Westphalia: The Way Out of World War Three


March 11—The Schiller Institute Petition, “Convoke An International Conference to Establish A New Security and Development Architecture for All Nations” has as of yesterday assumed center stage worldwide. Translated into English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Arabic, German, Danish, Portuguese, and Russian, signed by more than 125 persons of note, first circulating among thousands, and soon, tens and hundreds of thousands through its re-transmission and discussion through various media outlets and platforms, it proclaims what must become the central intent of this hour of humanity: “to stop the drive to war, it is necessary to adopt a more fundamental approach, which is to establish an entirely New Paradigm that will ensure the security, and the economic development, of every nation on the planet.” Even as British Foreign (as in “Alien”) Minister Liz Truss declared that “The invasion of Ukraine is a paradigm shift on the scale of 9/11, and how we respond today will set the pattern for this new era,” another process has been instigated, which the simian brains of “the privileged classes,” the so-called “one percent” or “one-tenth, or one-hundredth of one percent” are incapable of recognizing.

While President Joe Biden is covered in media outlets such as Bloomberg News bizarrely “assuring” the world that “He’d Fight World War Three for NATO, But Not for Ukraine,” the reality is, that we have already entered World War Three. The Atlantic Council, the British Foreign Office, the French Finance Ministry, “Dr. Strangelove” op-eds and policy papers from people that say things like “Perhaps a small amount of risk concerning a nuclear outcome is required,” make it clear that we have crossed that threshold, and the mad, self-destructive financial maneuvers underway reveal that to be the case. The “war cabinet” presided over by President Putin two days ago, responded to that clear reality. It included, besides President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, Presidential Aide Maxim Oreshkin, Economic Development Minister Maxim Reshetnikov, and various deputy ministers, head of the Central Bank (Nabiullina) and others. They outlined a wide ranging series of nation-protecting measures that bore an approximate resemblance to certain of those taken by Franklin Roosevelt, including “Meeting our social commitments (as) a top budget priority. We will ensure the payment of pensions, benefits, salaries and other payments in a timely manner and in full. Medicines are provided as planned as well, including for children with complex diseases.”

Jen Psaki and Russian oligarch Potanin expressed great nervousness about Russia going back to 1917, while omitting to mention that Russia had itself been “expropriated”—that is, robbed, of more than $300 billion of its own funds days ago. A detailed report on the Russian measures appears below.

Perfidious Albion’s Liz Truss’ reference to 9/11, for certain reasons, may come back to directly bite British Intelligence and the “Five Eyes” agencies. Given the emerging revelations on the nature, size and illegality of bioweapons research that was in fact being conducted in Ukraine, not only recently, but in the last 14 years at least, some roads, under certain circumstances may well, in fact, lead directly back to the attacks of September 11 and post-September 11, including the unexplained death of Soviet defector, biowarfare specialist, and Porton Down denizen Vladimir Pasechnik on November 21, 2001 in Wiltshire, England. At the time of his death, Pasechnik, who had earlier headed the Biopreparat program of the Soviet Union, one of the largest, if not the largest bioweapons program even, involving 30-40,000 staff, worked very closely with David Kelly, one of the world’s top experts in biological and chemical warfare. Kelly would in turn meet his own untimely demise, less than two years later, after exposing the “sexed-up dodgy dossier” used by Tony Blair to justify the Iraq “preventive war,” arguably the single greatest crime, by deaths, of the 21st century so far. The March 19-20, 2003 attack by the United States on Iraq, which never attacked, nor had threatened to declare war on the United States, was based on the knowably false pretext of Saddam Hussein’s chemical and biological warfare “weapons of mass destruction” capabilities, a falsehood featured in the late Colin Powell’s now-infamous “truckloads of anthrax” “slam dunk case for an invasion” 2003 United Nations speech.

What’s this all have to do with the price of anthrax in Ukraine? The deputy director of the Biopreparat program was Katian Alibekov, also known as “Ken Alibek.” Documentarian Bob Coen states that “During the Cold War Alibekov’s team worked outside the box—putting bubonic plague onto missile warheads and genetically-modifying massive industrial-size quantities of anthrax, Ebola and smallpox into deadly ‘designer germs.’” Alibek defected to the West in 1992 and after a lengthy debriefing went into business with the U.S. government—consulting for the CIA, testifying to Congress about Saddam’s Russian germ connections and starting a graduate program for G-men and spooks in the state of this evil art at a Virginia university. Then, in 2007, “Ken Alibek” abruptly went to Kiev, where he established Maxwell Bio-Systems. Maxwell Bio-Systems was headed by Peter Leitner, president of Higgins Counterterrorism Research Center, and Senior Fellow and Professor with the Center for Advanced Defense Studies, responsible for Terrorism, Intelligence, and Cyber War. “The United States is spending billions and billions of dollars on what they call biodefense,” Alibek said in a December 2008 interview, done by Bob Coen with Alibek in Kiev.

As Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said, “Maybe, the entire world, all countries on all continents should come to their senses and ask themselves, instead of watching CNN nonsense or reading fake news in the Washington Post: Are they ready for yet another ‘adventure’ with an unidentified virus or the global spread of biomaterials, if they have ended up or will end up in the hands of extremists or militants? Are they ready for this?” Or, alternatively, can we, as the Schiller Institute petition suggests, adopt the “Treaty of Westphalia” approach, which “was crafted only at the point that all parties realized that, if they continued on their current path, there would be no winners and very few survivors?” Instead, “They chose to create a New Paradigm based on the defense of the interest of the other, and on the premise that the security of all was the first requirement for the security of each party.” That is not only a way out, but a way up, a way ahead, a way forward to a future of durable survival.

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  • Wayne Hall
    commented 2022-03-13 11:19:03 -0400
    Why is the petition not also available in Greek?
  • Stephen P Kaylor
    commented 2022-03-12 11:07:03 -0500
    An international Conference must prioritize a Security Architecture for all nations {not just for some} – yet security treaties could not last in a world of Famine, Pandemic, War and Social Chaos, and economic development could take hold either!
  • Dennis Small
    published this page in Home 2022-03-12 08:25:56 -0500