Behind the Green New Deal: Hjalmar Schacht

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Learn from the Present Crises: There is No Need for a Systemic Breakdown

The upcoming events of the Schiller Institute will make clear that there is no need for humanity to suffer from the accelerating breakdown crisis of civilization. On July 24, we will present an in depth dialogue, "There Is No Climate Emergency;" on July 31, a conference on the opportunity to use the withdrawal of U.S.-NATO troops from Afghanistan to move out of the era of endless wars, into cooperation based on mutual benefit; and on August 14, what are the lessons of Lyndon LaRouche's forecast of the end of the Bretton Woods system, on August 15, 1971, and of the advances he made in physical economy to overcome the succession of increasingly bad policy decisions made after Nixon's move.

In introducing this arc of events, Helga Zepp-LaRouche spoke of the disastrous flooding in western Germany, which resulted from a lack of preparedness and a failure to invest in infrastructure — not so different from the lack of preparedness when it came to dealing with the COVID pandemic. Instead of compounding the effects of these crises by making more bad policy decisions, let us learn from the development of the science of physical economy by Lyndon LaRouche, so we can move from these deadly events into a new era of peaceful collaboration and development.

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Great Opportunity to Learn from 50 Years of Strategic Insanity

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A World Without Geopolitics Beckons: After the Afghan Debacle, Have We Learned Our Lesson Yet?

In reviewing strategic developments of the last week, Schiller Institute Chairwoman Helga Zepp-LaRouche highlighted the prospects for peace and collaboration possible when geopolitical confrontation is rejected. The Merkel-Macron-Xi dialogue, for example, opens the door for a change in European Union policy, as the EU bureaucrats face growing tensions over their commitment to the unilateralism implied in imposing a “Super State.” The end of the Afghan war does not mean more conflict, but the emergence of an alternative based on a desire by its neighbors to overcome underdevelopment, as a competent strategy to combat terrorism.

In her report on the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, she challenged viewers to not fall back on the axioms drummed into their heads by corrupt media and imperial oligarchs, but to look instead at the real history of China. She described the Conference of World Political Parties addressed by President Xi, which included representatives from more than 150 parties, as an “expression of friendship”, which demonstrates that overcoming underdevelopment is a mission which can be embraced by all nations. It also makes a mockery of the view pushed by geopoliticians that China “is isolated”.

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Clarion Call from Schiller Institute Conference: Defeat the War Machine, Build a Political Order in the Interest of All

In reviewing the just-concluded conference of the Schiller Institute, its founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche pointed to the ongoing provocations of London-based imperial interests as a dynamic for war.  With the explicit intent of NATO’s Global 2030 policy to encircle Russia and China, to ensure that the Great Reset and Green New Deal can be successfully consolidated, we brought together leaders from all parts of the world to build an effective anti-Malthusian resistance to defeat this imperial design.

She emphasized the special importance of a change in the method of thinking, by adopting the concept introduced by Nicholas of Cusa of the “Coincidence of Opposites” — which was demonstrated in each of the four conference panels — as necessary to win this fight.  As the crises facing humanity escalate, she pointed to the fact that many more people are looking at Lyndon LaRouche’s ideas, as a hopeful sign that the New Paradigm can be brought into existence. 

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Following Geneva, Putin Makes Generous Offer

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Reviewing events since the Biden-Putin summit in Geneva, Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp LaRouche pointed to the history lesson Putin gave, which was published in Die Zeit, as a further example of his commitment to make sure that the lessons of World War II are learned. That the war hawk faction in the U.S. is proceeding with more sanctions against Russia and attacks on China -- including the hilarious threat to "isolate China!" -- shows that these lessons are still badly needed. This weekend's online Schiller Institute conference comes at just the right moment, to give citizens an opportunity to intervene in shaping history. With new waves of COVID threatening, electricity flickering in Milan and bridges collapsing in Germany, what kind of idiocy is it to spend more money on wars, instead of building new platforms of infrastructure?


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Will Human History End Now in a Tragedy, or Triumph in a New Paradigm? Learn from Nicholas of Cusa

Helga Zepp-LaRouche addresses an audience of young people from around the world on the method of thinking discovered by Nicholas of Cusa.

“[Nicholas of Cusa] developed a method of thinking, of thinking something completely new… It was the idea that human reason has the capability to define a solution on a completely different and higher level, than those on which all the conflicts and contradictions arose. It addresses the capacity to think a One, which is of a higher magnitude and power, than the Many. And once you train your mind to think that way [according to the coincidence of opposites], you have the inerrant key to creativity, and one can apply this way of thinking to virtually all realms of thought.” —Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, founder and chairman of the Schiller Institute, and one of the world’s leading Cusa experts, insists that to get out of the onrushing New Dark Age, mankind must learn from the father of the 15th Century Golden Renaissance, Nicholas of Cusa. We must start with the underlying crisis: that in the method of thinking.

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Increasing Density of False Narratives from War Party Proliferate Preceding Upcoming Summits

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Putin-Biden Summit: Potential Step in the Right Direction

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A “Different Approach” from Russia and China Threatens the Globalist Oligarch’s Great Reset and Green New Deal

Helga Zepp LaRouche opened this week’s dialogue with a discussion of how several recent events featuring the leaders of Russia and China exhibit a “different approach”, which is what the global oligarchs really fear about their collaboration. As they speak of collaboration in technological advances, and sharing those breakthroughs with people of all nations, Mark Carney, a spokesman for the Davos Malthusian crowd, is insisting that Africa set aside its land and ts resources — and its hopes for development — to sell carbon “set asides”, designed to fuel a new green bubble.

Another promoter of Green lunacy, Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, has launched a new assault on classical art and science, with his call for a “New Bauhaus World Initiative”, replacing virtually all construction materials with wood and bamboo. Zepp LaRouche emphasized that the decision to launch this in Weimar, which is associated with the Weimar classical period of Friedrich Schiller, reveals the evil intent behind such nonsense.

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