The Year of LaRouche: “The British, in Their Infinite Wisdom, Miscalculated”

In recognition of the January 11 birthday of Alexander Hamilton, the inventor of the American System of economics—not “capitalism,” which the Founding Fathers never called it, but the national system of credit, banking and Constitutional law documented in Hamilton’s four Reports, written as the first Secretary of the Treasury, and implemented in the Washington-Hamilton Presidency’s revolution in self-government through economic development—and in celebration of the American System’s challenge to the British East india Company, through the creation of such institutions as the Paterson, New Jersey, Society for Useful Manufactures in implementation of those policies—we present Lyndon Larouche’s 2013 remarks on the principle of Glass-Steagall, the June 1933 legislative action deployed by Franklin Roosevelt to clean up Wall Street, and to put people first.

LAROUCHE: OK, what I’ve been pushing, of course, is this program around Glass-Steagall, but pushing it from what I do every Friday night, where I have a regular internet television program internationally, and this is covered. But we’re at the point where we have to immediately install Glass-Steagall. Now, what does that mean? Glass-Steagall was the foundation of the formation of the United States. What we call Glass-Steagall, which was established at that time: Now, that has been destroyed a number of times, that concept, which was set up by the chief organizer of the whole American System, Alexander Hamilton. And his design is the design on which the United States Constitution was premised for action. We have since been destroying that, or ripping it up, again and again, as was done recently, in the terrible years just preceding now; and so, the question is Glass-Steagall now. Now, what that means is, that if we in the United States act with our powers, as citizens of the United States, to ensure that Glass-Steagall is installed in the United States now, we open the gates for a new system of national economy, which other nations will go into, why?

Because Glass-Steagall is the only formulation available, in the trans-Atlantic region in particular, which could solve the problems we face now, the economic problems and related problems. So therefore, if we get Glass-Steagall through, then what happens? Europe’s situation is generally hopeless: That is, the governments of Europe, the conditions of their laws and so forth, do not allow them to go directly into Glass-Steagall as an alternative. However, if the United States does that first, reinstalls Glass-Steagall, which is what has to be done now, then, immediately, you have the basis in Glass-Steagall for agreements among other governments, across the Atlantic and so forth, and these agreements mean that you are launching a new world system, which will actually address these kinds of problems.

That’s the simple, practical solution: Glass-Steagall, what it means is that all the junk credits are cancelled. The junk is cancelled. And then we go back to a credit system, based on Glass-Steagall in particular, but actually on the original design by Alexander Hamilton of the credit system of the United States. Once we re-establish the credit system of the United States, which had been launched first by Alexander Hamilton, we are on the way home. Because every nation in the world needs that same program as their way out of the chaos. And therefore, we can then, on that basis—and I know what the situation is in China, for example, relative to this; what the situation is in other parts of Asia, and so forth. If we do this, we can turn the tide on the history of the United States, to get back to what we were really intended to become, when we were founded as a republic."

Sooner than people may imagine, the necessity of returning to the principle of the American System will be perceived as the only way out, if the United States, or the trans-Atlantic world, will have any chance to survive. Right now, as can be seen in myriad ways, it is gripped by a Nebuchadnezzar-like madness, but this also means that, by losing its reason, it has also “lost the mantle of heaven.” British “Great Game”tricks, such as the ugly deployment of “Afghansi” terrorists to make a “Color Revolution” coup in the nation of Kasakhstan, have failed through resolute, pre-emptive action. The days of the late British Intelligence agent Bernard Lewis and his “Islamic Fundamentalism/ Arc of Crisis” jihad against Russia and China for control of the “Eurasian heartland” are over—though Victoria Nuland and other State Department “creatures from Foggy Bottom” have yet to get the memo.

In the midst of the whirlwind of anxiety-creating fast-moving events, which often require analytical methods considerably above the “intellectual pay grade” of the dismally demented media of today, it is important to remain keenly focused on what is actually knowable and changeable in humanity’s dire condition. Therefore, we are re-emphasizing the conclusion of what was said by Helga Zepp LaRouche in the conclusion of her remarks made on Monday:

“I always have this image of acting on the basis of Providence. Providence in my view is not something where you somehow have an angel from Heaven, who puts a crown on your head and then you are a Bishop or something. Providence is that you, almost intuitively act on necessity, and one thing Lyn has really taught all of us, is what that means, because Lyn was the man of Providence 100%. He was fearless, he knew the laws of the universe and he acted on it, and that’s why he was so right in his forecasts. That’s why Lyn’s analyses were so absolutely sharp, in being able to forecast events which would occur decades later. And, at the same time, then proposing solutions, always from the top, always from the standpoint of mankind first, of the laws of the universe, and if you internalize that as your parameters, —we don’t know how the solution will come. It could come by a financial crash, and then the only governments which are functions calling an international conference and reorganizing a system which has already collapsed. It could be like that. It could be more peaceful, like eventually at some big conference a proposal is made, and many countries endorse it. I have no idea: It’s very difficult to exactly say how we can win.

“But the idea that we have not only a solution, but that that solution can become the dominant solution in history, I’m deeply convinced of it. It’s almost like every time something gets worse, it’s an affirmation that we are getting closer to the solution. If you’re not married to the system, then you think that what is becoming worse, in one sense, somehow affirming what Lyn has been forecasting all of this time, you say, yeah, we’re on the right track. And in a certain sense, it’s only when you marry into income, money, prestige, all of these things, then you don’t see it. And I think one of the reasons why these individuals don’t believe there are solutions possible, because they have one foot in paradise and one foot in hell; and then naturally, you don’t see a solution because you’re torn apart.

“And I think it’s really something worth thinking about, because the one powerful weapon is that we can tell people we do have the solution and there exists a solution because otherwise, you would think that Leibniz was wrong about the best of all possible worlds; you would think that the Creator made the universe badly, which I fundamentally don’t think; I think this universe is the most perfect, beautiful, universe, that the Creator is the most loving Creator you can imagine, and the whole existence of creation is an example of the principle of Love. I fully agree with Kepler who said, the more I study the stars the more I come to the conclusion that the Creator must have been the absolute Loving existence in the universe.

“I think this emotion of Love, recognizing the beauty of the Creation, can only come from this gigantic principle of agapē. That gives you hope. And if you are attuned to that, you are not afraid, either. So I think we should be absolutely emphatic, that solutions are possible, and that if people don’t see it, then they should investigate what’s wrong with their thinking, and not for one second give credence to such an idea.”

As the institutional forces of the trans-Atlantic world lose the mantle of heaven, we will begin to see spontaneous, if disorganized and semi-informed, revolt. The walk-out yesterday by several hundred students in Brooklyn from a high school where they were required to show up and remain, despite known Covid cases among the faculty and fellow students; the request by Black Voters Matter and other Georgia Democratic organizations that Biden and Harris not show up to spew vacuous platitudes about Martin Luther King at his Atlanta memorial; the cowardly but continuous move toward nuclear power by nations asserting its indispensable role in an “energy taxonomy,” despite the conniptions of the “Brown Greens,” indicates in different instances how the mantle of heaven is being lost.

Look at the contrast between the 1.4 million cases of Omicron virus in one day in the United States, and the 87 cases in Henan province in China, leading to a full lockdown of the city of Anyan (pop. 5.2 million.) The idea that the nation of China, 1.4 billion people, cannot continue to do the kind of lockdown process, mass testing, and aggressive healthcare that in fact defeats the pandemic, shows only the pessimism of those whose Malthusian health-care outlook, like the outlook of the recently exhumed Obama-era Ezekiel Emmanuel, will soon be shown to be unsustainable. Another contrast: not America or Europe, but Russia, as proposed by its medical officials at the December CIS meeting, has converged upon the public sanitation approach for all nations proposed 18 months ago by the Schiller Institute. This means that two of the world’s major powers are proceeding as the Schiller Institute suggests. Why not the rest? Soon, the populations of all nations will have no choice but to attempt to preserve their lives by adopting the proposals of Dr. Jocelyn Elders, and Helga Zepp-LaRouche.

This Saturday, Helga will address international youth on the life, work, and significance of the great Islamic thinker and physician, Ibn Sina, after whom her strategic intervention into Afghanistan, “Operation Ibn Sina,” is named. Monday, on the Martin Luther King holiday, the Schiller Institute will host a gathering entitled “Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere: International Seminar to Stop the Murder of Afghanistan.”

Meanwhile, to remind everyone of the boorish behavior of the Brutish Empire toward the United States, we present in the Documentation Section Prince Andrew’s (yes, that Prince Andrew) discussion about “The Great Game,” as recorded in October, 2008 by Tatania Gfoeller, the American ambassador to Kyrgyzstan. This sheds light on the ideational and synergist geopolitical context of the recent, failed attempt to overthrow the government of the nation of Kazakhstan. The efficiency of response by the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) to the attempted “Afghansi” disintegration of that nation will not have been lost on the negotiators that met in Geneva. Vladimir Putin’s attempt to engage President Joe Biden in a rational discussion, even amidst continuous provocations to war, may well prove to be the primary reason that we all survive.

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