China and LaRouche: Exposing the Lies About Xinjiang to Stop World War

The Chinese Foreign Ministry’s powerful endorsement on March 26 of the “Declaration Of China Experts from All Over the World,” drafted by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, as well as the appearance of the Chinese Consul General in New York Huang Ping at the Schiller Institute Conference on March 20, further demonstrates the absolutely critical importance of the work of this organization in preventing a degeneration into nuclear war between the world’s two largest economies. The Minstry’s Spokeswoman Hua Chunying referred to the Declaration as a “rational and just voice of visionary people in the world,” which “condemns and rejects the crazy words and deeds of the Western anti-China forces that wantonly attack, smear and even crafted rumors against China in disregard of facts.” 

Will Americans and Europeans again mindlessly accept wild lies about another country, which allowed the unleashing of absolute Hell in the Arab world through genocidal wars under Bush, Blair and Obama? The lies about Iraq’s “weapons of mass destruction” are mild compared to the incredible fabrications about the condition of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang, even describing as “genocide” what is in fact an economic and social miracle which has transformed the entire region from abject poverty into a thriving center for international trade and development, lifting every single resident out of poverty. Not one death has been demonstrated by the accusers, nor have any visited the region, which is open to anyone who wishes to see for themselves.

Henry Kissinger—certainly not one to shy away from launching wars, as he did across Southeast Asia—nonetheless should be taken seriously when he tells his mentees at London’s Chatham House, as he did March 25: “If we don’t get an understanding with China [for a new global order], then we will be in a pre-World War I-type situation,” in which geopolitical conflicts are allowed to proliferate, until “one of them gets out of control at some point. It is infinitely more dangerous now than it was then.”

China is no longer calmly waiting for the lies and illegal sanctions and threats to end. Yang Jiechi, China’s leading diplomat, read Secretary of State Antony Blinken the Riot Act at their public confrontation in Anchorage March 19, exposing the demand that China follow the “established rules of law” as the rules of a dictatorship which has blatantly broken all the actual “international laws” established after World War II, largely by Franklin Roosevelt and his associates, meant to never again allow a lawless fascist state to threaten the human race. In response to the sanctions imposed on China last week, over the imagined mistreatment of the Uighurs, China has imposed sanctions on individuals, parliamentarians and institutions in the EU, U.K., the U.S. and Canada.

Meanwhile, Russia and China have reaffirmed their “Strategic Partnership,” while 140 nations have joined China’s Belt and Road Initiative—40 in Sub-Saharan Africa; 34 in Europe and Central Europe (including 18 EU countries); 25 in East Asia and the Pacific; 17 in Southwest Asia; 18 in Ibero-America and the Caribbean; and 6 in Southeast Asia. These are nations being liberated from the stranglehold of the IMF-World Bank “conditionalities” which have maintained neo-colonial control long past the end of formal colonialism, imposing “enforced backwardness” through financial dictates. The senile President Joe Biden on Mach 26 told British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that he wants to build his own “Belt and Road Initiative” to counter China—but only for “democracies!”

These are facts which can no longer be ignored. The degeneration of society in the trans-Atlantic, from economic decay, the uncontrolled pandemic, cultural perversity, and a financial bubble ready to burst, is confronting its leaders with a choice—they can reform along the lines of Lyndon LaRouche’s program for international collaboration for peace through development, or they will march their deluded populations into annihilation through nuclear war.

This organization’s exposure of the lies of the Anglo-American establishment over these past fifty years has reached a new stage. On Monday, March 29, we are releasing a mass pamphlet based on the EIR Special Report published last month: “Great Leap Backward: LaRouche Exposes the Green New Deal.” The weekly EIR magazines will carry the transcripts of the historic March 20-21 Schiller Institute Conference.

We are experiencing the greatest threat to civilization in modern history, perhaps the greatest since the Black Death of 14th-century Europe and Asia. It can only be reversed through a positive offensive based on ending the power of Empire once and for all, bringing the great nations and cultures of the world together for a new Renaissance. LaRouche’s organization is key to that success.

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  • Stephen P Kaylor
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    The development of physical economies and peoples – then becoming an Economic, Scientific and Cultural Paradigm Shift!
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