'Global' Britain Declares Global War the New ‘Paradigm Shift on the Scale of 9/11’

March 11—U.K. Foreign Secretary Liz Truss deployed to Washington this week, to make sure no one “goes wobbly” in the escalating world war in which imperial Britain is calling the shots. In her March 10 address to that war party bastion, the Atlantic Council, Truss laid bare the British intent to use the current war against Russia as the crucible for a new imperial global security architecture and economic structure, diametrically opposed to the idea of the common humanity of all peoples for which the Schiller Institute is mobilizing.

Years of complacency against Russia have ended, she pronounced. “The world has woken up…. The invasion of Ukraine is a paradigm shift on the scale of 9/11, and how we respond today will set the pattern for this new era. If we let Putin’s expansionism go unchallenged, it would send a dangerous message to would-be aggressors and authoritarians around the world, and we simply can’t allow that to happen. We have to start with the principle that the only thing aggressors understand is strength.”

The British Empire has taken the lead: It was the first to send lethal aid to Ukraine, is demanding yet tighter economic sanctions, and established “a new information unit” through which to make sure allies “are absolutely clear about what the truth is,” she bragged.

“But let me be clear. We are still not doing enough. We must double down and we have to ramp up the global pressure on Putin. We have to go further on sanctions to tighten the vice, including a full SWIFT ban, freezing all Russian bank assets, and encouraging more countries to join the effort. We want a situation where they can’t access their funds, they can’t clear their payments, their trade can’t flow, their ships can’t dock, and their planes can’t land. And we must work together to ensure justice is done at the ICC, and Putin is held to account for his appalling actions. And we must do more to deliver defensive weapons…. We will do all of this and we will shape this new global era for global security.”

Defense spending must increase in every “allied” nation; 2% of national budgets is not enough. Alliances like NATO, AUKUS, the U.K. and Canada efforts to boost “security” in the Arctic are models; similar attention to “neglected” areas such as Africa and the Gulf are in order. Global “rules” for space, technology and cyberspace must be imposed.

“We don’t know where the next threats may arise and we know that conflict anywhere threatens security everywhere. Euro-Atlantic and Indo-Pacific security are indivisible. China looms large over this debate. Beijing is increasing its assertiveness and expanding its armed forces at breakneck speed. They claim a policy of non-interference. They claim to respect sovereignty and have refused to support Russia’s aggression at the UN. We want to see them follow through on those claims.”

At the center of this new paradigm: the old rotten Special Relationship. “Britain and America have always been at the center of European and global security…. We stand together to face down aggression around the world, from the South China Sea to Eastern Europe.”

“Be tough, get peace. In this new era for global security, let that be our rallying call,” she concluded.

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  • Claudio Muñoz
    commented 2022-03-12 14:31:49 -0500
    Me parece claro, que estas personas creen que despertar al mundo es creando pobreza y guerras … Creo que liz Truss solo le habla a un puñado de personas y el resto que estemos despierto debemos actuar para evitar ese plan siniestro… Además la reserva federal debe salir del mundo … Es la que mantiene prisionero al mundo a través de sus clanes.
  • Christopher Sare
    published this page in Home 2022-03-12 08:36:30 -0500