Seminar Invitation: So, Are You Finally Willing to Learn Economics?

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The LaRouche Legacy Foundation is pleased to invite you to an online seminar with leading international experts to examine the unique contributions of Lyndon LaRouche (1922–2019) to the science of physical economy. The seminar will consist of a morning and an afternoon panel, and it will be held on the 50th anniversary of President Richard Nixon’s fateful announcement of the end of the Bretton Woods system on August 15, 1971.

On the 50th Anniversary of LaRouche’s Stunning Forecast of August 15, 1971
August 14, 2021
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. EDT

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  • Stephen P Kaylor
    commented 2021-08-11 09:48:40 -0400
    In the late 1960s, the British Pound was removed from its Gold anchor. This was an advantage for them, since investments there became more disengaged from the physical economy and more profitable with speculation. This disadvantaged investors here, and so George Schultz and Paul Volcker began to lobby Nixon to remove the Dollar from its Gold anchor – for the sake of what they called “prosperity.” Nixon then complied on 8/15/71. / In 1973, the world’s currencies were placed onto a Floating Exchange Rate System – and parasitic speculation began to increase, especially thru the Cayman Islands { with its zero reserve banking requirements }. In the mid 1980s, the Big Bang promo in London attracted mega investors – “as the place to make big money!” This went on until Bill Clinton began saying, " We need a New Financial Architecture for the world! " However, in 1998, he was caught in his biggest sex scandal and soon signed to repeal the Glass-Steagall bank separation and protection Act in 1999. / There was a near blowout in 2008-9, but the Fed organized a bailout and has since continued QE liquidity bailouts + Bond repurchases to maintain a $2 thousand trillion bubble, where $5 trillion changes hands every day. Since this is ready for a reverse leveraged blowout – the Davos billionaires are trying to replace the Dollar international Reserve Currency with their Central Bank Digital Currencies, and then issue $30-40 trillion in liquidity. This hyperinflation would keep their bubble inflated ( while ruining most all people ), and if continued – would allow their financial oligarchy to establish a global bankers’ dictatorship [ more so than the current EU ] !
  • David Dobrodt
    published this page in Home 2021-07-15 19:36:20 -0400