Who Sets Your Objectives? Who Chooses Your Enemies?

While the fight against the COVID pandemic makes headlines every day, what is the defense against the plague of “woke” thought and Critical Race Theory being promoted in the trans-Atlantic world? How is it that people in very similar situations, barring certain factors of their appearance or background, are being pitted against each other, in an effort to root out such supposedly grave ills as the “violence” of heteronormativity, all while the British financial empire busies itself, unmolested, in engineering bailouts to keep itself afloat and promoting a “greening” of the world economy that will, unless it is defeated, wreak physical economic devastation far worse than that inflicted by COVID?

Are your friends and family members thrown off the track of identifying and fighting their real enemies? Are they instead being given such caricatures as Chinese and Russian boogeymen to unite them as enemies, while being driven apart by a culture that recognizes as people’s identities everything except what we all have in common as human beings, made in the image of God?

On January 6, the Congress will meet in a Joint Session as the President of the Senate, Mike Pence, counts the electoral votes. Will Representatives and Senators challenge fraudulent electoral returns? Leading up to that date, will the people demand that legislatures meet to deliberate upon the mountains of evidence of election fraud, and take appropriate action in their decisions to appoint the state’s Electors?

Executive Intelligence Review, in the press release announcing its November 2019 report “End the McCarthyite Witch Hunt Against China & President Trump,” explained that the report exposed “the fact that the same people running the attempted coup against President Donald Trump, both the Russiagate hoax and the phony impeachment hearings, are behind the anti-China hysteria in the United States, and for the same reason: to sabotage President Trump’s absolute commitment to be friends with both China and Russia, thereby ending the British Imperial effort to provoke a military confrontation between the United States and Russia and China. The McCarthyite hysteria against China is being run in close collaboration with the Democratic Party leadership, neo-conservative elements in the Republican Party (including members of Trump’s own Administration, such as Vice President Pence, Secretary of State Pompeo, and FBI Chief Christopher Wray), and, of course, the entire corrupt press, both the ‘pro-Trump’ and ‘anti-Trump’ versions of the fake-news media.”

The report quotes Lyndon LaRouche from 1997: “Now, there’s only one other power on this planet, which can be so insolent as that, toward other powers, and that’s the [People’s] Republic of China. Now, China is engaged, presently, in a great infrastructure-building project, in which my wife and others have had an ongoing engagement over some years. There’s a great reform in China, which is a troubled reform. They’re trying to solve a problem; that doesn’t mean there is no problem. But they’re trying to solve it. Therefore, if the United States, the President of the United States, and China, participate in fostering that project, sometimes called the Silk Road Project, sometimes the Land-Bridge Project—if that project of developing development corridors, across Eurasia, into Africa, into North America, is extended, that project is enough work, to put this whole planet, into an economic revival.”

The hard side of the coup against Trump has been brutal in its assault on his Presidency and its blatant misdeeds in the 2020 election. But what of the soft side of that coup, which uses Pompeo as an “inside job” and the Falun Gong crazies on the “outside” to whip up the President’s supporters into an anti-China frenzy? (Is the Epoch Times actually helping Trump defeat vote fraud, when it injects wackadoodle China-did-it theories that discredit and dilute the real evidence?)

As the LaRouche movement reported a year ago, these are different faces of one and the same beast, which can be overcome by defending the U.S. republic from the standpoint of the role it must play in the world, and by creating a cultural and scientific renaissance to throw the Green money-changers out of the Temple.

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