A Militarized Nation, or an Inclusive, Global New Paradigm

The spectacle taking place on Jan. 20 in the nation’s Capital, as the 46th President of the United States is inaugurated before an “audience” of 26,000 armed soldiers, poses an existential question before the citizens of the nation, and to the citizens of the world. Will the US retain its sovereignty—as Ben Franklin said, “a Republic, if you can keep it”—or will the British finally be able to realize their 245-year intention to crush the upstart Republic, and return the “New World” to the Old World of the Empire?

The British are depending upon the instigation of mass chaos within the Republic, tantamount to a civil war, with the hyper-democrats and the hyper-conservatives, both, defining freedom and democracy as the right of every autonomous individual to have the “democratic” right to destroy society, be it anarchist rioters looting and burning cities across the nation to protest “institutional racism,” or an attack on the nation’s Capitol Building to protest a stolen election. What is historically known as “gang-countergang” imperial methods to divide and conquer, is in full display in the nation today. While this tragic diversion is taking place, the City of London and Wall Street have already begun the implementation of a new fascist dictatorship, replacing the determination of economic policies by an elected government, based on the consent of the governed, as the Constitution defines, with a network of Central Bankers and “too big to fail” financial institutions with absolute authority to bypass the government altogether, directing credit away from the real economy into a new “green bubble.” All that is required is for the faux-president to declare the Green New Deal, and the bankers simply take over.

The World Economic Forum has scheduled a mega-conference for Jan. 25-29 called “The Davos Agenda” to roll out “The Great Reset Initiative,” to celebrate the take-over of the US economy and the Western world by Green Finance, as developed over the past decades by Prince Charles, former Bank of England chief Mark Carney, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, Michael Bloomberg, and their oligarchical friends. BlackRock, which governs nearly $8 trillion (with a “t”) in rich folks’ money, has already begun the process, ordering power companies in South Korea, Australia, South Africa, the Philippines and more to cease producing coal-fired power plants or be bankrupted by a sudden withdrawal of their investors’ equity.

Is this to “save the planet,” as the British Lords and Ladies insist, as the fake-news media insist, as Joe Biden’s controllers insist? Fairy tales for the gullible. Were our citizens not deprived of beauty, subjected to Lady Gaga rather than Marion Anderson, to rock music and rap rather than Beethoven and Schiller, they would not be so easily duped by fake science. Nor would they tolerate a few tech companies, which are subservient to the “surveillance state” under the NSA and the CIA, to literally declare themselves masters of information, that the 88 million Americans who wish to know what the President of the United States has to say can drop dead—or, as Hillary Clinton told Nancy Pelosi today, that the “cult followers” of President Trump should be investigated by a “new 9/11 Commission.” Simply discussing vote fraud has now been declared verboten by Big Brother.

Fascism in not just this political censorship, nor the threat of a police state, or of a militarized nation as we see in Washington today. These are the social structures required to enforce fascism, which is, in essence, fascist economics, as in the Great Reset, Green Finance.

The nation, and the world, will now be subjected to this new fascism. But it will soon expose itself. Helga Zepp-LaRouche noted today that ideology must eventually run into reality. Speaking of a conjunctural crisis such as we are experiencing today, the poet Percy Shelly said: “At such periods, there is an accumulation of the power of communicating and receiving profound and impassioned conceptions respecting man and nature.” The world is shocked at these developments within the United States. It is a moment in which souls must be uplifted, with beauty, with hope, and with courage, to break the divisions, to create unity behind the nature of man’s creative spirit, to unite the great nations of the world behind the vision of a new paradigm, as Lyndon LaRouche presented that idea, and the means to achieve it.

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