The War Drive Comes from the West, Not Russia

The Schiller Institute conference of Feb. 19 intervened in the midst of a continuing war drive to make two vital points. 1.) The war danger is driven by the ongoing systemic collapse of the authority of the Unipolar world, led by the economic collapse; 2.) The solution is a shift to a multi-polar world built upon a new security architecture, which recognizes the right to sovereignty of all nations, and promotes mutually beneficial economic policies, centered on making scientific and technological progress available to all. The efforts by war hawks in the Trans-Atlantic to provoke a Russian invasion of Ukraine will serve as an excuse to impose sanctions designed to destroy Russia's economy, as various western spokesmen have confirmed -- and to divert attention away from the failed economic, social and cultural policies harming all nations, produced by the Unipolarists! Also, make sure to watch my interview with Alexander Rahr.

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  • Joseph D'Urso
    commented 2022-02-21 12:55:09 -0500
    There’s not an ounce of integrity in anything coming from this administration, which has been trying for months to provoke a Russian invasion, but without success. Although France’s President Macron has been actively working to achieve a cease-fire, shelling continues on the contact line between Ukraine’s army and the Donbas militia. There have been reports of a few casualties on both sides, but so far the militia has been able to hold the line, negating any need for a Russian intervention, thus prompting the US to call for “negotiations” later this week" provided there is no invasion." Of course, Presiden Biden could easily de-escalate tensions by formally agreeing to deny Ukraine membership in NATO, as it de facto has, and putting the weight of the United States behind implementation of the MInsk Agreements. However, that is unlikely as it isn’t something in which this administration has shown interest. Rather, not only is it looking for a distraction from its own failures at home and abroad, but to find any reason to impose the incessantly debated sanctions. While those against Russia are hardly the silver bullet which the West imagines, they are intended to force Germany itself to cancel Nord Stream 2, disrupting the EU’s trend toward Eurasian integration. Which is something Germany has been reluctant to do.