Was British Intelligence Behind the ISIS-K Terror Bombings at Hamid Karzai Airport on August 26?


Many questions were raised by viewers about our coverage this week of the hysterical British reaction to the decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, and Biden standing firm in that commitment, despite the attacks on him.  Would the British unleash a terror attack to change the policy?  Could they?  It has happened before!  Whether that happened yesterday, it is interesting that several viewers stated that there should be an investigation of whether the British played a role in the attack, noting that if they were so sure an attack was coming, why could they not prevent it?

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  • Michael Stillman
    commented 2021-08-29 23:49:34 -0400
    US President also Benefits by Appearing as an Avenging White Knight (We will Hunt you Down) who exacts Revenge within 48-Hours.
    The final Lingering Memory of 20 years.

    Soldier Sacrifice bestows Honor on Coalition Invaders, while giving Afghanistan Factions the satisfaction of ‘last licks’.

    The entire Episode is too Pat and Easy to be taken at face value but as an Orchestrated 3-way Kick Butt Party by our ‘Hate Everybody’ World Runners.
  • Michael Stillman
    commented 2021-08-29 23:38:38 -0400
    It seems ISIS-K is run by a State outside of Afghanistan, The frequency of Successful Assassination Drone strikes on ISiS-K Commanders
    By the Coalition since 2002 points to the fact that this Organization has been Compromised since Early on.

    Also, key members may have been turned at Guantanamo or by National Directorate of Security, who probably took over the Organization by 2020.
  • Asuka Burke
    published this page in Harley Updates 2021-08-27 08:12:46 -0400