British Malthusianism Is the Worst Enemy Facing All Nations in 2021

We should have no illusions about what is facing the citizens of the United States and every nation in 2021. This year will be one of all-out battle with revived Malthusianism—the dogma that our resources are too few and we are too many and must be culled, our populations reduced. Growing in force since the disaster of the 2015 Paris Climate Accord, this British Malthusianism is backed by the financial powers of the City of London, by the Wall Street global investment firms and banks, and all the most powerful central banks, now including the Federal Reserve which has just defied President Donald Trump by joining the Bank of England’s “Network for Greening the Financial System.” This plague of economic and political life now goes under the names of “zero carbon”—and from the financial elite, the “Great Reset.”

At the top of the leadership of this British Malthusianism we must defeat, are Prince Charles, of the British royal family which has always wanted to depopulate the human race; his close friend Mark Carney, formerly of the Bank of England who has been the world’s most powerful central banker since 2014; Carney’s partner the Wall Street-City of London billionaire Sir Michael Bloomberg, instrumental in putting Joe Biden in a Democratic presidential suit.

Their forces have used the COVID pandemic not only to steal an election from President Donald Trump, who defied them, but to push weakened governments and industrial companies into accepting environmentalist austerity. Rebuilding industry, advancing science and technology are out; only an economy without fossil fuel energy, without livestock farming or chemical fertilizers or meat, without high-quality steel, without air travel will be permitted financing or credit. This is the absurd “Build Back Better” Joe Biden plagiarized from U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Prince Charles’s crowd think 2021 is theirs. “This will be Year Zero” says Klaus Schwab the chief Davos Man who runs the World Economic Forum, specifically adding that Biden is theirs and so are the European Union, Japan and China. Prince Charles in a Dec. 30 interview congratulated himself on the “complete change of approach” of private business to his view in the past 18 months, and in the same talk said we should take our economics from tribes of “First Nations.” Mark Carney in the London Financial Times said we’ll have to spend “$100 billion a year” offsetting our use of carbon products—and so we’ll stop using them.

Malthus infamously said: Let diseases run their course and reduce population, don’t try to stop them; let hunger take its course to starvation, food enough for all human beings cannot be produced. What do we have, occurring worldwide, now?

But President John F. Kennedy, speaking in 1963 to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, said: “For the first time in the history of the world we do know how to produce enough food now to feed every man, woman, and child in the world, enough to eliminate all hunger completely…. For the first time to know how to conquer the problem and not conquer it would be a disgrace for this generation. We need to help transmit all that we know of farm technology to the ends of the Earth, to overcome the barriers of ignorance and suspicion. The key to a permanent solution to world hunger is the transfer of technology which we now have to food deficit nations.”

That was the “American” spirit of progress which took mankind to the Moon after JFK was killed, and will take mankind back there and to Mars now.

It was the American republic’s world-changing development—from the Revolution through World War II and Project Apollo, which completely crushed the British influence of Malthus and his ilk. No one looking up at Americans on the Moon, or looking back from the Moon, believed there were too many people and too few resources. The ugly Malthusian idea did not get a foothold among us again until after the 1970s, after London banks caused the downfall of FDR’s Bretton Woods system and started the deindustrialization of America, which has now gone on for 50 years.

In 2021 we have to defeat this evil reduction of the human race. We are celebrating Beethoven’s 250th year; he had the fortitude to live mentally in a future of Promethean human beings who would learn from his music to scorn oligarchs like Prince Charles. We have Lyndon LaRouche who supplied us with the weapons of economic policy for this fight, known now as his “Four New Economic Laws.” And we have a good campaign ahead of us.

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