War Danger Remains As Long as War Hawks Surround Biden

In her weekly webcast, Helga Zepp-Larouche said that in spite of a potential for de-escalation of tensions between Russia and U.S./NATO resulting from Tuesday's video summit between Putin and Biden, we are "still sitting on a powder keg."  Biden said he will speak to allies about Putin's request for a guarantee of no further NATO expansion, and putting pressure on Kiev to stick to the agreements they signed at Minsk.  However, Sullivan and Blinken, who flanked Biden during his talk with Putin, continued to make threats against Russia, including that there would be a "blistering response" if Russia invades Ukraine.  This was backed up by threats to Russia from Democrats and Republicans, including one Republican Senator who called for considering a first strike with nuclear weapons against Russia.  In contrast, Tucker Carlson called such talk a "bipartisan sort of insanity."  Zepp-LaRouche concluded her comments by calling for reasonable voices to speak up now, and join her in pursuing multilateral cooperation through such projects as "Operation Ibn Sina."

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  • Joseph D'Urso
    commented 2021-12-09 20:22:35 -0500
    There is cause for some optimism, as expressed by leaders of the Russian Duma. After all, President Putin was given a promise by President Biden that the US would not intervene militarily in Ukraine and would promote the Minsk agreements, rendering NATO membership for Ukraine all but dead. Clearly, Russia places little trust in verbal agreements such as those made in 1990 regarding NATO’s eastward expansion, hence Putin’s demand for a written agreement. The promises made in 1990, were followed by dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, dissembling of state institutions and industries, including defense, and leaving Russia open to financial predators, rendering James Baker’s promises meaningless. In the end the validity of such as treaty, should it come to pass, will depend on Russia’s ability to hold NATO’s feet to the fire. The reality today, as Col. Macgregor noted, is not like that of the 1990’s, as Russia, with China at its back, is one in which the US cannot simply dictate policy. Hopefully, the positive steps taken in this call will be able to to withstand the furious bi-partisan reaction of neocons in Washington, London, and Brussels, such as those expressed by a clearly insane Sen. Wicker, which are sure to come.
  • Asuka Burke
    published this page in Harley Updates 2021-12-09 07:55:04 -0500