common future, peoples and states of the world need to erase all dividing lines, and channel their creative forces to articulating a joint response to this global challenge.

“Russia and the United States, as two Permanent Members of the Security Council, bear special responsibility for sustaining global peace and security. In this context, it is of principal importance that the people of our two countries maintain most cordial relations and promote inter-state ties at the civil society level.

“This is why it widely resonates in our hearts that American people empathize with our loss and grieve along with us.

“May the memory of the deceased heroes live forever. The hope and the light that they conveyed to the world will perpetuate in the souls of those who admired their talent and dedication both in Russia and in the United States.” []

Now, this is very important, because in a situation where the McCarthyite witchhunt in the United States has reached unprecedented pitch levels, it is extremely important that such an event is taking place, because it still is the only road how to go back from the confrontation which can only lead in a complete disaster.

Now, therefore, our pushing the summit, despite the unlikelihood of it in the eyes of many is not going to be happening, it is all the more important that we do that, because if you want to have a way out of the present dilemma, then, here it is.

The Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin, in an interview Dec. 28 with Rossiiskaya Gazeta basically warned of the “Western increased military multiplexing near the Russian border, which may have far-reaching consequences.” And he said, “In 2020, the activity of the air and naval forces [of NATO] has increased significantly, and situations that can lead to serious incidents are increasingly emerging,” Fomin said, “These actions were openly provocative. The incidents were avoided only thanks to the high level of professional training of Russian pilots and sailors.” []

Now, here you have it, and that’s what I said several months ago repeatedly, that if world peace depends on the flight techniques of a pilot, it gives you a sense in what grave danger we are.

The other major confrontation with China, it’s already clear that Biden is making that, holding China accountable an absolute priority of his foreign policy. He met with Kamala Harris and the national security review team, and gave the press afterwards a prepared statement, and walking out before any questions could be asked. He basically said that the priorities of his administration will be 1) Climate change; 2) COVID; and 3) the daunting threat of China. And he said, “we will hold China’s government accountable for its abuses on trade, technology, human rights, and other fronts, and we will build coalitions of like-minded partners and allies” to basically face the strategic challenge from both Russia and China.

So this is a continuation of this—as a matter of fact, you can be sure it will be an escalation, and therefore it is extremely important that we push the idea of a new paradigm, the absolute need to have a meeting on the level of the summits of presidents, and that we counter this in the strongest possible way.

There has been an interview with Chas Freeman with Global Times []. You know Chas Freeman who spoke at our Schiller Conference in Berlin in 2016 and who was the translator for Nixon when Nixon went to China in 1972. And he has been ambassador to Saudi Arabia, and other countries. He is asked by Global Times, that “Foreign Minister Wang Yi recently said on several occasions that China’s door for dialogue is open any time,” and what is your response and what do you think the U.S. will do? And he basically said that: Yes, the two countries must talk seriously, the challenges, what might be done about it in parallel or together. And then as he is asked that “Former vice foreign minister of China Fu Ying in a column for the New York Times proposes China and the U.S. develop a relationship of cooperative competition.” And he said, this is exactly his view that the two countries must deal with each other pragmatically [and] he thinks this idea of Fu Ying is important. []

And Fu Ying, if you remember, not only praised the World Land-Bridge publicly at conferences, but also at the Munich Security Conference gave several very reasonable speeches. So she is definitely a voice of dialogue and trying to find a way of solving things in China.

I think this strategic situation is what we should really focus on, and the time between now and no matter what happens on Jan. 20th, it could very well be that the tables can still be turned—we will see—but obviously the forces trying to scratch such a possibility are quite in an uproar and they’re escalating by the day, anti-China, anti-Russia, trying to creating havoc, and for sure, box Trump in by having some of the pro-Trump forces being the most vicious anti-China elements, completely trying to box Trump in. So our mobilization internationally is of the utmost importance.

Now, the situation overall is that the push by the Davos crowd and Soros and the Great Reset which they have planned now for a virtual conference for Jan. 25-29, this is a complete disaster, and we should absolutely escalate our mobilization against that. We will feature what would be the Great Reset, which we have done in several articles already, but we will escalate that, because the whole thing is based on a fraud, on fraudulent science, on a wrong premise of why climate change is taking place, that it’s manmade, and it is a swindle. And even the fact that there seems to be a very far-reaching agreement, especially with Biden potentially coming in, and Ursula von der Leyen, that doesn’t mean that their view of the “science” of the whole thing has anything to do with reality. So we should absolutely escalate that campaign as well.

Because, don’t kid yourself: We are still heading for a major collapse of the economy which will only be worsened with the Green agenda: Look at Commerzbank, they may cut 10,000 jobs in the next period. Rather than rebuilding the health system, it now turns out two-thirds of the German clinics are now threatened with insolvency, they’re planning to close down many of the small hospitals; they’re not rebuilding the health system is the way it would be necessary, and I think the fact that Dr. Tedros from the World Health Organization said that he is completely shocked about the behavior of governments in this respect, because it is very clear that COVID will not be the last pandemic, that the reaction of the governments is “dangerously short-sighted” with their cycle of throwing cash at outbreaks, but doing nothing to prepare for the next one. That “we throw money at the outbreak and when it’s over, we forget about it, and nothing is done to prevent the next one. This is dangerously short-sighted and frankly difficult to understand.” And then he calls for a permanent building of a modern health system worldwide, because unless that is accomplished, there is no safety, and the next pandemics will, for sure, come.

While one should note that the present pandemic is clearly out of control in many places; in Europe, in several countries, they don’t get the infection rates down, there is talk about a lockdown into April in Germany; and in the United States is very clearly out of control in southern California, in central California, but also several other states. So this policy is clearly—the elites absolutely refuse to take the lessons from Asia, and instead, they keep doing their privatization of the health sector.

Now, to the extent that China has managed to not only contain the pandemic, but also as a result get the economy back into shape, while the West is still looking for the worst to come—these are the words of Dr. Fauci, for example,—the anti-China campaign is escalating to the degree that China is coping with COVID and getting its economy going, and they are just trying to escalate against China’s rise, instead of learning the lessons of why this happened.

Now I find this quite interesting that in the last meeting in the UN Security Council, where the German Ambassador Christoph Heusgen—a notorious warhawk and Atlanticist—asked Beijing for the release of two Canadians who are in jails. He said, “Christmas is the right moment for such a gesture.” And then the Chinese Ambassador Geng Shuang said, “Now, I wish to say out of the bottom of my heart: Good riddance, Ambassador Heusgen.” That shows you a certain healthy self-consciousness on the part of the Chinese before these provocations. [Ed. Note-for the full transcript of the answer of Ambassador Geng Shuang on the case of Canadian Michael Kovrig, see the following link] []

As I said, the worst is still to come and the solution absolutely has to be what we have said the whole time: We need a modern health system in every single country, and you need to remedy the reasons why these pandemics can rage in the way that they do, which is the underdevelopment of the developing countries. This is why the work of the Committee of the Coincidence of Opposites is so important, which is actually active, and will act in a decisive way in the next days.

So, I think this covers the most important developments and locates where we stand strategically.

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