Putin Gives Another Lesson in Statecraft: the Satanic "Rules-Based Order" Must Be Rejected!

With the world spiraling downward, into a systemic collapse which is producing famine, pandemic and war, humanity is being tested.  As Lyndon LaRouche often stated, the question is whether we, as a species, possess the moral fitness to survive.  As the TransAtlantic powers, acting on behalf of the private interests of the City of London, Wall Street, and Silicon Valley, are furiously pressing for a unipolar world order -- which they fraudulently call a "Rules-Based Order" -- a voice rang out again yesterday, calling instead for acting based on "universal human values as solidarity, mutual assistance, and love for humanity."  These are the words used by Russian President Putin, in welcoming new Ambassadors to Moscow.  The Schiller Institute is mobilizing to stop the consolidation of this Malthusian Order -- join us, become a member, and circulate our statement, "Global Health Security Requires Medical Infrastructure in Every Country".

Click here for the Schiller Institute statement

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