Will Hyperinflation Wipe Out Your Bank Account? Spreading Syphilis is Not the Answer!

The Midwest LaRouche Organization hosted Independent LaRouche Candidate for Senate in NY, Diane Sare, for this week's zoom conference call to discuss the imminent hyperinflationary blowout of the Trans-Atlantic financial system. The Federal Reserve has 10 times more "assets" on its balance sheet today than it did in 2008, and double what it had one year ago. The big banks are holding twice as much in deposits as they are lending. Moreover, counting drug money and prostitution in the GDP will only make matters worse, and obliterate our already disintegrating cities. 

Happily, there is a growing revolt against the "great reset" and Green New Deal, not only in the United States, but all over the world. Not one thing is happening which Lyndon LaRouche did not accurately forecast and the solutions he proposed will work. The upcoming conference of the Schiller Institute is the rallying point for everyone who wishes to ensure a peaceful and prosperous future.

Register for the Schiller Institute Conference here.

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