Economic Development Is the Name for Unity

The U.S. Presidency passed over today from the Trump Administration to the Biden Administration, amidst extreme physical constraints from the COVID-19 pandemic. But every bit as significant and dramatic as the virus, are the subversion operations associated with the dirty, Anglo-American intelligence operations to get Trump out of office in the U.S.—which go back to 2016 and before. The goals and perpetrators of the illegalities involved are a threat to the whole world, but they cannot prevail

President Biden’s theme in his inaugural speech was “unity … unity for a divided nation.” In fact, tensions over social divisions in the U.S. are being deliberately inflamed by the controllers of his candidacy, who, at the same time, absolutely oppose the economic and related measures for economic development, which are the only basis for true unity, both at home and worldwide. Hypocrisy is too mild a word. The financial/political networks behind Biden are moving internationally for a final “green finance” economic dictatorship. They are supercharged, because their existing monetarist system is crumbling. Trump opposes “green” economics. One of his first acts as President, was to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord.

From that standpoint, look at the sequence of coup operations thrown at the U.S. Presidency over the past five years, up to and including today’s “systemic whiteness” vs black America charges: Russiagate, the Mueller report, impeachment I, racism, and now impeachment II, which is still underway.

Look at a few aspects of today’s situation. It is blatant that a proper examination of irregularities in the Nov. 3 elections process has been squashed so far. There were waves of private Big Money poured into pre-elections logistics, irregular conduct of the vote, outright and suspected fraud, and so on. Discussion of this is taboo, on penalty of loss of social media, jobs, political position, family safety. This creates a social “division” in the nation of over 70 million people!

The Jan. 6 mob assault on the U.S. Capitol was an orchestrated incident. Then it was used in a narrative to assert that Trump supporters are prone to violence, and police-state measures are now in order. Over 20,000 National Guardsmen were deployed today around Washington, D.C., and dozens of thousands may continue there. Another 6,000 Guardsmen are in state capitals and other selected sites. Cult “de-programmers” are now featured media guests. CNN this week interviewed the author of a book, The Cult of Trump. Steve Hassan spoke of methods to end their “disassociated disorder.” He said, “The bottom line is all of America needs deprogramming because we’ve all been negatively influenced by Donald Trump.”

Behind these kinds of attacks on the nation in the name of “unity,” comes the drive for green fascism. Besides “unity,” Biden made a point today, of going green. He said in his speech that he “hears the planet crying out” for help. He apparently doesn’t hear the starving people crying out. In Biden’s first Presidential act—signing 17 executive orders today, his priority was to put the U.S. back into the Paris Climate Accord, which is to take effect in 30 days. A week from today, John Kerry, Biden’s special envoy for climate change on the U.S. National Security Council, will participate in a mid-week session of the World Economic Forum’s “Davos Agenda” conference, on greening business activity to save the planet by enforcing a “Zero Carbon” emissions regime.

Thus, from hour-one, day-one the Biden Administration is in lock-step with the London/Wall Street drive to impose financial dictatorship on nations, in the name of saving the environment. A preview of next week’s Davos Agenda conference (Jan. 25-29) was given Jan. 18, by WEF co-founder Klaus Schwab, speaking from Geneva, who boasted, along with his staff, of the heads of state and world leaders who will be on hand, and how the U.S. is now coming into line. He spoke of the old paradigm of industry, agriculture and business, which were concerned with goods (and livelihoods). But now, a “new stakeholder capitalism” is to rule in the rebuilding and resetting of the world economy, in which the planet comes first (and people last). The “Great Reset Initiative” is to be launched.

Back to reality. Wherever the precursors to the Great Reset are already in effect or on the agenda, it’s a raving disaster. On Jan. 8, all of Europe was right on the edge of an electricity black-out, only narrowly averted through selected load shed and outages. This is the direct result of going for the reset of downgrading electric generation from high-tech nuclear and coal, down to wind and solar. The proposed Green Deal for restricting farming inputs in Europe will result in 22 million Europeans lacking food in 10 years, on top of those already hungry. Worldwide, these Green farm dictates would cut food output over 10% by 2030, and make 185 million starve, on top of those already going hungry.

There are examples of revolt on every continent. In India today, the Modi government offered to suspend for 18 months three new agriculture laws which hundreds of thousands of farmers have been striking against for two months. This is no solution, but shows the fight underway. The laws, which jeopardize farmers and the food supply, were forced into being last fall to serve the globalist financial/commodity cartel interests, the same “new paradigm” Green reset crowd that is menacing the whole world. Now the government has been forced toward responsible sovereignty.

Economic development is the name for unity, domestically in the U.S., and globally.

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